The Warning

Its early 1600 and Erica a young girl living in scotland is being forced into a marriage she thinks she doesnt want. At least thats until she meets her fiance Blair Commyn, she is falling in love fast and so is he. But there is a problem, Erica has discovered she has a gift that could lead to her death by the kings order. Her fiance a loyal man of the king is now torn by his love for Erica and his law abbiding behaviour. the question that has to be answered; does he love her. His answer comes when she is taken in a raid by the MacDonald’s to get her back he will have to fight for her. But trouble is looming visions begin to plague Erica of the gun powder plot. Blair a loyal supporter of the king must step up and warn the king stopping him from following his quest for revenge. How can Blair convince the king without implicating himself or setting his lover up for being accused a witch?


14. A Surprise

She pecked at her breakfast the thought of eating making her queasy for the third morning in a row so she summoned her maid and asked her to prepare the special tea she had given instructions on when this had begun. Blair’s voice broke through her thoughts the concern made her smile slightly “Erica what is wrong, this is the third morning this week ye havnae eaten yer breakfast.”

“I think I am with child I dinae want to tell ye before I was certain.”

“How far along?”

“Two months, roughly”

He quickly worked out an approximate date of the start of her pregnancy, the answer that came to him made his blood boil in anger and a red mist formed before his eyes. “Can ye give a more precise time?”

She breathed in deeply knowing he wouldn’t like her answer “nine weeks give or take a couple of days going on the average progression of pregnancy”


The red haze before his eyes became more intense till nothing in the world seemed to possess any other colour. His throat restricted and became blocked by a well of self-recrimination through which he forced his next statement. “When they… when ye got… ye were…?”

“Yes” she swallowed “When I was taken and I was tied to that rock I was … I must have been pregnant. I wasnae aware of it at the time, too many other things were on my mind” she added the last bit on after he turned hard eyes on her. His eyes were a swirling mixture of fear, pain, anger, and self-loathing at his own incapability to protect her. Sensing his need to release the pent up emotions she took his hand and led them up to her private chamber where he was free from social dictates. She noted solemnly the way he followed her like a lost lamb docile to the point of being unresponsive.


Once they were in their rooms with the door closed he broke his silence “I’m sorry” The words came out on a broken sob that was filled with so much pain and sorrow and regret. She looked at him but could only watch as two tears fell down his face she was frozen in place by the words that she knew covered more than the fact that she had been taken. It covered the argument as well the words he had spoken to her. He was broaching the topic that neither of them had touched since their marriage, just over six weeks ago, and the one issue that had never been resolved.


“The words ye said in haste and anger have already been forgiven and dismissed. The events that followed that argument were out of yer control they would have come fer me at some point if no’ that day then another. I was always leaving the castle ye couldnae control that, what happened that day was partly my own fault for if I had been paying attention I wouldnae have run into them in the first place I would have avoided them. The other part was the greed and hatred of one man and the fear and superstition of the men under him. Ye had no control” Blair hung his head and wept his beautiful bride was willing to forgive him but how could he forgive himself. Erica didn’t say anything she just rested her hand on his shoulder and waited till he had calmed then she wrapped her arms around him and poured all her love into the kiss she gave him.

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