Mina and Daniel Hoax were hidden from the world of magic and supernatural forces from their parents, but what happens when that world comes looking for the children of destiny in a journey that will change the fate of both worlds forever?


1. Mina

"Who wears thick Italian suits made of heavy dark, material in this heat?" Mina mused to herself as her sharp brown eyes narrowed at the two largely built men standing awkwardly across the road from where Mina was currently sitting. The heat wave was striking the city of Sydney Australia with the most violent heat wave of the summer so far. Her older brother Daniel looked up from the book he was reading and sighed at her as he began to eat his recently arrived food.

The shop they sat in was made of sandstone rocks which matched the rest of sydney. The coffee shop itself, sat cozily on 525 George Street and provided a cool and modern atmosphere. The shop was constantly busy but today it seemed much quieter, unusually quiet for a coffee shop.

"Maybe the Mafia?" Daniel joked with a small smile on his face which was quickly shut down when Mina shot him a massive dirty look. She obviously wasn't in the mood to joke around. Daniel took a glance out the window to see the two massive men now moving like mist throughout the sweat drenched crowd. Everyone around seemed oblivious, like it was some form of hallucination.

"It's going to bug me all day now." Mina said as she angrily sipped her tea. Her thin black eyebrows were stiched together in thought as she glared holes into her brothers food. He shielded his poor food from her glare without hesitation.

"I don't need your negative energy being poared into my food thank you very much." He replied as he continued shoving endless amounts of food into his mouth. Mina scowled at him.

"Sorry for bein curious." She replied as she gently place her empty cup down on the table. She flicked her long black hair out of her eyes before leaning back in her chair. Daniel looked up and groaned before attempting to hide his face behind his book.

"Daniel Hoax." A stuck up voice called out to them as the two groaned in unison.

"I swear that girl is like a dog." Daniel murmered from behind his book before looking up and smiling.

"Hey Sophia." He said bitterly as she came up to their table smiling at Daniel and semi-glaring at Mina.

"what are you doing here?" She asked as she looked at him as if she was distaste with him being here with Mina.

"oh you know," he began as he smirked at Mina "We're just swimming." Sophia seemed displeased at his smartass remark before horridly giggling.

"Oh Daniel you're so funny," she said as she shot a glare at his sister "how about we ditch this place and go back to mine and cool off for a bit?" Daniel scoffed and stood up, as did Mina.

"I'd like to give you a polite excuse to make you feel better but you're a bitch so i'm going to pass." Sophia gave him a look of shock as he walked off.

"Sorry carrot face, maybe find another victim that wont mind your ompa lumpa tan." Mina said with a shrug as she followed her brother out.

The two walked along the city streets side by side through the mass chaos the city life created. It seemed less busy then usual despite it being the beginning of the Christmas holidays. Then again, families usually go away to more beach orientated places around this time of the year.

"Why is it so boring?" Daniel suddenly asked as they stood outside the elevator to their families large apartment. 

"Cause it's the city." Mina replied as they waited for the elevator to come to the ground floor. The lobby gave out a loud ding as they entered the air conditioned elevator with a sigh of sweet heavenly relief.

"I think I just died and went to Heaven." Mina exclaimed as she leant against the cold metal wall and let out a sigh of relief.

"Heaven doesn't exist." Daniel said bitterly as he looked down at his feet. Mina hated his lack of faith in things he didn't understand.

As the elevator doors opened to reveal their apartment, the siblings realized their lives would never be the same again.

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