The Warning

Its early 1600 and Erica a young girl living in scotland is being forced into a marriage she thinks she doesnt want. At least thats until she meets her fiance Blair Commyn, she is falling in love fast and so is he. But there is a problem, Erica has discovered she has a gift that could lead to her death by the kings order. Her fiance a loyal man of the king is now torn by his love for Erica and his law abbiding behaviour. the question that has to be answered; does he love her. His answer comes when she is taken in a raid by the MacDonald’s to get her back he will have to fight for her. But trouble is looming visions begin to plague Erica of the gun powder plot. Blair a loyal supporter of the king must step up and warn the king stopping him from following his quest for revenge. How can Blair convince the king without implicating himself or setting his lover up for being accused a witch?


8. A Date

It didn’t take them long to find her as she hadn’t retreated far and was waiting for them to come out of the room. When she saw them together she knew she had done the right thing and she happily agreed to their request.


The next day Erica woke up and smiled as she looked out of the window she could hear the birds chirping good morning and everything seemed wonderful in the world even the sun was out streaming through her window and laying on the floor like a golden river. Excited a laugh bubbled out her throat before she even realised she want to laugh. She got dressed quickly slipping into her best tartan dress. She even sat still long enough for Elspeth to curl her hair on a hot iron from the fire as she carefully applied some make up ensuring it wasn’t clearly visible as make up; she didn’t want to be seen as a lightskirt. Then she practically skipped down to breakfast pulling Elspeth along with her.


Elspeth had a smile that hovered on the edge of her lips at her cousin’s behaviour. Erica had always been the less reserved when she was happy she was ecstatic. When she was sad she was broken and when worried she had been oppressed. “What’s with ye today? Yesterday ye moved like the world was going to end and today is the best day in creation”

“I am happy is all cousin” Erica said with a bright smile crossing her face. Erica was floating on a bubble of elation at the picnic the day before Blair had been attentive and kind he had asked questions about the sight and what she had seen in the lake and she had answered honestly. But by far the best part had been the way he had dealt with the information he been worried she had seen in it in his eyes but it hadn’t been for himself it had been for her. Then at the end with her mum watching he had given her a chaste kiss that had turned his eyes dark with desire and he had whispered in her ear "Keep that thought warm for me”

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