Conquering Demons

Emila Castill is fifteen, a sophmore, and secretly, a vampire hunter on the look out for something fun. Want to know about Emila and her adventures as 'Mica: The infamous Vampire Hunter'? Click and indulge yourself!


3. Chapter 2


I exited the room quietly, then raced down the stairs. I opened the creaking doors to the gym and scanned the area. 'Nothing here, something's wrong; but I can't put my finger on it'


"Emila. You still there?" Whispered Papa Max.


"Good.," He chuckled, "anything so far?"

"Nothing." I answered as I exited the gym. I turned on the ear piece and whispered, "Savannah, you hear me?"

"Crystal, how's it look?"

"Nothing so far."

"Where are you?" She whispered.

"Staircase near the gym. How you holding up?"

"Fine," She said with a small grunt, "just a little freaked after my attack."

"Emila, put the phone to the microphone." I did as Papa Max asked and he spoke to Savannah, "Savannah."

"Papa Max." She chuckled.

"Listen Savannah," Papa Max cleared his throat as I pulled back on my gun's hammer, and gazed at the roof above me. Papa Max continued to console Savvy, "Is there a water cooler in the office?" Savannah hummed a yes in responce, "Good. Open Emila's bag and take out the small syringe she has in her smallest pocket."

"How do you know that I have that?" I whispered as I stepped up the second flight of stairs.

"I'm your grandfather Emmy. I'm probably closer to you then your mother is."

"You have a point." I muttered.

"Anyways Savannah, take the syringe, and put the liquid from the syringe into the cup of water. Swallow it in one gulp and you'll be fine."

After a few seconds of rummaging in the background, I heard the squeak of the leather chair, then Savannah asked, "What's in here anyway?"

"Cough syrup." I answered and walked along the hallway I was in when everything began to happen.

I heard a gulp then Savannah asked, "Mica, where are you now?"

"Main hall. Keep it down." I checked a few of the classrooms and lockers. 'Empty. Damn.'

"Anything?" Asked Papa Max.

"No," I sighed, "unfortunetly."

"Be careful Mica." Cautioned Savannah.

I rolled my eyes before replying, "Of course Savvy." A second later, a hissing noise errupted from down the hall. I jumped at the noise, "Shit." I cursed before I turned the volume dial up on my ear-piece, and muttered, "Found one."

"Go get 'em Mica." Encouraged Savannah and Papa Max as I raced down with my fingers pressed lightly against the gun's trigger. My eyes raced around the area and the hissing was louder as I progressed towards the cafeteria doors.


I threw the doors open, and there stood a vampire - I could tell from the scent, and the fact the vampire had blood staining his white v-neck t-shirt. 'Jesus, vampires don't even have manners.. How, ironic?'


"Hmm, meat." Sneered the vampire as he raced to where I was. But, before he was even a foot close to me, I bolted and stood ontop of a cafteria table. I quickly shot a few bullets and it pierced the wall. I scoffed and was tackled down onto the groud before I had any chance to shoot any more bullets.

"Ass." I cursed and heard the metal gun slide across the ground.

The vampire hummed approvingly as he sniffed at my neck, and even I heard my pulse boom in my ears. He licked his pale lips before saying, "How delicious~" He glared into my eyes before squinting and locking his hands onto my wrist, "I can't wait to devour you.." (AN: How wrong does that sound?? xD)

"You're gonna have to die trying." I hissed as I turned him over, to where I was on top and struggled against his grip. I gritted my teeth as I pushed his wrists down against the dirty, dusty tiled flooring. I heard him hiss before he bared his fangs and attempted to bite my neck. 'Typical undead idiot.'

"You're tough." He commented as he pulled his head away from my neck and inhaled deeply as his nose saled up my hair, "And smell great~"

"Like that'll help you." I murmured and jumped off of him and raced towards my gun. Once I grabbed it, it was just in time. I turned to the vampire, my knee steady on the ground, my breathing ragged, and unsteady. My foot against a leg of one of the tables. I shot at the vampire multiple times and soon, the vampire grimanced in pain. He hissed and yelled profanities before he shrivlled and eroted to dust.

I quickly got up and retrived the soul and slipped the sphere into my pocket before I heard Savannah's voice in a soft whisper.

"Got him?" Asked Savannah.

"He was an ass." I barked quietly.

"I'm sure he was.." Muttered a low - male - voice before I heard static and part of my name being shouted in the voice of my best friend.

"Emi--!" Savannah screamed.

"Savannah!" I screamed.

"Emila." Called Papa Max, I quivered and knawed on my bottom lip.

"Papa," I whispered, cloud blocking my already-blurry vision, "they have her." I collapsed onto the cold ground. Nothing besides devilish laughter, and my heart-beat ringing in my ears before the darkness overtook me.

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