The Book Of Elfvish

My little guide on how to speak Elvish for LOTR's fans! Gurth gothrim Tel'Quessir
This is the Elvish language of Twengar.


12. Places


Berun (Ranger's Bane)- Dagnir en taur'ohtar


Crossergate (Path Crossing)- Menomenta


Floodblest (Under River)- Nuduin


Longsaddle (Twilight Valley)- Uialtum


Luskan (Icy Beach)- Kheleksii


Neverwinter- N'hrive


Neverwinter Islands (Isles of Gloom)- Tolea' Fuin


Neverwinter Woods (Starlit woods)- Silmataurea


Nightsedge (Watchfull City)- Anthatal


Port Llast (Ship Dwelling)- Cairbara


Red Larch (Red Ridges)- Caran Pinnath


Sewers (Stained Water)- Waenen


Southwall- Harnram


The Lost Hills (The Wandering Hills)- Tel'Ranaemyn


Triboar (City of Battle)- Tal Dagore


Vilnask (Metal Soil)- Tincokemen


Westbridge (Dwarf Bridge)- Naugiaur


Windycliffes- Sulcabedoo

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