Rise of the Guardians: A Darker Death

-Rise of the Guardians Fanfiction-

I'm a huge fan of the movie, so i decided to make this!

She raced in the direction if the boys terrified calls. She then realized she was going to die. The boy was cornered by a bear, and she had to save him. She wanted to save him. She must.


2. Chapter 1

  Rise of the Guardians: A Darker Death


HOW IT ALL BEGANChapter 1 Chapter 1    

"Ugh!", I moaned. Where was I? It was so dark. I tried to stretch my arms out, but they hit hard walls.

"Oh my. Oh my. Help!" I hit the sides with my fists till they bled. With one final punch to the roof of my holder, it opened. That didn't help much. Dirt fell, choking me.

"Blech!", I gagged. I dug my way out of what I then realized was the ground till I saw the shining of the full moon.

"Cassia...do you remember?", it said. Wait. The moon could talk? Since when could the moon talk. I decided to respond though.

"N-no.", I stuttered.

"You will child. You will someday. Someday you will understand." Then everything went quite. Even the chirping crickets went silent. I ran and ran to the nearest village.

"Hello?", nobody walking around heard me. I don't think they saw me either. I ran back to the lake area I was at before. A tree started glistening. Was that normal? Then a pale figure in a blue hooded jacket stepped out of the portal like thing.

"Hello Cassie. The names Jack. Jack Frost.", he smirked and grabbed my hand, pulling me into the portal.

Then I blacked out.

I woke up face first on a fuzzy carpet. I lifted my face up to see a fat dude in red, a bird lady, a huge rabbit with boomerangs, a short gold dude, and that same dude in blue that abducted me.

"Who-", I was cut off by the Jack Frost kid.

"We're the Guardians. The fat dudes North. Santa if you prefer. Like I said earlier, I'm Jack. The bird woman over there is Toothiana. She prefers Tooth though. Goldilocks over there is Sandman. You can call em' Sandy. Oh and the Kangaroo is Bunnymund."

"I'm. A. Bunny.", Bunnymund snarled. I couldn't hold back my laugh. That started it. Every single 'thing' I'll call it, laughed. All except Bunnymund and Sandman. Sandman was smiling though.

"So, um, why am I here exactly?", I asked. The faces went serious. Evern Jack's, who seemed to be an outgoing guy.

"Let us explain who we are first.', said North. He had a thick Russian sounding accent. "We'll darling, we...are the Guardians. We protect Children all over the world. I, am Santa Claus. Tooth is the Tooth Fairy, Sandman, is well, Sandman is Sandman, Jack Frost is, um, Jack Frost, and Bunnymund is the Easter Bunny."

"Easter Kangaroo if you asked me", Jack mumbled. Bunnymund grimaced.

"Enough Jack.", said Toothiana, speaking for the first time.

"Will you tell me why Im here now?"

"Well, I'll just go out and say it Cass, you a Guardian too.", answered Bunnymund.

My mouth fell. This couldn't be happening.

"Are you guys serious?", I asked in awe.

"Yep...", Jack said, popping the p. 

I face palmed. "Ugh... well, this is new.", I looked up. "Why me?"

The other Guardians castes worried glances at each other. North looked a Tooth and nodded. She mouthed 'Are you sure?', but North just shook his head again. 

Tooth let out a sigh. "Here.", she handed me a long gold container. "Open it."

I opened it, and something I didn't expect to happen, happened. I saw my life. 

The drawing, the young boy...the...the bear. 

"Oh my God.", I whispered. I pretty much broke. Before I could fall to my knees, cold arms caught me. Jack embraced me in a hug. I just stood there in his arms and cried. I died. I-I really died. I saved a child, but I died. I would never see my parents again, my little sister; Aleena. 

"I'm so sorry Cassia.", was all he said. 

"Wha-what happened to my f-family?"

"They, um, well, they passed Cass. I'm sorry." Well, I just cried more after that. I hate crying. It shows weakness. Jack stroked the back of my head in a comforting manner. "Shh..it's okay. I'm here."

I slowly calmed down. 

"Umm...sorry to interrupt this moment, but we have more important things to do than cry about mommy an daddy.", said Bunnymund harshly. I shot a glare at him. 

"We have to discuss our new enemy. Death.", said North grimly.

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