A Collection of Thoughts

Just a few poems I have come up with over the years, some good, some bad.


2. The Days We Never Had

I miss the life in your eyes, the warmth in your smile,

Every problem I had you would reconcile.

I miss your laugh, your cry, your everything;

Your worn out jumpers and that battered ring.

The softness of your touch, the life in your eyes.

I never got to say my goodbyes.

You said you were there, your never let me go

Without a hug and kiss, and I want you to know,

That I'll love you forever and I'll stay strong,

Because however much I argued you were never once wrong.

Some nights I just lie there and cry till I sleep

And the tears that I cry could fill oceans deep.

The hole in my heart where once you lay,

It never gets better, despite what they say.

You'll never be her eyes you'll never be gone,

I'll simply remember the days that we shone.

You didn't know who I was, never knew how I cried;

That for years felt like you had already died.

And how I held your hand, sat by your bed,

Listening to stories of the life that you led.

The day that you left me I felt myself go,

Falling Into an abyss with my life in tow.

Screaming and crying until the world gave in,

As if loving you had been the greatest sin

. With only one regret, that didn't have longer,

I took you for granted; I couldn't have been wronger

You said everything had a reason and for that you were glad.

And this? Well this is for the days we never had.

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