The Book Of Elfvish

My little guide on how to speak Elvish for LOTR's fans! Gurth gothrim Tel'Quessir
This is the Elvish language of Twengar.


7. Common Commands


Be silent- Dina


Camp here- Estolada sinome


Circle around behind them- Mallen pelu e' n'alaquel en' sen


Come here- Tula sinome


Come to (Longsaddle)- Tula (Uialtum)


Come, sit near the fire- Tula, hama neva i'naur


Don't kill (it/him)- N'ndengina (ta/ho)


Don't worry- Uuma dela


Flank them- Ela sen


Follow (them/it)- Soora (sen/ta)


Follow me- Khila amin


Give it to me- Ona ta a'amin


Go away- Kela


Hide- Nurta


Hold onto this (for me)- Tessa sina (ten' amin)


Hurry- Asca


Kill (it/him)- Ndengina (ta/ho)


Look out / Be carefull!- Tira ten' rashwe!


Memorize your spells (here)- Rina istorlle (sinome)


Rest here- Esta sinome


Take this- Sana sina


Tell (us) the tale- Kwentra (lye) i'narn


You go first- Lle auta yeste'

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