The Book Of Elfvish

My little guide on how to speak Elvish for LOTR's fans! Gurth gothrim Tel'Quessir
This is the Elvish language of Twengar.


10. Negative Endearments


Abominable one(s)- Thaurer(ea)


Angry one(s)- Ruthaer(ea)


Blood-sucker(s)- Agaryulnaer(ea)


Dark one(s)- Morier(ea)


Deceitfull one(s)- Wethrinaer(ea)


Disgusting one(s)- Feuyaer(ea)


Dreaded one(s)- Gayaer(ea)


Evil one(s)- 'Ksher(ea)


Excessive one(s)- Beikaer(ea)


Fearful one(s)- Gorgaer(ea)


Foul one(s)- Saurar(ea)


Hollow one(s)- Unguer(ea)


Hostile one(s)- Kotyaer(ea)


Icy one(s)- Helkaer(ea)


Ill one(s)- Engwarer(ea)


Impetous one(s)- Ascarer(ea)


Lofty one(s)- Taraer(ea)


My foe(s)- Goth(rim)amin


Old one(s)- Ianter(ea)


Silent one(s)- Dinaer(ea)


Smelly one(s)- Usquener(ea)


Stern one(s)- Telcoer(ea)


Tormented one(s)- Nwalmaer(ea)


Unwilling one(s)- Avarier(ea)


Wide one(s)- Lanner(ea)

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