Scarlet Blaze

Scarlet Blaze has been lonely for her whole life. The only thing that Scarlet considered important in her life is staying alive and holding unto the pendant that her parents had left her before they died. Scarlet goes out to the streets of England to go and scavenge her next meal but little does she know her world is about to be turned upside down. Strange events are beginning to unfold and Scarlet is getting caught up in the heat of it. Finding out that everything is never what it seems, Scarlet will begin a journey that will help her find out her history and the secrets that most of the world know nothing about.


5. Memories

I was warm. I could feel myself lying on something warm and soft and could hear the birds chirping. Wait a second...

Sitting up all of a sudden sent a rush of nausea. Covering my mouth and gagging I began to look at where I was for the time being. I was in a bed. That's the first thing I noticed. Looking at the black silk sheets and thick duna with animal printed pillows I leaned myself up against the wall trying to calm down whilst breathing unevenly. This was my first time in a bed. For my whole life I had been sleeping on the floor or if I was lucky a thrown out mattress that was either full of mold or wet and squelchy but this was the first time that I had been in a proper bed and im not going to lie, it felt good. Easing back the nausea and looking towards the walls, I found out I was in a bedroom. The walls were high and arched with golden italics scaling a grande representation of a forest with elves and small baby animals. Looking to my side I suddenly realized a tray of food was sitting next to me on a table. There were eggs and ham, a glass of orange juice and a vase with a single rose. Moving across the bed and plonking myself on my feet I felt a slight headache but it was nothing to serious unlike last time. Speaking of last time hadn't I died? Had that whole event been just a dream? Feeling the cool ground underneath my feet, I walked over to the black curtains and sprung them open. It was about to be night time and I could see the stars in the sky already starting to appear. Looking outside to my astonishment I realized that their was no one out. A noise. I turned around rather too quickly before falling back against the window ledge. An old lady was sitting on a chair that was not there before and was flipping through a newspaper completely ignoring me. How did she get there?

"Hello Scarlet" the old lady said

Listening to the old lady reminded me of someone. I hadn't talked to practically anyone throughout my whole life but the voice seemed familiar.

"Where am I?" I asked quietly whilst standing myself upright

The woman smiled as she flipped over another page.

"I thought you had asked all your questions before hand" the old lady mused

"Who are you?" I asked trying not to sound scared

"You should take a seat Scarlet, everything that you need to know for the time being is with me and unless you want to keep standing around like an old tramp who does not know the etiquette manners of a young lady, then I would hope you would stop treating me like I am a stranger, we have met before" the old lady said folding the newspaper and setting it beside her.

I knew her? How? This must be some sort of kidnapping. I have to plan something. An escape. Who knows how many days and nights I have been here for?

"You have been asleep for a month now Scarlet and you are free to disappear from my sights but in the end it will only be hurting you" the old lady stated bluntly

"How did you..."

"I can read minds, I am a varmint Scarlet and I have lived many human lives in order to keep myself with the necessary skills of upholding my title" the old lady said

A varmint reading minds was something that only a limited few could do. She looked quite old but looking at her more carefully I suddenly felt a great presence. Walking over to the bed slowly I plonked myself down on the bed, placing both hands in my lap.

"Come closer Scarlet, if I cant reach you how do you expect me to explain what it is that you have to do" the old lady breathed out obviously annoyed

"Your the one from my dream!" I blurted out springing myself up from the bed and taking a step back

"It was not a dream Scarlet, you were in like I said before the nexus." the old lady replied not moving

"Why do you want me... is it because" I began

"Scarlet Blaze come here now" the old lady bellowed whilst all light in the space disappeared.

It was dark but Scarlet could see the outlining of everything due to the moonlight coming from the window. Walking hastily but carefully around the bed I stopped infront of the old lady.

"Before you do anything I need to know something" I began ignoring what had just happened

"How can I trust you?"

A small light began to glow. It was the amulet. It was lying on the side of the blanket and began to rise whilst making a hissing sound.

"Sit down Scarlet now so that I may explain what is happening" the old lady calmly said whilst rising her hand. The amulet flew from its position straight into the palm of the old lady and glowed in her hand as she clasped her fingers around it.

Looking at the amulet I sat down on the side of the bed facing the old lady. The amulet continued to glow and to make an eerie hissing sound.

"Repeat these words after me" the old lady spoke after a while

"convocat animo et corde teneant rationem"

As I began to repeat the words that the old lady had said everything around me began to fall into darkness. The only thing that did not disappear was the old lady in her chair and the bed that I was sitting on.
"Rationem" I finished looking at the old lady

"I will send you the memories to which you have had ever since you were born but I am to warn you some of them may not go through, you are not exactly at the stage of which the angel demon would like you to be" the old lady said looking at her

"How will you send them? letters? notes?" I asked looking at her concerned.

"Telepathically, these are memories we are talking about Scarlet and having them with you all the time is better then it being written down in a book or a journal" the old lady replied

As she said this the amulet reappeared slowly in her hand before slowly beginning to ascend into the air glowing red.

"One more thing that I may also mention is that I am going to be be sending you some data which will appear as you having the memory of me telling you everything that you will need to do and why this is all happening" the old lady said as she turned her head towards the amulet as it continued glowing and rising higher.

"conscientia sparguntur" the old lady bellowed

The amulet shot up higher almost out of sight before stopping. Small tiny dots began to rain out from the amulet and began to descend. At first I thought it was fire. But as it quickly descended I realized that there were about a million lines of red glowing string shooting towards the old lady and me. I felt a warm and gentle hand rest on my leg. Looking up at the old lady, she smiled for the first time. The falling masses of thread began to slow down as it made its way closer and closer towards me. Looking up at the threads dumbfounded, I began to smile as all of it began to join together and fix itself into me. All I could see now was red. The feeling of the warm hand was not gone though so that gave me a sense of peace. The red threads tossed and turned against one another which gave me a funny sort of tingle in my head. All of a sudden I could see myself walking in the snow but this was a younger version of me. Another image popped up and I could see a red haired lady on a bed holding a baby and humming. Was this mum? Reaching out for the image with my fingers played out I tried to grasp on to that memory, everything around me all of a sudden began to go into a frenzy of speed and acceleration. In a slight second I would see sky and in another I would see the lady again. Before long I realized that what ahead of me was something that I would never be able to relive again since these were all just forgotten memories. Closing my eyes and flopping down on the bed I balled my fists up, I began to focus on getting this over and done with. My life was never mine to begin with. Having your own memories stolen from when you were a child was definitely something that no one should have been put through especially someone like me.

"It's over Scarlet" the lady said

Sitting up dizzily I found that we were once again in the room that I was in before, but something was different. I knew everything that I was supposed to do in the next three days. I was a varmint and what I had been holding on to was much more then just an amulet. I had a task and it was now my duty to fulfill it.

"Three days" the old lady spoke while making her way towards the door

"Thank you" I said as the door opened.

Three days was all I had until I was to undergo the angel demons task and I was not to fail. Failure was not an option. Feeling a slight tremor of the wind, I clasped the amulet that hung around my neck as the door closed soundlessly. Gazing out of the window I began to bite my bottom lip hard.

Three more days, no option and no exceptions.

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