the day i met you

Kimberly’s POV
I wake up to a scream piercing through my ears. I straight up and looked around. My eyes fluttered to my alarm clock.
It’s only 2:18am? What the hell is going on?
I got out of bed and put on my slippers. I trudged down the stairs half asleep. I have no clue why I’m so tired. After what seemed like 100 steps I finally reached the bottom step, all of a sudden my instincts kicked. I was wide awake. I heard the TV on. Something about one direction. I love them but now wasn’t the time to swoon over them. I turned the corner and saw the most horrifying scene anyone can ever witness. I screamed. I couldn’t stop screaming. Then I fell and hit my head, right before it all went black I saw the back door open. Whoever did this got away.
I wake up with a killer headache. I’m in my room.
Good it was all a dream.
I look around my room, nothing has changed. I heard shuffling down stairs, I looked over in my corner to see one of my bags pack. There was a note on it..


6. 6


Kimberly’s POV

I woke up to Harry stareing into my eyes.

“morning love, you ready for school?” harry said.

“no, and I was jokeing yesterday, about you coming to school.” I say,

“well I wasn’t im going to school with you.” Harry protested.

“so are we” Louis,Liam,Zayn,and Naill said together.. oh great I will have a new posse.. One Direction.

We pulled up into the parking lot. As Harry turned off the car my heart skipped a beat. Harry grabbed my hand and squesed it.

“It’s ok love, we will be fine.” Harry said looking deep in my eyes.

We were only two inches apart. Lips almost touching.

“GET A ROOM” Niall yelled in my ear..

We all laughed. We got out of the and started to walk, Harry was holding my hand, Liam was on my side, Niall and Zayn were holding hands and skipping, like they always did. We walked up to the door. We got here early so we wouldn’t get mobed. But I totally forgot about jazz band. Shit. People.

“we will meet you in first, catch up with your friends.” Harry looked into my eyes, it felt like he was looking into my soul. He kissed me and left.

Then I remembered that harry from 1D was right in view of the front door. Screaming fans. Shit. Harry grabbed my hand and we ran up the stairs. I can hear the screams of his fans. Why? I mean I guess since I lived with them. We ran up to  first period hideing from the fans. We went into our first period class, I remember this room. I saw all five boys sitting at desks. I turn to see what class it was, I couldn’t see what it said on the door cause I was running but I know whos room it is. Mrs.Whiznant?

“Kimberly?” she said. I twirled around and saw her, my most favorite teacher ever..

I ran up to hug her. She hugged back,

“so I was told that you finally have lived your dream.” She smiled she knew I was obsessed with them.

“no” I said I got weird stares and hurt looks from everyone, “im still living it” I continued.

Everyone sighed with relief.

The bell rang and Mrs.Whiznant sat me and Harry together.

As people poured in Mrs.Whiznant told everyone that if they get distracted even once they will be expelled. I could tell today will be long. Harry and I got the same exact schedule, I don’t think by accident. Anyways, all the teachers knew why I was gone.

The day seemed to drag on, but finally it was lunch. Everyone asked me were I was, I lied. I told every one I was with  one direction, I wasn’t completely lying. Right? Anyway we sat at a full table I sat in between Liam and Harry.

“OH MI GOSH KIMMY I MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!” I heard a familiar voice. Oh god Sidney.

Sidney was one of my friends. She glared at the poor sixth grader infront of my. She ran away.

“Kimberly, were have you been?” Sidney said

“ummmm I was out an about.” I said.

“she was on tour with us, and if she would like she can you know live with us.” Harrys thick british accenit rang.

“ of course she would have her own room..” liam glared at Harry.

“of course.” Harry grinned.

“omg Kimberly, you are going to live with one direction!!” Sidney shouted loud enough fo people to stare.

“uhh ya, I kinda have to. Not like I don’t want to don’t get me wrong but  I have no where to go.” I said meakliy

“what do you mean?” she questioned.

I looked at liam and he nodded. We both think it is about time to let people know..

“well while I was in a hospital the nurse ran a DNA test. I found out I have a twin brother. Liam.” I said confidently.

“No really?” Sidney said.

“Its true, she is my sister” liam told her.

Niall’s POV

As soon as this Sidney girl came to our table she looked at me with hunger in her eyes. I didn’t have a princess but I do know who I want to be my princess.

Kaylee’s POV

Sidney is so hitting on Niall, I mean its not like he is mine or anything, but I defiantly felt something for him, what am I saying? A lot of people feel something for him. How can’t you? Well I know for sure Kimberly didn’t. I remember before all this happened we always talked on how we were going to marry harry and Niall, I truly never belived in it. I just remembered how good a writer Kimberly was, so I decided to embarrass her..

“SO kimberly, do you remember all the fan-fiction you wrote about One Direction?”

Kimberly’s POV

Kaylee did that on pourpse. To bad for her I had something to retaliate with.

“yup I do, I remember how you always wanted to date Niall……”

She looked down and blushed.

“You wrote fan-fiction?” harry asked.

“Uhhh ya.” I blushed.

“do you still have them? If so I really would like too read it.” Harry pratcilly begged.

“uhh ya, um its in my back-pack, at home” I repilied, he really wanted to read it.

I noticed Niall stareing at me.

“Niall I want to talk to you… Alone..” I told him, not like he had a choice.

“Uhh ok.” Niall got up and we started to walk outside.

“So Niall.”


“How are you doing?”

“Oh come on. We both know that is not what you want to talk about” he grinned. Its true.

“fine. You are right.”

“well if you are going to ask if I like Kaylee, I do. I honestly didn’t know she really liked me that much until you guys were talking about your fan-fiction. I also would like to read them.”

“well you are welcome to. And she is like in love with you. Evey single song she would point out saying that you were her husband during all your parts.” I laughed and so did he. His smile got bigger.

“so did you do that to harrys parts?”

“Hell ya!” I laughed, I can trust Niall. All of them were like my brother, well Liam was my brother.

Me and Niall walked around, he told me he wanted Kaylee to be his ‘princess’ I could not help but awe when he said it. Someone was walking twords me, I couldn’t make him out but I can tel;l he was angery. I took Nialls hand, I was scared, I had a reason to be.i gripped his hand tightly, Niall looked at me in confusion and worry. The man came closer, it was david. My cousin from my da- Peters side.

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