Born with a secret

This is about a young girl named Elizabeth/ Lizzie. She is a werewolf. Also a mother to a young daughter named Darcy. She absolutely HATES one direction! But what happens when her secret is let out to her daughter? What happens when she 'accidentally' bumps into a member of one direction? Find out in 'Born with a Secret'.


3. Chapter 2

Elizabeth's POV 

i pushed harry away and ran up to my room and cried into my pillow. A few minutes later I heard the door open "mommy are you okay?" Darcy says running towards the bed and climbing on. I look at we and smile "yes I am sweetie, are you finished you breakfast?" I ask sitting up next to her "yes mommy. I am. Hawwy said he really likes you. Hehe" Darcy says running out. I laugh and follow her. I was about to close the door when I heard a scream and a thud, then a growl. I sniffed the air "Darcy come here please" I say as taking Darcy "what was dat mommy?" Darcy says scared "nothing sweetie. Now..." I was cut off because I couldn't leave her alone and I couldn't  take her down with me "lets go Darcy" I say going downstairs covering her eyes. I get to the bottom of the stairs and see Perrie about to be raped by the same guy while the boys were held back watching. I was the alpha of this pack, yes I am a girl "GRR" I growl louder then any wolf can "oh if it isn't the girl I fucked and look, my daughter" he says getting off of Perrie and walking towards Darcy. I growl and step away "piss off ya dumb shit!" I growl "oh no honey, I can't do that, you se we mated" he smirked. I growl and let Darcy down "Darcy go to the basement please" I whisper to her. She nods and does what I asked her to. When she was out of my site I turned into the white wolf I am "everyone gasps at the first time seeing me like a wolf 'yes that's right! I'm the chosen one!' I growl. I go full attack onto the man that raped me. I bit into his side and thrasht my head around with him in my mouth "mommy?" Darcy says behind me. My eyes go wide and I drop him and turn. She squels as I shift back "sweetie it's okay" I say hugging her on the floor as she weeps "mommy are you a wolv?" Darcy says "huh yes sweetie I am and you are a shape-shifter" I say "weally?" She squels happily "yes" I say "I love her" a husky voice says muffled. 

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