The Warning

Its early 1600 and Erica a young girl living in scotland is being forced into a marriage she thinks she doesnt want. At least thats until she meets her fiance Blair Commyn, she is falling in love fast and so is he. But there is a problem, Erica has discovered she has a gift that could lead to her death by the kings order. Her fiance a loyal man of the king is now torn by his love for Erica and his law abbiding behaviour. the question that has to be answered; does he love her. His answer comes when she is taken in a raid by the MacDonald’s to get her back he will have to fight for her. But trouble is looming visions begin to plague Erica of the gun powder plot. Blair a loyal supporter of the king must step up and warn the king stopping him from following his quest for revenge. How can Blair convince the king without implicating himself or setting his lover up for being accused a witch?


5. The Vision

After a while they stopped and her brother caught up to them “here would be a nice place to stop I brought stuff so we can have a picnic” Blair suggested as he reigned his horse in. Erica looked round they were in a glade that contained a vast lake, dark and eerie that sent a slight shiver of premonition down her spine. But the sun shone on the grass bank turning the usually dark green into a bright vibrant colour that sparkled and the rays glistened on the mountain peaks that stood tall over the trees. Blair began to lay out the food and drink and Erica drifted mesmerised and drawn to the lake shores.


She peered down into the green depths of the murky lake. She could see the distorted reflection of her own face with her wavy red hair in abandon round her face and her emerald eyes emphasised by the green of the water and all this was held in sharp relief to the dark mountains, tall trees and azure sky that made up the back drop to her portrait. Not a ripple disturbed the image on the lake not a breath of wind stirred the surface. Erica’s mind drifted to thoughts of countless seasons that the lake had held witness to, eras of war, decades of bloodshed and millennia of love. She wondered how many reflections the lake held of times gone by; images, memories of times lost long ago. As if by her wish the image on the lake began to shift and the lake seemed open its heart and a new image began to appear.


The image of young boy began to focus he walked on unsteady chubby legs of a baby but she could tell he would be attractive once he had grown. He called out to his mother a big grin pasted on his face it wasn’t long before a woman walked into the picture and scooped the boy into his arms. Erica almost mistook her for one of the sidhe, one of the fairy people; she was beautiful crystalline blue eyes, ebony black hair, and milky white smooth skin which seemed to shine with an inner light.


The image shifted, the boy was older almost an adult, Erica drew in a sharp breath. It couldn’t be. It was, it was Lord Blair and before him the woman from before was laid, his mother. Her face was the image of serenity and it took a moment for Erica to process the fact that she was dead or at least dying from the stab wound in her stomach.  The serenity would be etched into that face for eternity. Lord Blair’s young face was a myriad of agony and guilt.


The image changed again this time she saw barrels and barrels of what she instantly knew was gunpowder Lord Blair was in the room. There was another man present he was dressed in velvet and looking like an important member of court. She could see a live fuse and it was travelling along the floor. It didn’t seem as though Blair had noticed she almost called out a warning but nothing seemed able to come out of her throat.


The images faded and Erica was left momentarily staring at her reflection before a sudden dizziness assaulted her almost toppling her into the lake. “Taibhsear, I canae be, Nay this canae be happening, I canae have the sight!” She trembled was this what the ravens had come to foretell? Were they both to die?


Erica sat with her knees pulled up to her chest, her arms wrapped round her legs and her chin resting on her knees. Tears slid silently down her cheeks, tears she didn’t try to stop she just let them slip slowly towards the silver lake. Lord Blair who had kept an eye on her as she drifted over to the lake and sat on its shore was concerned. She seemed so mournful he wondered what had come over her; he noted the concern in her brother’s eyes. Unsure of himself for the first time in many years Lord Blair stood and approached Danny “The food is ready will ye get her, I am not sure she will want me to interrupt whatever she is going through”. A half smile formed on Danny’s lips and he nodded a short sharp response before walking slowly over to his sister careful to make enough noise that she would hear his approach.


“What is wrong Erica? Where is our bonnie wee lass?” he asked as he sat beside her

“I am a Taibhsear. I have Grandma’s gift.”

“Are ye sure? What happened?”

“I saw a vision in the lake. I saw Blair’s past and I think I may have seen something of his future. Danny I am scared. I canae tell him ye know what the king has declared should happen to witches. If I marry him how do I keep it secret?”

“Erica calm down we will talk to ma when we get back she will know what to do. No one is going to let ye die. Ye aren’t a witch.  We will no’ let them try ye as one.”

“Ok” her voice still trembled but she looked a little steadier

“Come on Lord Blair has finished laying the food. He is worried about ye, ye know”

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