Scarlet Blaze

Scarlet Blaze has been lonely for her whole life. The only thing that Scarlet considered important in her life is staying alive and holding unto the pendant that her parents had left her before they died. Scarlet goes out to the streets of England to go and scavenge her next meal but little does she know her world is about to be turned upside down. Strange events are beginning to unfold and Scarlet is getting caught up in the heat of it. Finding out that everything is never what it seems, Scarlet will begin a journey that will help her find out her history and the secrets that most of the world know nothing about.


2. Just another day

The clouds continued to skim the bright blue heavens as I lay on a grass field gazing mysteriously at them. The air on this particular hill had a display of the surrounding jagged grass hills which rose and struck the clouds. Some of them had snow while others were wilderness bound with sharp and edgy layers of mossy green and dark brown earth. I cradled the back of my head in both hands leaning against an oak tree and watched as the birds and bees scattered the vast sky. I could hear the voices of many people once again. I sat up and began to look down and saw the Earths crust which bubbled and spat gushes of lava and molten rock. The shrieking and piercing screams were bound by the layer of thin crust that divided hell from the Earths surface. The wind began to go sharp as the world all of a sudden went silent and the atmosphere around me turned a pale red. "See it with your eyes and you shall gain sight, hear it with your ears and you will be able to listen, speak in tongues reassuring and words will never fail, believe in what others doubt and you will be rewarded". The voice began to repeat itself getting louder as the ground from underneath began to rise up all of a sudden. The molten rocks and lava began to soar through the sky as black rain began to simmer the surrounding hills. The heat was becoming unbearable and all of a sudden I heard a woman from the depths of this calamity whisper something which I seemed to pick up amongst everything going on.
"Im sorry Scarlet"


I sat up and felt my body trembling all over. The clothes that I had worn for the night was drenched while my hair was plastered to my face and the back of my neck. I could still feel the unbearable heat and the fear of something coming towards you. I sat up and began to look around frantically with wide eyes and expected to see the lava coming towards me. Steadying myself with my hands, I caught myself against a wall before taking in slow deep breaths whilst regaining clear eye sight. Within what seemed like a few minutes I slowly began to calm myself down and sat back down on top of the flat and scattered cardboard boxes.

"It was just a dream" I reminded myself aloud this time before setting myself down. I had been having these sort of dreams alot more recently then before but this time the dreams were becoming more repetitive but different in some parts. I began having these sorts of dreams about seeing fragments of places around the world but they were all scattered and dismantled before. Now my dreams kept showing me places which either had alot of snow or alot of jungle. I began to go remove layers of cardboard before I found the shard of glass and dirty rag. I sat up carefully and began to wipe off the sweat that now coated my face, arms and neck.
The sound of the daily herald man gave me something to listen to as I grabbed the shard of glass in the other hand and began to look at myself in the mirror.
I had long, brown hair that was all tangled and hung down past just past my shoulders. I had toned gray skin which would probably have been something towards a bleached beige if I had been able to get ahold of water earlier on this week. My eyes were sterling gray which made my eye lashes deem longer then that actually were. Removing the shard of glass from the front of my face, I slipped it in my pocket as I began to head over towards the dark end of the side street.
The side street that I had been staying at for quite a while now was between a pharmacist and a butcher. At the end of the tunnel it was completely and utterly black due to the tin roofs that blocked out all sun from the sky. I had been staying here for I think at least three weeks or so but I knew this place would only be temporary. I hadn't grown up in some gorgeous terrace with a loving mum and dad with a dog named Racer. No. I had been living on the streets for as long as I could remember. I had never seen my parents or any relatives since I had been pretty much alone for all my life. The only thing that I had to remember my blood by was an amulet which I have had ever since I was born, well I wouldn't be too sure but it felt like that. It was a gold chain with a red shard of glass which was placed in the middle of black and green see-through rock. I couldn't really tell what it was made of or when I had gotten it but I had kept it for as long as I can remember and I wasn't in any place to throw it away or to sell. It was precious to me so every night before I would go to sleep I would place it underneath my coat and sing silently to myself. It was in some sort of sense apart of me, it had been there throughout my whole life and it had been the only thing I had and always will consider worth keeping.
As I waltzed over towards my end of the lane, I all of a sudden heard a trumpet begin to bellow and cut of the heralds man from outside. Running towards the cardboard pieces splayed out I grabbed my coat and swung it over my head whilst grabbing the amulet and stuffed it in my pocket. The trumpet only ever sounded when something important was going on and it was in my best interest to get something out of it.

As soon as I escaped the dark lane the light from the sky pierced my eyes almost immediately which caused me to stop and regain sight . Holding my hands up steadily whilst blocking out the sun I began to head towards the sound of the trumpet. The people around me didn't seem to mind that I had all of a sudden appeared from the darkness like that since most of the people around me were too high up in class to even pass a thought over someone like me. I began to slow down just a bit so that it did not seem so obvious. The man infront of me wore a purple suit with a green top-hat and wore a handkerchief in his left pocket. Without a moments hesitation I began to fasten my pace and bumped into the man. The man gazed backwards but before he could notice me I turned towards his blind side which was his right and spotted another man rushing over towards the trumpet. Swiping passed this man I began to pat my pocket happily and began to quicken my pace once again. Too many people were coming in so I would now have to wait for this event to end so that I could resume to my salary possessing. I had been too busy patting the pocket which was now half full before I received a jab in the stomach from the front. I looked up and saw a boy around my age giving me a death stare and mouthed "shut up". I was about to walk away before I saw that it was too late for that now.
The trumpet had now stopped and that was when a man walked up to the stage wearing casual clothing which astonished me. He wore a white long sleeved button up tee shirt which obviously was brand new. He wore shorts which was once again quite strange since he was probably around two years older then me and had blonde wavy hair with killer light blue eyes. His face did not match his features since they were sharp and manly but then again what would you expect from someone of his status. I began to look around and all of a sudden noticed that I was not the only girl to notice. Most of the girls around me were giggling and the ones at the back were grabbing binoculars and giggling.
"God are you serious" I sighed rolling my eyes before whipping my head back around to face the front.

"Hello everyone my name is Leo Pablo and I am hear to make an announcement on behalf of the duke" the man spoke out with a stunningly deep voice which once again did not match his looks.
"The duke has given England a task which we need to achieve in order to uphold dignity and respect for our beloved land" he continued walking towards the center of the stage.
"For many, many years England has stayed true to its morals and attributes ever since the beginning of the announcement of the Varmint Race".

Many of the crowd began to roar and alot of them began to hiss and stamp their feet. One of the girls behind me began to screech with a high pitched voice which made me cover my ears and throw her a death glare right before she looked at me and hissed with sharp teeth. The crowd began to quiet down slowly as Leo put the microphone back up to his mouth.
"The duke has announced that we shall be holding tryouts for a place to attend and go to the school of "Young and gifted V and N" he ended throwing his arms up whilst the crowd began to go in an uproar of cheering and screaming.
I began to roll my eyes whilst the crowd around me bumped and knocked against each other like a group of seven year olds .

"You all do know that the real reason that the Duke had set out this event in the first place was to get a bunch of hot headed Varmints and get them competing against one another for his personal entertainment and slaves" I sighed to myself.

I patted my pocket again and turned to face the other way. I had heard enough and for what it was worth I could get just as much salary as I would get here if I just stayed near the dark lane since it would be easier for me to get away with the moneymaking without being caught in the act . The girl behind me threw a death glare as I began to pass her and push my way past the crowd. Looking around to glance back at the guy on the stage, I could see he was enticed with his own self which gave me something to giggle at. I began to hear the front crowd roar just before I was about a few steps away from getting out of the crowd and as soon as I glanced over my shoulder I felt a sudden gust of wind go past the front crowd.

There were now six people standing at the front including Leo. The "Children of the gods" were now standing infront of everyone smiling and waving hands. One of the girls smiled and blew a kiss at one of the guys at the front. Something caught my eye. As she placed her hand back to the side of her and began to flick her hair frantically a gold thin chain swung left to right on her neck.

It was just like Scarlet's.

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