Pictures and Personalities of Holding Onto Faith

I've written 4 chapters of this story so I'm deciding to show you what they look like and their personalities! :)


6. Paige Daren

Paige Daren (Half human Half ghosts)


She was born in the same year as Alex. She and Lana have been friends since birth. She has no human friends, she doesn't trust them. Humans to ghosts can be the most fearful thing ever, in fact humans are ghosts biggest enemy, besides June that is. She tries to hold back on her anger and calm down. She likes Alex but isn't sure if he likes her back. She looks out for the Hudson family because they've always been there for her. She also watches over Amy carefully, to make sure she doesn't do anything wrong.

Likes: Hudson family. Alex, softball, soccer, games, sun, dryness, and The Hunger Games

Dislikes: June, rain, green, bananas, and anger

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