the day i met you

Kimberly’s POV
I wake up to a scream piercing through my ears. I straight up and looked around. My eyes fluttered to my alarm clock.
It’s only 2:18am? What the hell is going on?
I got out of bed and put on my slippers. I trudged down the stairs half asleep. I have no clue why I’m so tired. After what seemed like 100 steps I finally reached the bottom step, all of a sudden my instincts kicked. I was wide awake. I heard the TV on. Something about one direction. I love them but now wasn’t the time to swoon over them. I turned the corner and saw the most horrifying scene anyone can ever witness. I screamed. I couldn’t stop screaming. Then I fell and hit my head, right before it all went black I saw the back door open. Whoever did this got away.
I wake up with a killer headache. I’m in my room.
Good it was all a dream.
I look around my room, nothing has changed. I heard shuffling down stairs, I looked over in my corner to see one of my bags pack. There was a note on it..


5. 5


Me and Zayn were sitting on the couch and Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall came in. the sat in the gaps of the couch, there was no room for breathing.

“Uhhhhh guys?” I said weakliy.

“Mhmm.” Niall mumbled.

“Uh I still need to breathe, and ugh, I will just move.” I finished.

I tried to scram out of the couch but it was no use. Goodness. The I look up and look out the window. Then I saw him, I saw Peter. My eyes widened and I started to breathe heavily. Everyone noticed my reaction.

“What’s wrong?!?!?!” Liam asked. Worried faced, Liam.

“I-i-it’s P-p-peter. He’s here!” I said quietly.

“No he is not he ran into the cops before he left the hospital. We are safe.” Harry assured me.

It was true. But what, or who was I staring at? I heard a familiar voice from outside the bus.. A good familiar. No one I knew really would miss me other than Kaylee, and Amanda. But I swear that is who I heard. I wormed my way out of their clutches, finally, and walked to the door. I got worried looks from the boys. I shrugged it off. Looked outside of One Directions tour bus. I saw two heads. I opened the door and I screamed.

“OMFG!!!!!” I yelled maybe to loud. Because the nest thing I know I’m on the ground bear hugging my two best friends.

“OMG I missed you guys so much!!” I squalled, all of the boys went to the door to what was wrong. They just laughed at me.

“Remember babe, be careful with your leg.” Harry smirked.

When I finally let go of them and stood up helping them up to.

“Kimberly is it really you?”Kaylee and Amanda said together. I think ever since I left.

“yeah” I spoke not too loud.

“how is this possible….. and WTF are you doing on One directions tour bus?” Kaylee blurted out.her blonde hair has gotten longer..

“well only this one nurse me and they boys know, but since you guys are my best friends….” I trailed off and look at the boys. They all nodded. I continued, “well I got a DNA test and, well, I have a twin, and its Liam!!!!!” I spat out.

Both Amanda and Kaylee had there mouthes open. I wanted to add more but I just wanted to hug them some more.

“Well let’s get these beautiful ladies onto the bus, it is getting cold.” Zayn said. Kaylee and Amanda blushed. But I had no clue what he was talking about. It was April. Whatever. I shrugged it off.

“sit down babe, let me ge-“ harry was cut off by Kaylee and Amanda who sat on the couch awkwardly.

“Uh yeah, we are kind of dating..” I spoke meekly.

“No, not kind of. We ARE dateing. We don’t want Kimberly to really get mobbd when she goes back to school.” Harry said.

I knew I was goin back to school, I really didn’t have a say in it.

“wait your coming back to school?” Kaylee said I can tell she was happy.

“yeah.. so what is the latest drama?” I ask, as if I cared. Which I do…

“well ummm there are rumors going around, about you and why you left.” Amanda spoke. I can see Zayn eyeing her….

Did Zayn like her? Weird couple…

. “so why did I leave school?”

“ok so well aperantly you ran away with some guy, and got pregnant.” Kaylee spoke. I can see that Niall was ginning at her… then It hit me. Kaylee loved Niall.

It was my duty to match people up..

“well half of it is true.” I said as I looked into Harry’s eyes.

Harry’s POV

I looked into her deep dark brown eyes, I leaned in to kiss her. I can hear the blonde girl; Kaylee I think aweing.

“So. Why did you leave school? What the hell happened to you?! We all were so worried!!!!!” tears were falling down Amanda’s eyes, I could tell Kaylee was about to cry, this was bad, I can tell Kimberly never seen Kaylee cry.

“Well the night after we went to the mall, I came home to my mom and dad fighting again, and mom was crying. She pulled me into a hug, she didn’t let go for a while. Then she told me to go upstairs, I was already tired so I did. Then I woke up to hear screaming, I went down stairs and saw my moms mangled corpse. Then I fainted. I woke up in my room. I thought it was a dream so I went down stairs to find no body. Or blood. Then I saw my dad behind me he told me to go upstairs, an-and get un-dressed. I saw he a-a bloody knife, he pressed it against my lips and cut them,” I gulped back tears, I just got done crying for weeks.” Anyways I went to my room almost tripped up the stairs. I closed my bedroom door and I saw a back-pack. It had everything I need. Well almost everything, but it also had a note, my moms hand writing.  Then I knew I had to get away. So I put the back-pack on and went to the roof and I slipped. And I fainted, I woke up here.” I finished. Tears flowing down my cheeks, Harry pulled me in and hugged me.

As I pulled away I saw Kaylee and Amanda in tears too. I asked Harry and the boys for some girl time, since I have spent every day for five months with only the boys. They all agreed.

“Kimberly, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t of asked, I’m sorry.” Amanda said.

“It’s fine.. so I start school tomorrow.. scary huh?”I heard her said

“Ya but don’t worry we will be here. So my guess is don’t tell anyone about the ‘boyyyyyysssssss’?” Kaylee asked while laughing.

“yes that would be. Awesome.” She smiled. “see you guys tomorrow, k?”

“yup!!” Kaylee and Amanda said.

A few minutes after they left i ran in and picked herup bridal style.

“HARRY PUT ME DOWN” she struggled to say without bursting into laughter.

“NEVER!!! You little lady have school tomorrow,” I said, he finally put me down and kissed me. I thought the sparks would fade after a while, but nope.

“I don’t want to go!!” she pouted as if she was five,

“Sorry love but, you have to!” I teased.

Then a wonderful thought came into my mind..

“well if u have to go to school so do i!” I shouted, playfully.

“Say that’s a really good idea, you know what, harry, you’re going back to school!” I said.

Kimberly’s POV

When Harry suggested about going back to school at first I was worried. I’m still worried. I barely slept that night.

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