My Life.

I hate my life.. I'm a 17 years old girl and lets just say that am not the most popular girl in shcool or at home.. My mom and dad abuses me, everyday, and you probably thinking; "Why don't she stop them?" - I'm to afraid, that why.


3. Wrong decision

Finally. It was saturday and my eyes were swollen from yesterday and have headache.. as if that wasen't enough i will AGAIN be a slave for Lucas. "May i go up stairs, now?" - i said to Lucas and Lisa (my "mother"). Lucas came up from the coach at slapped me across the face and i could feel my cheek was bright red. "And do the wash up NOW!" - he said. I have no choice then do the wash up. I just sat on the kitchen while looking at them kissing. Disgusting. Lisa is not that bad compared to Lucas. I decided to go to my room, when.. "where are you going?" said Lisa "To my room." "No you aren't" "Eh, yes i am?" i said, then she came up to me "NO I SAID! You have to buy some food, there's no left" - she said.. Of course there isen't, they never buy some. "I don't have money!" - i almost yelled, and then.. Yeah she slapped me. "Oh god.. Steal some your little whore!" - she yelled at me. Then i run out of the door, i didn't want to steal but i had to.. who knows what they will do if i didn't got home with some food. I could already feel the tears in my eyes. i decided not to steal, i know. that was a stupid decision but.. i just don't like it anymore. don't get me wrong, i never liked it before.I walked down to a park, and sat down on the bench try to make an excuse, to when i got home. I closed my eyes for a while when some trange boy sat down next to me, when i realized it's the guy from school; Niall. "Hey, what's wrong!?" he said, probably because i had tears rolling down my cheeks.. i didn't answer i just got up from the bench and started to walk away, when he grabbeb my arm and i turned to face him with red eyes, he asked the same question again, and then i just broke down into his chest sobbing. "Shh.. it's going to be okay. what's wrong Christina?" - he said. He remembered my name. "I-i-i can't go back, i-' can't" - i started sobbing again. He lifted my chin up and looked straight into my eyes. "Where? what are you talking about?". i looked down again. I can't tell him.. I can't. I moved away from him and looked him in his beautiful crystal blue eyes. "I'm sorry", and then ran, ran really fast and he started scream my name "CHRISTINA! CHRISTINA". I ran as fast that i could, until i fell because i steped on a thik branche.. then my ankle was hurting badly and suddenly that was blood runing down my head. Why was i bleading!? - Now it was time to be punished.. I opened the door and the first thing i saw this time, was Lisa lying on the floor.

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