My Life.

I hate my life.. I'm a 17 years old girl and lets just say that am not the most popular girl in shcool or at home.. My mom and dad abuses me, everyday, and you probably thinking; "Why don't she stop them?" - I'm to afraid, that why.


2. Breaken down.

"GET THE FUCK UP CHRISTINA!" Lucas yelled at me, still angry that i didn't steal the beer yesterday then he kicked me while i was in my bed. Shit i was late for school, but why did Lucas care? probably because he was tired of seeing me everyday. i rushed out my bed, but not so fast because that kick did really hurt, but i was fast in the clothes i brushed my teeth, i didn't eat breakfast i never do and rushed down the stairs and out of the door. I love to be out of the house, now when you consider that i haven't been outside in 2 years. I got into a new school but it already seems like they don't like me. I finally got to the school, but i'm 10 minuttes late and we have maths. It was the first time for me to have maths in this school since i started school here because the teacher was sick the entir week. I'm scared to come in class, their probably gonna look at me when i come in and i hate to get all the attention.. i'm not so confident. But i got in anyway, i had to. Like i thought.. everyone looked at me. "Well hello you must be the new student, right?" said the math teacher. "Y-yes". "Well you can sit next to Kelsey over there" "O-ok" i said while walked next to Kelsey, she gave me goosebumps she looked really scared, she was only wearing black.I looked at the students in class, then i saw a boy stare at me. He was kinda cute, he was blonde and have crystal blue eyes, i blushed and looked down at the table and then the lesson began. ------ It was lunch and i sat alone, i always did it wasen't something new. Then the blondie came and gave me a huge chok because he came behind me and not to be evil but i don't have eyes in the neck. "Sorry did i scare you?" - he asked while smiling, i didn't say a word. "I'm Niall, by the way" he said and held out his hand to greet. "I'm Christina" - i said quiet. "Beautiful name" i just blushed. Then he asked me about some stuff about my life and i lied about everything, i didn't want to tell him the truth about my life. Then i had to go home, i said goodbye to him and rushed home, because i was a litlle late, and was scared to enter the house. I enter the house and the first thing i saw when i entered the house was Lucas. He kicked me in the stomach and yelled at me. i ran op the stairs and into my bedroom and broke down. I cried all night. Think that i have to lie about my life. I was broken.

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