Conquering Demons

Emila Castill is fifteen, a sophmore, and secretly, a vampire hunter on the look out for something fun. Want to know about Emila and her adventures as 'Mica: The infamous Vampire Hunter'? Click and indulge yourself!


1. Prologue


"I think you'd better run. He's coming." Advised Savannah in a whisper through her mouth-piece.

"On it." I sprinted like I was mad; my blood rushing to my head because of my quickening pace and my carmine shaded hair flying behind me like a velvet red kite. I could hear the cackling of a certain fanged villian behind me, I quickened my pace, "Visuals?" I asked and panted.

"Meters behind, many. But, I'd suggest you get moving." Savannah replied then I heard shuffling in the background, "He's pretty damn quick for a vampire."

"He's a pureblood; it's common." I added and heard a slight 'hiss' before I continued my dash towards north. The hissing continued, then more cackling and my heartbeat quickened.


The night sky was the only light, provided I didn't use my phone or anything and I ran through the woods of OaksField at eleven - when I should be studying for an upcoming test in Biochemistry; stupid Mr.Roman - But I mean, when it came too either 'vampire hunting' or 'studying' I would choose hunting in a heart-beat, but this test was the one before the 'S.A. -freaking - T.'s'. The most important test on the world! You know, besides the drivers test, college enterence exam, anything for job interviews - all that. But that's not what I'm talking about.


"Study for Mr.Roman's test tomorrow Mica?"

"I wish." I breathed, hopping over a few blocking stumps and logs that stood in my path, "Might pull an all-morning-er to catch up on the unit's we've been studying."

"I'll stay over and help you, I'm sure my parent's wouldn't mind." I nodded smiling and pulled out my gun from inside of my jacket.


You see, my gun is no ordinary gun. This gun - which is loaded with silver bullets - is my handy weapon when it comes to hunting. It was given too me by my grandmother, and my parent's don't know about it. Hell, right now they think I'm sleeping in my bedroom. Anyways, my grandmother pasted away when I was twelve, three years ago and she left me this awesome weapon to me in her will. Thank you Grandma Edith! This gun - which came with the awesomest thing ever; a journal (That I haven't opened yet) - was forged by my grandmother because she was a hunter, much like I am presently. I remember she would tell me a bunch of stories about her hunting days as a young girl - much like myself. I was always told by my mother that it was a fairy-tale used to put me and my younger sister Erin too sleep and that it wasn't true. But I was a giant believer, so I totally thought what my mother had said all those years ago was a total lie.


The sound of hissing increased ten-fold and I didn't dare too look behind me.


"Savvy." I called and hopped over another log - seeing bright light somewhere in the distance, "Visuals, quickly."

"Seventeen meters behind, closing in quickly. Northern is a toll-stop leading towards OaksFields' Private Academy dorm." Oh, what fun!

"Great, thanks." I thanked and pulled back on the gun's hammer, using my thumb - I turned back quickly and shot a few bullets and the hissing became louder, "Crap."

"What in the heavens was that proposterous noise! Do those hooligans know how late it is!" Shouted a female, authoritive voice. Living hell. I shot a few more bullets, chucking a few small wooden daggers I had made out of a few blocks of wood that laid around my backyard.

I heard a thud noise and noticed that I was only a few feet away from the eye-sight of that lady who screamed like she was held at gun-point.

Slowly, I walked back toward the fallen vampiric body and dreaded the sound of my boots crunching against the dead fall leaves. 'Crunch', 'crunch', 'crunch'. I sighed lowly. Dammit boots! Shut up! I kneeled and grabbed the last of my three daggers I had and heard Savvy's voice through the ear-piece.


"Hey, Mica. How's it going?" She asked, I shut my eyes for a few seconds, "You kill the vampire yet?" I held the dagger in my hand and soon, plunged it into the weakened vamipre's head. It hissed loudly and my face scrunged, "So I take it you just killed him."

"Yeah," I sighed as it's soul dimly glowed and I grabbed it. It was about the size of my fist - but it wasn't a heart. It was more like a little sphere with a red light shining from the inside, "over and done with." I began walking back slowly, eyes shut and my feet trying not too make as much noise as possible - I had that feeling that the crazy woman was still outside of the Academy gates waiting for something to show. With a sigh, I spoke, "Hey, Savannah Morino. Meet me at Seven-Eleven in twenty minutes." I heard rustling in the background before hearing Savannah's tired tone.

"Yes ma'am. I'll still have this on just so you know; still up for the all-morning-er?" I heard her huff before she chuckled. I replied cooly, passing the body taht started to disolve into ashes. 'Vampires are nothing but ashes without their soul.'

"Yeah," I sighed, "I'll need to pass the test to graduate." Savannah hummed approvingly before everything was quiet.


I walked from the forest - conviently located near my backyard, to the wooden gate that seperated the backyard from the forest. I pulled at the lock and the gate creaked open, my face srunged together as a result of the noise, and shut it as quickly as possible to prevent any more of the unnessesary sounds that might cause me to bust myself.


I climbed up my sister's treehouse - which she only used as a kid (she currently fourteen), and i've made very good use of it. It became my equiptment garage, I guess. It hold my multiple jackets, a few other guns, a chest full of ammo, a bunch of wood blocks I collected from the ground, a carving knife, and a few other things. But I won't go into it.


I slipped off my jacket, hanging it on the rack against the wall, then grabbed my flannel pajama top and slipped it on over my tank-top. I huffed before climbing down the ladder and walking towards the gate again.

Being stupid, I didn't notice the fall leave crunching beneath my feet and suddenly, a light flashed from behind me, casting a shadow. I cursed under my breath, and noticed that it was my parent's bedroom window that had been lit. Welll, i'm totally screwed. I thought as I ducked-and-rolled out of the light's reach.


"Hey! Who's there!" Yelled my aunt, Brenda. I sighed in relief. Auntie Brenda was a 'cool aunt' as they would say. Chill, relaxed, laid-back, and really cool; that's Aunt Brenda for you. I crawled to the side of the house and heard her call again, "Who there! I saw you!"


I quickly sprinted from the scene, running to the front gate, jumping over it (like a boss), and headed towards the Seven-Eleven a few blocks from my house. Thank God I wasn't caught. I would've been grounded, like.. for life.


"Savannah." Called as I took a seat at Subway branch they had here.


"Thanks for going with me tonight." I sighed, passing her my Slurpee, "Giant help. I owe you one."

She slurped my slushie before sighing and blowing a cold air cloud, "How's a Slurpee on you, and we'll call it even?" She bargined with a smile; her blue eyes brightened, and her brown hair a mess from the adventure we just had.

"Sure." I smiled and made her another Slurpee, paying for it and sitting back down. I passed it too her, and she handed me back my own, "You're totally welcome Savvy." She hummed a thank you in responce, then we left Seven-Eleven ten minutes later. Heading to my house for one of our infamous, 'Hella-Late-Study-Sessions'


Opening the gate, we walked through, and I closed it behind me.

Savannah stretched with her half-finished Slurpee in hand and asked, "Hey, Em. What excuse should we give your mom if she finds out that you were awake and not sleeping the entire night?"

I shrugged and replied, "Maybe I can pull off saying that I woke up, invited you over, and we decided to study because we both just got e-mailed from Roman saying that we had a test tomorrow."

"Do you think she'll believe that?" Asked Savannah as she handed me her Slurpee, slipped her hand under the floormat, and pulled out the spare key. I grabbed it and unlocked the front door before slipping it back under the mat.

I shrugged and sighed, "Maybe," I yawned, "she did ban me from using the computer for the week."

Savannah nodded as we tip-toed upstairs, and suggested, "Or I can just say that my parents were fighting." I shrugged as we quietly entered my bedroom. I shut the door behind me and sighed in relief.

"Whichever works for you." I hopped onto my bed and grabbed my  Biochemistry book from under my bed and opened it to the chapter we spent the month working on, 'DNA Structure and Replication'.

"Let's get crackin'."

"Don't say that. Ever. Please, don't."

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