The Book Of Elfvish

My little guide on how to speak Elvish for LOTR's fans! Gurth gothrim Tel'Quessir
This is the Elvish language of Twengar.


5. Common Questions


Are you finished?- Lle tela?


Are you joking?- Lle lakwenien?


Are you ready?- Lle desiel?


Care for (a drink/some food)?-Malia ten' (yulna/vasa)?


Care for some (wine/mead/ale)?- Malia ten' (fion/laure/sereg)?


Could you cast (invis) on me?- Lle ista (amin quella) no' amin?


Do (you/they) understand (me)?- (Lle/Ron) rangwa (amin)?


Do I know you?- Amin sinta lle?


Do you feel well?- Lle tyava quel?


Do you need a drink of water?- Lle anta yulna en alu?


Do you need help?- Lle anta amin tu?


Do you promise?- Lle vesta?


Do you speak elvish?- Lle quena i'lambe tel' Eldalie?


Do you want to dance?- Lle merna salk?


Do you yield?- Lle lava?


How are you (doing) (today)?- Sut naa lle (umien) (sina re)?


How long?- Sut an?


How?- Sut?


Long journey?- An lema?


Shall we go (hunting)?- Lle merna aut (farien)?


What's your name?- Mani naa essa en lle?


What are you doing?- Mani naa lle umien?


What did you say?- Mani ume lle quena?


What do you want (for it)?- Mani uma lle merna (ten' ta)?


What happened?- Mani marte?


What have you been doing?- Mani nae lle umien?


What is it?- Mani naa ta?


What is that (thing)?- Mani naa tanya (nat')?


What?-  Mani?


When do (we/you) leave?- Iire (lye/lle) auta?


When?- Iire?


Where (are/were) (you/you all/we) (from)?- Manke (naa/nae) (lle/llie/lye) (tuulo')?


Where (are/were) you?- Manke (naa/nae) lle?


Where are (we/you) going?- Manke naa (lye/lle) autien?


Where are we meeting?- Manke naa lye omentien?


Where did that come from?- Manke tanya tuula?


Where is the meeting?- Manke naa i'omentien?


Where?- Manke?


Which one?- Mani er?


Who's leading?- Ya auta yeste'?


Who (is/was) that?- Ya (naa/nae) tanya?


Who?- Ya?


Why are you here?- Mankoi naa lle sinome?


Why did you do that?- Mankoi lle uma tanya?


Why do you want to know?- Mankoi lle irma sint?


Why?- Mankoi?

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