the day i met you

Kimberly’s POV
I wake up to a scream piercing through my ears. I straight up and looked around. My eyes fluttered to my alarm clock.
It’s only 2:18am? What the hell is going on?
I got out of bed and put on my slippers. I trudged down the stairs half asleep. I have no clue why I’m so tired. After what seemed like 100 steps I finally reached the bottom step, all of a sudden my instincts kicked. I was wide awake. I heard the TV on. Something about one direction. I love them but now wasn’t the time to swoon over them. I turned the corner and saw the most horrifying scene anyone can ever witness. I screamed. I couldn’t stop screaming. Then I fell and hit my head, right before it all went black I saw the back door open. Whoever did this got away.
I wake up with a killer headache. I’m in my room.
Good it was all a dream.
I look around my room, nothing has changed. I heard shuffling down stairs, I looked over in my corner to see one of my bags pack. There was a note on it..


8. 8

Kimberly’s POV

 “oh now you are with him? Wow you are a whore, your dad was right, same with your uncle, dave right?”  had a smirk. “you know, your uncle is looking for you and asked if I could take you to him. I agreed”


Niall stood between me and David. David punch Niall square in the face. Niall didn’t back down. He threw a punch. David went down. Niall grabbed my hand and we ran back inside.

Harry’s POV

The doors burst open to see Niall holding kimberly’s hand a running. What the actual hell? Both of them ran to the table. Great….

“we- we- we need to go.” Kimberly said as she gasped for air. “dave my uncle who is just as crazy as my da- peter is here well him minion, david, Niall knocked him out but we don’t know for how long”

I pulled her into a hug.i looked at liam and Kaylee. Both nodded and we left.

We are back to the flat and kimberly is crying. I hold her to protect her from anything that can hurt her. Liam helped out a lot. He always assumed that what ever he like she would like. Ook ya he was right most of the timebut once it came to healthy food she was picky. Supriseingly she was fit. With all that junk food.

“Kimberly,” I spoke breaking the silenece.


“DO you wanna go out to see galla?” 

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