My Life.

I hate my life.. I'm a 17 years old girl and lets just say that am not the most popular girl in shcool or at home.. My mom and dad abuses me, everyday, and you probably thinking; "Why don't she stop them?" - I'm to afraid, that why.


7. Trust or not.

He showed me, the room i was about to living in. It was messy. Clothes all over the floor, leftovers on the shelves. It was disgustin.


"Whose room is this?" i asked looking around one more time. "Emm, it's mine. Sorry it's a bit messy." he said awkwadly. "Yeah." i said quite. I laid down at the bed and closed my eyes and went to sleep.


When i stood up from the bed i heard noise. Is he here!? HOW!? Did Niall tell him? How could he! I just broke down in tears. What am i going to do now. He found me. He would probably kill me now. I ran to the toilet, locked the door and just sat down there. On the floor. I grab the raisor and cut my wrist, and my arm. The only thing that keeps my feeling down. Then i heard a knock on the door. Oh my god, it's him. "CHRISTINA! Open the door!" - He yelled worried. I didn't want to. I won't let him see me like this. i had blood all over my shirt, arm and wrist. I just stood there silent. "CHRISTINA! OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!". I still just stood there in silent. Then he kicked the door. Then he gasped. I just stood there, totally broken. "Christina.. Put that raisor down please." he said worried. "No, please let me. It's the only way i can still be alive." i said quite, and tears began to run down my cheeks slowly. "No pleas. I'm here to help you! Pleas just let me!"


"I can't Niall. Why don't you understand that!" i said a bit louder now. "Because i care about you Christina! Why won't you let me help you for god's sake!?" "You don't know anything!" I yelled, getting up from the floor and rushed down stairs. And then stopped and looked over and saw 4 boys. Now i understand. Niall is from the band One Direction. The band that i heard every morning and night when my mom and dad wasen't at home. They all looked at me confused. Then i got back to reality and rushed out of the door. What the hell am i doing!? Where am i gonna stay, now? Oh fuck. Great Christina. Then i fetl a hand on my arm. i had to admit that it did hurt. Because my bruises and scars was there. And then i got to face Niall. "Niall i can't te-.." "Ssshh, just come inside, you don't have to tell me now." He said. I nodded as yes and got inside again. The boys said helle and told me who they was.. They really didn't hve to. I know litterly everything about them. "I'm Christina" i said quite. "Yeah, we know. Niall told us about you." Zayn said. Niall stared blushed and so did i. "Oh." i said awkwadly. The i walked down to Nialls room (That also was mine now, i think), and sat on bed and saw a guitar right next to his bed. I bet that it's Nialls guitar. I began t play and stared to sing People like us.


"Hey, everubody loses it. everybody want to throw it all sometimes.

And Hey i now what going don't let the get best of you, you make it all alive oh.

People like us we gotta stick together. Keep your head up, nothing last forever,

here to the damead to lost and forgotten, it's hard to get high when you living on the botton.

Oh oh oh,  we are all misfits, living in the world on fire. Oh oh oh, singing to the peole like us,

the people like us." I began to sing, while a tear rolled dwon my fac, when someone came in. Niall. He was clapping,  why was he? "You are really good, Christina. Wow.!" he said. Oh. He was clapping becuse of that. "No I'm not." i said shyly. "Christina, stop saying bad things about you, and start to say something good, for once." he said nicely while putting his hand on mine. I quicly moved it away and he looked very depressed. "You can trust me you know." he said. Can i?


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