Pictures and Personalities of Holding Onto Faith

I've written 4 chapters of this story so I'm deciding to show you what they look like and their personalities! :)


5. Lana Carson

Lana Carson (Half human Half ghosts)


She was born in 1899, 525 years old in ghost years. She disguises herself as a 19 year old born in 1994. She has no parents nor siblings. She only has the Hudson family, she met Paige before the Hudson's though. Her and Paige have been friends since birth. She also looks out for the Hudson family especially Amy. The Hudson's took her in about 5 years after her and Lana had been friends. So they treated her like family. She and Paige moved out about 6 years, but still kept in contact, since they were ghosts. She likes Austin, but she isn't sure if she should say yes. 


Likes: volleyball, baseball, swimming, Austin, Hudson family, and Earth

Dislikes: June, rain, anything wet, and school

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