Pictures and Personalities of Holding Onto Faith

I've written 4 chapters of this story so I'm deciding to show you what they look like and their personalities! :)


7. June Della

I'm finally uploading a picture of June Della and her background. Hope you like it.



June Della


June was born 1589, she's 889 years old, she takes the form of a 21 year old. She is a blood family member of the Hudson family, even though her last name isn't the same and her first name doesn't start with a A she is blood related. She was with the Hudson's for a very long time, her mother Julia wanted to name her June Della, while her farther wanted to name her Amelia Hudson. She ended up with her mothers choice for a name. Because of that Everyone thought she was an only child with no family, she was kept in hiding and never was allowed to go outside, her farther didn't want anyone to know they had a secret child. 6 years after Amy was born, she couldn't take it and decided to leave. Somehow she because the most powerful ghost of all time. Don't let that blue eyed blonde girl fool you, she's full of deep secrets and lies, and evil demons trapped inside her dyeing to get out, but before that can happen she had to find her true self, when that happens her name will go back to being Amelia Hudson and will be accepted into the Hudson family once again.

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