Conquering Demons

Emila Castill is fifteen, a sophmore, and secretly, a vampire hunter on the look out for something fun. Want to know about Emila and her adventures as 'Mica: The infamous Vampire Hunter'? Click and indulge yourself!


2. Chapter 1


It had been a long while since I saw a vampire; about a month. Usually, they'd be around the forest - or random places at night that I'd explore because I had an urge to hunt, or explore OaksField just for the hell of it. But, nothing after the last vampire I had killed. I had gotten a blood test for the vampire, using my outdated Vampire DNA scanner I have hidden in my bedroom - thank you again Grandma Edith.

I used the blood on my hand that had smeared when I took its soul from its body after killing it. Apparently, it was a Pureblood Alpha named Farrion VonBeau. A french vampire that had been alive for more then a thousand years. Also an infamous leader of the Mourg; some type of big Vampiric orgonization. (I have no idea how the scanner gets its data; it's probably magic or something) And vampire's aren't immortal persay, but compared to the life span of humans they live much healthier, much longer lives.

The lack of vampire activity in OaksField had startled me. So maybe I did kill the leader of a group of vampires that had been worshiped like God, but that didn't mean anything bad, right? Well, I sure hope so.


"Emila Castill." Called my teacher, Mr.Roman - the bastard that assigned a test I had to cram-study for last night with Savannah. God bless her for helping me study! I walked up to his desk slowly. He stiffly nodded at me, and spoke, his voice was gruff and low, "You passed," He passed me my test, but I didn't are too look at it, "Barely. Be careful with your grades, and study for the next test, alright?" I nodded, folded my paper, and walked back to my seat as Roman continued to call up students.


Savannah leaned over and asked, "How did you do?" I shrugged.

"I guess we'll just have to find out, won't we?" She nodded and slowly, I opened the paper, and stared at it like it was an alien, "Holy shit."

"Language Miss Castill." Warned Roman, I looked up and nodded.

"Sorry Sir." He nodded at me, I was shocked, "How did I get this grade?" We both stared at the paper. In thick, red ink at the top right corner, just below my name stated my grade. In bold red letters, circled even, a remarkable: 97%.

"Did you cheat?" Asked Savannah, I shook my head.

"Not this time," I answered, "I must've been lucky or some shit."

"For the second time Miss Castill, language."

"Sorry Mr.Roman." I leaned against the desk's rail as the shock left me, "But Roman said I barely passed. What the hell?"

Savannah shrugged, "I have no clue. Maybe he's proud of you, and just lied. You are one of his worst students."

"Not helping Savvy."

"I know." I chuckled, "Wasn't trying to be helpful." She added.

"Shit, I'm stumped about this." I sighed.

"Detention Miss Castill." Confirmed Roman with an evil-eye, "I will see you after school."

"What? Damn it." He squinted his eyes, as if warning me, "Sorry.." He hummed in responce, and as soon as he looked away from me, I sighed in dread, "Damn it."

"Miss Castill." He cautioned through gritted teeth. I sighed in defeat.

"Anything on the V?" Asked Savannah, I shook my head and leaned back against the beige chair.

"Unfortunetly, no." I gazed around the room. Everyone was either whispering, sleeping, or doing something else - probably nothing productive; besides the class' genuis, Martin. He was always being productive. I leaned in towards Savannah and whispered, "It's creepy. Ever since I killed VonBeau no vampires have been around."

"Maybe they're gathering, and are going to get revenge on your when you least expect it." Her suggestion seemed possible, but vampires seem smarter then that.

"Maybe." I muttered, then the bell rung - releasing us from class.


Everyone left the classroom in a hurry, relief flooding them like a river. The hall was empty besides the class, as others emptied out of their's a few moments later, many students raced towards the waiting cafeteria - practically drooling for today's said lunch: tacos.

The few bad lights flickered along the hall as Savannah and I walked under it, and my danger-radar beeped like a metal detector on a beach with pennies instead of sand.


"Savannah." I called as I stopped walking and leaned against the locker I was infront of, "My Danger-dar's going nutts."

"What's going to happen?" She asked quickly as she stood beside me, "Something that'll involve the ambulance?"

"Maybe." I muttered in responce.

"Hey!" Shouted one of the students, "The cafeteria won't freaking open!"


Suddenly, the lights went out, and everybody in the hall screamed. I looked around quickly, and grabbed Savannah's hand. She gasped quietly before tightening her grip. I slipped my hand into my jacket, and pulled out my emergency Arisoft Gas Gun that had been given to me by my Grandfather - also loaded with silver bullets, and quickly sprinted down the hall towards the school's elevator.


"Savannah. Breath." I demanded as the elevator doors slid closed. I pulled slipped out my phone, and dialed my grandfather's number. As it began to ring, I slipped off my bag, and ripped it open. I took out my headache pills, and my bottle of water. I held my phone between my shoulder and ear, passed a pill, and the bottle to Savannah before hearing my grandfather's voice.

"Emila, what's up?"

"Papa," I paused as I eyed Savannah to take the pill. She nodded slowly, and swallowed the pill before gulping down a few swallows of water. I closed my eyes before continuing to talk, "emergency."

"What kind?" He asked, then a gun being cocked.

"V invasion. Not definite," The doors opened and I slid my bag back on after zipping it closed. I grabbed Savannah's shaking hand, and sprinted out of the elevator, heading towards the gym. I felt my pulse race as I spoke, "but it's a major possibility."


The gym doors flew open, and it was empty. Thank goodness for the P.E. teachers being off for the week. I dragged the hyperventalating Savannah up the stairs towards the office, and unlocked the door with the key my gym teacher, Mrs.Harrison had given me. Perk of being a favourite student.


I sat Savannah down on the couch a gew yerds away from the desk. She held her knees to her chest and hugged a pillow to her legs. I rummaged through Ms.Harrison's desk, seeing if there could be anything of use in this situation.


"Savannh." I called as Grandpa Max paused explaining what to do and how to find the vampires - if they were even here, "Breath, please," I gestured, "In, and out. In, and out." She nodded and began doing as I did. I nodded, "Good."

"Listen Emila." Called Papa Max, "Take your gun - which I know you have, and sprint through your school. Check roofs, lockers, closets, and remember to use your equitment. Keep the phone on vibrate, and keep this line going." I nodded.

"Got it." I replied as set the call to 'Speaker'. I took out my small, slim suitcase I had fit into my bag - the only reason why my bag's big - and unlocked it. I looked over at Savannah and saw that she was breathing properly, now with the pillow at her chest, but she was sitting more comfortably, "You okay Savvy?" I asked.

She nodded and answered, "Fine, thank you Emila." I chuckled.

"Right now, It's Mica." She nodded with a smile. I pulled out my radio, ear-pieces, waki-taki's, scanner, mouth-pieces, radar, and guns. I set everything up, then called Savvy, "Come here." She nodded and got up, dropping the pillow to the couch then sitting in the chair at the desk. I handed her a gun, "You know how to use everything, right?" She nodded, and pulled the radar, and radio closer to her, and put an earbud into her ear as she slipped a mouth piece around her head - it looked like the microphones singers used when they didn't have standing microphones.

"Yeah. Let's do this." I smiled proudly.

"Alright," I looked at the gun in her hands and asked, "you know how to use that, right?" She glared at me for a couple of seconds.

"Of course I do Emila. I'm not that stupid." She used her thumb and pulled back on the gun's hammer. I nodded.

"Just checking." I chuckled and asked, "Papa? You still there?"

"Of course Emmy, I won't leave you for a second." I smiled happily. He chuckled, "Now go kick some ass." Savannah and I laughed quietly for a moment before I grabbed my gun, a few bullet cartriges, steaks, tucked a waki-taki into my jacket pocket, slipped on the mouth piece, ear piece, and looked at Savannah. I set a few steaks and cartriges onto the desk.

"Savannah. Listen." She looked at me, "I'm going to partoll the school. Contact me immedietly if you see, hear, or smell vampires, understood?" She nodded and I pulled back my hair, then tied it before continuing, "If somehow, you can't contact me, use force upon the vampire or vampires and use the radio, waki-taki, or your cellphone to get help." I walked towards the door and looked back. I smiled and asked, "I'll be back as soon as I can. Will you be able to hold up here while I'm gone?" She nodded, "Good. Wish me luck."

"You won't need it, just so you know."

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