Scarlet Blaze

Scarlet Blaze has been lonely for her whole life. The only thing that Scarlet considered important in her life is staying alive and holding unto the pendant that her parents had left her before they died. Scarlet goes out to the streets of England to go and scavenge her next meal but little does she know her world is about to be turned upside down. Strange events are beginning to unfold and Scarlet is getting caught up in the heat of it. Finding out that everything is never what it seems, Scarlet will begin a journey that will help her find out her history and the secrets that most of the world know nothing about.


3. The children of gods

I stopped. I was quite far away from the stage to get a close look at them but I knew instantly that they were the children of god. It had been a long time since they had shown their faces out in public. I remember it was back around the time when I was a little girl that the Duke announced that he had evaluated and picked five individually talented Varmints who held a great amount of power in what they possessed. They were five small children around my age at that time but they had obviously now had grown into their roles as the dukes children. They all with held a strong presence which had instinctively given me the reason before to turn around and look at them. That was natural for them since they had been living the lives of kings and queens from the age of four or so. But the presence of them was not the real reason to why I had now turned my full undivided attention to them. I had spotted one of them wearing an amulet which looked exactly looked like mine only different shape and color. Scanning my eyes over each one slowly to my astonishment realized that they all had an amulet. The crowd had been going ballistic for around five minutes and that was when Leo coughed into the microphone and stepped forward, resulting in everyone going dead set quiet in an astonishing second.

"These people who stand before you I know need no introduction" Leo began gesturing his hand to the children behind him.
"But, I think many of you are now wondering why are the children of gods are showing their faces to us after so long, well the duke has ordered the children of gods to give you a little introduction to the dukes announcement" he ended dramatically which followed a thunderous roar from the audience.
"Introducing the only female from the group, this is Simona!" Leo bellowed as everyone went crazy. The girl who had frantically been waving and blowing kisses stepped forward and smiled.

"Hello people of England and people from far off lands my name is Simona Graywood and I have been attending the young and gifted V and N for eight years so far" she giggled.
Simona Graywood from where I could see was around my height but had healthy looking skin, long brown hair and a tall slim body which was light beige. She could've been a model for her beautiful looks if she wasn't attending school but by the way she giggled around on stage, you could tell that there was not that much going on inside her head.

"Today I will introduce to you the children of gods so that you all can get an idea of what we have to offer in the young and gifted V and N" she giggled whilst walking towards the left.
"Well first off as you all now know my name is Simona Graywood and I hold the power of doing things with my mind" she giggled as she threw her hands up as the crowd clapped.

"The mean looking man over here is Scorpio Rivers and as his name may hint, he holds the power to manipulate liquids and water!" Simona giggled as she pointed to one of the men who stood at the back.

From where Scarlet was standing, Scorpio looked like a very scary man. He was a tall and handsome looking man with seriousness written all over his facial expressions as he waved and looked at everyone. The seriousness made him look like he was around thirty or so. He had black straight hair that was short and just reached his ears whilst his eyes were a light blue which made him stand out from the rest of the men.

"The fiery looking one with a hot head is Will Scorch and just like his name may hint, he holds the power to manipulate fire and heat!" Simona laughed
The man who stood next to Scorpio threw a scary looking stare at Simona as she announced him having a hot head. Will had light brown hair which was spiked up by either cows fat or oils. He was a tiny bit taller then Scorpio and didn't wave as his name was called out. His eyes were an auburn hazel whilst his skin was tanned and even.

"The next one over to our right is the calm and collected Light Smoke and as his name may also hint, he holds the power to manipulate light" Simona stuttered whilst blushing
The man who was just announced had medium long hair which swept just past his ears. His hair was a very pale blonde which might have been mistaken as white if their was sun on him. He was a bit shorter then the rest of the men and had pale skin with yellow colored eyes. He smiled and waved as Simona continued on.

"The man who is next holds an aura which would even scare the dead, this mans name is Kuro Oak and as his name hints, he holds the power to manipulate the shadows!" Simona giggled but this time nervously
The man who who stood next to Light looked like the complete opposite. Kuro had jet black hair and evenly tanned skin whilst he was about the exact same height as Light and held a firm look on his face as the audience continued roaring on.

"Last but not least is in many ways the leader of our group, this mans name is Sebastian Nightwalker" and he holds the power of earth and gravity!" Simona screamed into the microphone.
The audience roared off their heads as I cradled my head into my ears, squeezing my eyes tightly as I felt a sharp jab send a wave of pain across my back. My vision began to waver as I slowly opened up my eyes and held unto the man next to me. He gave me a surprised look when I grabbed unto his coat, realizing how awkward I was making it for myself I let go of the coat and apologized quickly. My back was aching and everything around me began to falter and waver. Looking up slowly I saw the last man whose name was called out. Sebastian stood their with no shred of emotion as the crowd shrieked and applauded him. I felt my eyes beginning to slowly lull back as my conciseness was slowly beginning to leave me. I could now no longer feel my arms nor legs as the crowd began quiet down all around me. Looking glassy eyed at the man who stood with no emotion, from where I was standing it looked like he was looking at me. I began to freak out all of a sudden and began pushing past the rest of the people at the back of me. For some strange reason I felt like I had in the dreams. I could feel the heat from the stage and could hear the voices from my dreams. Soon enough I broke free and I sprinted whilst stumbling over gravel and stone until finally I reached the dark alleyway. I could still hear the voices of the screaming intensifying from behind me. The haziness from before began come back more painfully and for a moment all I could see was black.

"Im sorry" I whimpered out breathlessly before falling into darkness.


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