My Life.

I hate my life.. I'm a 17 years old girl and lets just say that am not the most popular girl in shcool or at home.. My mom and dad abuses me, everyday, and you probably thinking; "Why don't she stop them?" - I'm to afraid, that why.


5. Reality.

I woke up this morning, lying in Lucas bed, and my body hurts. Then i remembered everything that happen yesterday.. I got raped by Luas, and he cut my wrist. I got up from the bed and walked into the living room, and saw Lucas was sleeping, and i could smell the alcohol. I run up stairs, put my clothes on, brushed my teeth and put my hair in a bun, and ran down and got out of the door.. I got into school and into the class, i have English. I saw Niall come in the class, he stared at me but i just looked down at my table. There was an awkward silnce between us. ------------- Finally! the day was over, not that i was glad too go home, not at all. But i couldn't look at Niall anymore.. it was to awkward. I got outside ready to go when i saw Niall come in my direction, why is he coming to me? he hasen't talked to me the entire day. "Hey Christina, how are you?" he said with a big smile on his adorable face. Stop it Christina, he don't like you. "I'm fine" i said fakeing a smie. "Ehm, can i ask you someting?" he asked, "yes", i said quite begin for he didn't asked for what happened the last time we saw eath other. "Why were you crying, when i saw you last timen, and what was you talking about?" he asked. I could feel my tears in my eyes, but i blinked so they could desappear. I didn't want to respond. "I don't like to talk about it, I'm so sorry" i said. "Look Christina. You don't have to say sory, but I'm always here for you no matter what, okay?" he said, "ok" i said with a small smile on my face. "Goodbye Christina", "Goodbye Niall", and then he went home. I walk back home, when i heard Lucas.. "I WILL KILL HER AS SOON AS I CAN!" He yelled. Who was he talking to? Maybe on the phone.. wait. Are they planning on killing me? Oh my god. I got slowly away from the door, and walked away as fast as i could, then i heard the door open. Shit. It was Lucas. I just stood there doing nothing, then Lucas run after me. Then i realized what i was doing, i was doing completly nothing. Then i ran as fast as i ever could, i looked back and he was far from me, so i overtook him finally and went over to a bench, lay down and fell asleep. I new that i couldn't but i will anyway. I just want away from reality.

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