A Collection of Thoughts

Just a few poems I have come up with over the years, some good, some bad.


1. The Never-Ending Darkness

The never-ending darkness,

And the feeling of despair,

Could he ever be freed,

From this dragon’s lair?


The never-ending darkness,

And the walls closing in,

Only memories of long ago,

And some dastardly sin.


The never-ending darkness,

And a knife in his heart,

All he wants is his freedom,

And destroy what tore him apart.


The never-ending darkness,

And something in his head,

Turning him to dust,

Yet he’s never quite dead.


The never-ending darkness,

And a mind in the night,

Searching for something,

Not ready for flight.


The never-ending darkness,

But a light in the distance,

Something is reaching for him,

With increasing persistence.


The darkness is ending,

The light reappears,

He weeps about his sorrows,

And begins to repent the years.


The years spent waiting,

Waiting for forgiveness,

Till his life was filled,

With an aching stillness.


And the darkness never-ends.

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