Scarlet Blaze

Scarlet Blaze has been lonely for her whole life. The only thing that Scarlet considered important in her life is staying alive and holding unto the pendant that her parents had left her before they died. Scarlet goes out to the streets of England to go and scavenge her next meal but little does she know her world is about to be turned upside down. Strange events are beginning to unfold and Scarlet is getting caught up in the heat of it. Finding out that everything is never what it seems, Scarlet will begin a journey that will help her find out her history and the secrets that most of the world know nothing about.


4. Death

The cold ground underneath my bare skin felt sharp and rickety as I slowly began to wake up. I could hear the scattering of rats and other things best unknown scattering near by which gave me the idea that it was going to be morning soon. Opening my eyes drearily I slung myself from my disassembled position as I sat upright and landed both hands on the cold ground as the same throbbing from before became to start again. Looking up and squinting with teary eyes, I saw the stars above me all glittering and sparkling and began to wonder if god was real. I mean if he were to be real wouldn't he have given me a family to love? A place to call home? A bed to sleep in? The throbbing started to get even more worse, as if to scorn at me whilst sneering at the thoughts that echoed inside. Slumping down unto my belly I began to make my way towards the cardboard boxes. The throbbing was slowly beginning to take over my body as I began to feel my body spasm on top of the gravel, cutting and jabbing me all over. Closing both eyes shut I began to tear through the ground again making my way towards what I thought was the right way. The throbbing began to slowly devour and tear at me which all of a sudden sent burning fits of pain in my head, heart and lungs. I could see everything around me slowly disassemble itself and in the process became a mixture of water like sloshes of darkness and light forming and then breaking apart. My hand felt the rough texture of the brown box but my body had now lost all the control that it had a few minutes ago. The rocks and gravel rubbed and irritated my skin as my legs and arms continued to spasm uncontrollably. Was this the end? Was I going to die here? I had felt agony before but this agony was different. This agony felt like it was something that did not belong to me, something which should have never been mine in the first place. I could feel the heat crawling all over my body and wrapping itself around my insides which sent my body kicking and screaming. No sound came out though. I couldn't even manage a muffle from the amount of pain that was being tossed inside of me. The sloshes of light and darkness that had formed and departed began to slowly swirl and waver with a sudden fiery red. First I had thought it was blood. But now clenching my hair in fists and wriggling uncontrollably, it slowly began to move along the forms that the light and darkness shaped. It was in some way like a serpent. It slowly began to become thinner and all of a sudden I could only see the red wriggling slosh enveloping the darkness. My body was no longer moving, I now had lost all the energy to even struggle. The red slosh all of a sudden began to shape itself into the form of a character. Eye lids closed, body lying helplessly I finally now knew it was the end. The slosh began to slow down as it finally took the shape of a character. I could not read it since it was not in English but I could feel that I could read it but my mind was to blurry. As if a light had been turned I fell into total darkness. No pain, no struggling, no light.

I awoke from the pain and began to feel an uncomfortable aura as I opened my eyes. I was no longer in England. To what I had now already have realized I was no longer on Earth. This was death. I could see the sloshes of light and darkness swirling around my body as I began to run forwards not knowing where I was to go. There was no sound. The only thing I could feel was the lightness of my body and the uncomfortable feeling as if I was in a small room with no vents to give in cool air. Running forward towards a shape that looked like a door I began to smile as I came closer and closer to it. In a short amount of time later it had disassembled itself and was now joined up with the rest of sloshes of black and white. But wait a second. Where was the red slosh that was there before? I all of a sudden felt a faint shiver in the mixtures enveloping one another as I looked around and to my surprise saw the amulet that I had worn for as long as I could remember. It was floating and as soon as I took a step forwards it seemed to be just as far as it was before. Slowly beginning to realize what had happened, I began to walk towards the amulet. It was still as far away as before and was now beginning get further and further away.
"Stop!" I cried as I began to run towards it again.
"You're too weak" something replied.


I stopped. I was the only one in here for as far as I knew but I now could sense that I was not alone. Looking to the left of the amulet I gasped as a figure stepped out of the darkness. It was me. No not quite, this girl looked exactly like me but she looked determined, prettier and much more fierce then me. Another thing that was different was that her eyes were completely black.

"Who are you?" I asked looking at her, mouth wide open
"You are too weak" the figure replied sounding exactly like her except more mature
"Excuse me.." I began before the other figure cut me off
"Scarlet Blaze you are dead and you are dead because you are weak" the figure calmly said
"I.. I.. I am not"
"Quiet!" the figure roared whilst the sloshes of light and darkness began to all unform
"Let me ask you something Scarlet" the figure said whilst clasping the amulet in her hand
"Why do you think your alive?"
"Alive?" I laughed as tears began to escape
"You just said that I was dead! How am I supposed to be alive if im dead hm? and another question, where am I and who are you!" I screamed whilst clenching my fists and falling to my knees. I had never really have cried when I was alive, but there was now no point holding back if I was no longer alive.

"Your seeming a bit sad Scarl" the figure replied completely ignoring Scarlet's questions.
"But don't worry you are not dead just yet, were not letting go of you that easily" the figure continued smiling at Scarlet
"Do you want to live?"
Looking up slowly at the figure I nodded slowly as I began to rub my face clear of tears.
"You will have to do something for me then Scarlet, that is if you want to live" the figure whispered now holding the amulet and tossing and catching it
"Do you know what a varmint is?" the figure asked craning her neck forwards
"Yes, they are a race of gifted children that hold powers" I replied slowly trying to keep the sniffling unheard
"Do you know what you are?" the figure asked looking down at Scarlet
"A human?" I asked whilst clearing my throat
"Wrong, you are a varmint" the figure replied

Wait. Stop. What?

"You heard me quite clear Scarlet Blaze, you are the daughter of Annabelle Blaze am I not right?" the figure answered whilst asking unshaken.

I hadn't said anything though, how did she know?

"I think you have the wrong Scarlet Blaze" I replied standing up and looking at the figure face on

"Oh do I now?" the figure replied as her lips began to twitch

"Yes you are as a matter of fact" I replied hesitantly. Who was she?

"Look here Scarl we can fight about who you are or we could just hurry this along and get you back on Earth and doing what your supposed to be doing" the figure replied chucking the amulet to Scarlet

"Look im sorry but you must have the wrong Scarlet Blaze, im not even a varmint!" I blurted out

"How can I not know who I am?" the figure replied coldly

"Im sorry but aren't we talking about me not..."

"Scarlet look here, do you want to know why your alive?" the figure sighed whilst seeming to get agitated

"Im not, im dead remember?" I replied looking back at her bitterly

"You are alive because your mother sent you to Earth nearly sixteen years ago and you want to know why she did?" the figure asked looking at Scarlet


"It's because you are the angel demons property and do you want to know why you have been living all by yourself with no mother or father for all these years?" the figure sneered

"Why?" I whispered

"It's because they both died saving you. Crazy right? Two of the most powerful people that had ever lived both gave up their lives saving you" the figure said laughing

"You're lying" I rasped as my teeth began to clench

"Am I Scarlet?, then let me ask you this what have I given to you?" the figure calmly replied

"Lies and bullshit" I spat

"No stupid, what is that inside your hand that your clenching right now?" the figure replied

"It's an amulet" I spat whilst throwing her a glare

"Is that what you call it an amulet!? well imagine if... its not an amulet Scarlet" the figure cleared her throat

"Then what is it, a rock?"

"It's a vial actually" the figure replied

"A vial" I echoed back

"Yes Scarlet, and its from your mother" the figure answered back dully

"So let me get this straight, you are telling me that my mother and father who both died gave me a vial and that I am not human but infact a varmint" I asked standing up straight. What was she? Crazy?

"Exactly and that vial that your mother gave you is something that has been warding off the spirit world for pretty much your whole life. It is in a sort of sense an untouched stamp, but as you might have noticed quite recently it has now been used"

"Wait so now it's a stamp!?" I exploded.

The figure took a long deep sigh and began to walk towards me before vanishing between a slosh of light and darkness.

"You have now been marked Scarlet Blaze, it is now your time to fulfill your duty to both your father and mother" the figures voice echoed softly from the light and shadows of the sloshes

"Before you go I will send you a letter about everything that you will have to do from now on when you return to Earth but be warned Scarlet Blaze, if you do not follow what the authorities want then you will be dismissed and shall enter the realms of death. It was lovely talking to you but it is now time for me to go. Farewell Blaze" the figure finished as the sloshes began to waver and shake before slitting into a thousand bits.

"And one more thing" the voice echoed again

"Time is very different over here in the nexus, what may have seemed like a few minutes here is equivalent to a few days on Earth so try to do your best and goodluck" the voice echoed as the white and black began to hit something and soon began to rain a pix-elated shower of black and white.

The scattered mixes of black and white began to speed up before enveloping Scarlet.


And then there was complete darkness.





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