My Life.

I hate my life.. I'm a 17 years old girl and lets just say that am not the most popular girl in shcool or at home.. My mom and dad abuses me, everyday, and you probably thinking; "Why don't she stop them?" - I'm to afraid, that why.


1. Not again

"CHRISTINA COME DOWN HERE NOW!" - Yeah that's Lucas, actually my dad but i don't like calling him dad. I rushed down from the bed and down stairs to see what Lucas will. "Go get some beer for me and your mother your little whore" he said. He knew that, that were no beer left so why did he ask? or he did'nt ask. but you know what i mean. "That's not more beer left" - i whispered, in fear of what he's gonna do to me."I know that your bitch, go get me some!" - he almost yell at me. "I don't have any money" - i whispered begin for he didn't hear me, but he did. "THEN STEAL SOME!" - he yelled this time, and i rushed out side, and tears rolled down my cheeks, i don't want to steal beers to my "parents", anymore. Yes, anymore. I'm am so tired of this life. I'm not the most popular girl on school or at home, but why do they all hate me? another tear left my eye. The whole 'thing' started when i was 13 and my little sister was 7, yeas i HAD a litte sister before. but anyway, i came back from school seeing my little sister dead, and lying down on the floor in a blood puddle, and i did'nt know what to do, my "parents2 wasen't home so i called 911 and they took her..My "parents" totally didn't care, WHO KIND OF PARENTS IS THAT!? - so i went to the hospital by my one, like i said my "parents" didn't care, but anyway.I rushed in to the hospital, and talked to the nurse and then she said.. she said that she's dead. i never knew who killed her, but know i know. a couple of days later i found out who killed her. it was my "parents" who killed my litte sister who did nothing at all to those bastards! After knowing that i was terrified what they would do to me, would they kill me? would Lucas rape me? but instead of all that they abused me.. Every time i got home from school he would, kick me in the stomach, pulled my hair, make me bleed, and i have bruises everywhere. By the way.. I have long brown hair, blue-green eyes, and a OK style and fan of the band One Direction. 

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