My Life.

I hate my life.. I'm a 17 years old girl and lets just say that am not the most popular girl in shcool or at home.. My mom and dad abuses me, everyday, and you probably thinking; "Why don't she stop them?" - I'm to afraid, that why.


4. Scared

Niall P.O.V

I got bored at home, the boys was just wacthing tv, so i decided that i should go for a little walk. So i walked down to my favorite park and sat down next to a beautiful girl, then i realized it was Christina her from school, whoa i remered her name. I looked up at her and she was crying.. why was she crying? i asked her what's wrong, but she just got up at the bench we sat on and walked away. i grapped my hand around her arm, and then she just cried into my chest sobbing. i felt so bad for her, so i asked her again. She just got out from my chest, "Sorry" she said and she ran.. she ran really fast i couldn't do anything i just stood there looking at her running, and then i screamed "CHRISTINA CHRISTINA!" - But i couldn't se her anymore.. what was wrong?

Christina P.O.V

Why was Lisa lying in the floor, and why was there blood everywhere!? - No.. This can't be Lucas. They loved each other. Then i saw Lucas wtih a knife. No this can't be right. "Well hello there..Where's the food!?" - he said. I took a step back and said "I don't have any food" he laughed an evil laugh, and i got scared. "What did you do.. You kill my sister and know you kill your own wife!? Your insane!" I yelled and tears rolling down my cheeks, when i remembered my little sister.. I loved her so muh. I love her. Then i realized what i just said, and took another step back. He grabbep my arm and push me on the floor and he beats me like he never did before. Blood streaming down my hole body and i was shaking so bad. Then he pushed me in to bed, still holding the knife. He pulled his short of, and took my pants off, and my shirt.. No no no no! Please tell me was a dream. it has to be! I tried to punch him but he just put he knife and cut my wrist.. i can't belive this.. I'm getting raped.


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