Pictures and Personalities of Holding Onto Faith

I've written 4 chapters of this story so I'm deciding to show you what they look like and their personalities! :)


3. Alex Hudson

Alex Hudson (Half human Half ghosts)


He is Amy's older brother, and Cage's  friend. He was born 1981 and is 503 in ghost years. He disguises himself as a 18 year old born in 1995. He has lived on Earth for over 100 years. He worries about Cage way to much and is also worried that June will take him away. He is also worried that Amy's powers will destroy him. He is sweet and kind- hearted, he tries to take care of his family as the second oldest. He has a crush on Paige, but since they've been friends for a long time he thinks that it would be awkward, and that she doesn't like him.


Likes: family, Cage, Earth, Paige, Lana, basketball, and spring

Dislikes: rain, June, winter, and war

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