Born with a secret

This is about a young girl named Elizabeth/ Lizzie. She is a werewolf. Also a mother to a young daughter named Darcy. She absolutely HATES one direction! But what happens when her secret is let out to her daughter? What happens when she 'accidentally' bumps into a member of one direction? Find out in 'Born with a Secret'.


2. Chapter 1: SURPRISE!!

Elizabeth's POV 

"LIZZIE WAKE UP!!" Perrie screams jumping on my bed "GRR what do you want?" I ask snuggling Darcy as she has snuck into my room again "Zayns coming over!" Perrie screams "Uncwle Zaynie?" Darcy says half asleep "yes sweet cheeks he's coming over!" Perrie says excitedly "why are you so...excitedly weird?" I ask hopping out of bed and picking Darcy up "because he's bringing the boys over and you could get a BOYFRIEND!!!" Perrie says jumping up and down "Mommys gonna get a husban?" Darcy says leaning her head on my shoulder "ha no sweetie I'm not" I say laughing at her adorable ness! "Alright may as well get ready shall we?" I ask Darcy pushing Perrie out "yeah! Dis time wet me choose!!" Darcy screams "alright honey go choose and let me know okay?" I ask setting her down "awight mommy!" Darcy says running to her little wardrobe while I go to my wardrobe 'girl you need a man!' My wolf says to me "pfft I'm perfectly fine!" I say picking out black skinny jeans with purple TOMS and a shirt that says 'blood and glory' on it. I pull my hair back and put a few bobby pins in it "mommy wat about dis?" Darcy asks holding up a cute red dress "ohh that's gorgeous sweetie lets out it on!" I say standing up and walking to her "there we are!" I say finishing the zip on her dress "tanks mommy!" Darcy says politly "your very welcome!" I say standing up with Darcy in my arms "ELIZABETH!! ZAYNS HERE!!" Perrie screams "come on let's go meet uncle Zayn" I say opening my bedroom door and walking down the stairs "look!" I say putting Darcy down and squatting to her hight pointing to Zayn "ZAYNIE!!" Darcy screams running into Zayn's arms "hello pumpkin!" zayn says "sweetie you need to have breakfast now" I say "no!" Darcy say crossing her arms and pouting "do you want Zayn to feed you?" I ask "YEAH!!" Darcy say nodding her head "would you please?" I ask Zayn "sure" he says "what do you want Darc?" I ask her "umm porridge!!" Darcy says "what flavor?" I ask Darcy "umm honey peease!" Far t says as Zayn puts her in her high chair "here" I say putting the food infront of Darcy "yummy!" Zayn says spoon feeding her "LIZZIE!!" Perrie screams for me "GRR what!!" I snap walking towards Perrie "geez don't have to be in a bad mood! Well I was thinking if you and harry could go on a date tonight?" Perrie says proud "WHAT??!!!" I scream "I just thought that maybe you guys would get along we'll?" Perrie says about to cry at my out burst "huh fine! But if he mucks up I'm not trusting him OR liking him" I say hugging her "yay! Thanks soo much you won't be sorry!" Perrie says "hi" a deep British accent says making me jump "hi" I say noticing it was only harry "umm I was wondering who's the father of Darcy?" Harry asks "I don't know" I say "how can you not know?" Harry asks "because I was raped! And the guy had a mask on!" I say on the verge of tears "oh my gosh I'm sorry please don't cry!" Harry says hugging me. I let it out. I cried for the first time for 4 years. 

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