How it all Started

How hogwarts started.


2. Characters House


1. Brian Lane Malfoy= Slytherin

2. Isaiah Marvin Abbot= Ravenclaw

3. Jackson Davion Babbling= Slytherin

4. Brianne Catherine Bagman= Ravenclaw

5. Anne Julia Bagshot= Ravenclaw

6. Raven Justice Bell= Ravenclaw

7. Matthias Jordan Black= Slytherin 

8. Dylan Curtis Bones= Slytherin

9. Kylie Britney Brown= Hufflepuff

10. Kristen Alexandra Burbage= Ravenclaw

11. Jaden Samantha Bryce= Ravenclaw

12. Dawson Wyatt Price= Slytherin

13. Kyle Jeremy Crabbe=Gryffindor

14. Rylie Thomas Delacour= Hufflepuff

15. Ezra Justin Potter= Gryffindor

16. Sage Ronald Granger=Hufflepuff

17. Destiny Marie Weasley= Gryffindor

18. Ethan Abraham Dumbledore=Hufflepuff

19. Jordan Xavier Goyle= Gryffindor

20. Colton Lawrence Longbottom=Hufflepuff

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