Born with a secret

This is about a young girl named Elizabeth/ Lizzie. She is a werewolf. Also a mother to a young daughter named Darcy. She absolutely HATES one direction! But what happens when her secret is let out to her daughter? What happens when she 'accidentally' bumps into a member of one direction? Find out in 'Born with a Secret'.


1. Elizabeth Edwards

Hi my names Elizabeth Edwards. Yes I'm related to THE Perrie Edwards. I am her younger sister by a year. I have white and red hair that goes to the tip of my bum. I am a werewolf as well as Perrie. I also have a daughter of the age of 1 year. I was raped. That's how she was created. Her name is Darcy and she has light purple hair. She isn't a werewolf but she is an immortal. I'm not sure what she is....oh that's right she's a shape-shifter. Once she shifted in a metal can! Awesome right? Anyway. I have opal green eyes and I have pinkish redish lips. Okay gotta run bye!!

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