the day i met you

Kimberly’s POV
I wake up to a scream piercing through my ears. I straight up and looked around. My eyes fluttered to my alarm clock.
It’s only 2:18am? What the hell is going on?
I got out of bed and put on my slippers. I trudged down the stairs half asleep. I have no clue why I’m so tired. After what seemed like 100 steps I finally reached the bottom step, all of a sudden my instincts kicked. I was wide awake. I heard the TV on. Something about one direction. I love them but now wasn’t the time to swoon over them. I turned the corner and saw the most horrifying scene anyone can ever witness. I screamed. I couldn’t stop screaming. Then I fell and hit my head, right before it all went black I saw the back door open. Whoever did this got away.
I wake up with a killer headache. I’m in my room.
Good it was all a dream.
I look around my room, nothing has changed. I heard shuffling down stairs, I looked over in my corner to see one of my bags pack. There was a note on it..


3. 3


As we got to the hospital I was still being carried by Harry. We checked in and I was immediately on a gurney, I saw Liam talk to the nurse. She nodded. Weird, anyway was pushed into a room with an x-ray.

After an hours’ worth of waiting the nurse came in.

“let’s see, we ran a blood test and everything seems to be fine, other than you ankle, I’m sorry but it seems to be broken, and we also ran a DNA test-“ the nurse was interrupted by Harry.

“Why did you run a DNA test on her? We already know who she is.”

“please sir just listen, I talked to the young man over ther and asked if he was her brother, he said he didn’t know because he was adopted, so I ran a test and it came back positive.” The nurse point at Liam….. Liam Payne was my brother…. What?

“What do you mean” Liam asked.

“What I mean is, well in simpler terms, you two are long lost twins” the nurse said.

Everyone was silent. No one spoke, then I blurted out

“So I have a brother, wooooooow”

“Yes and I have called your father, he is on his way to pick you up now lets get you cast o-“ the nurse was interrupted

“NO NO NO NO NO NO PLEASE CALL THE COPS! HE WILL HURT ME! THAT IS HOW I GOT THE BROKEN ANKLE! KEEP THAT BASTRAD AWAY FROM ME!!!” I screamed. I kept shakeing. Flash backs on what I saw, I couldn’t, I could never see him again.

Liam was right to my side so was Harry. Well Harry never left.

“Ok I understand, I will tell the nurse to call 9-1-1, but right now I need to put on your cast ok?” the nurse said calmly.

Nurses POV

I have never in all my years seen a beautiful young women freak-out like this, whatever this man did to her had to be bad, I walked out of the room and up to jade.

“Jade while I’m putting on this girls cast please call 9-1-11”

“Yes ma’am” jade says as she picks up the phone.

I walk back into the room.

“Ok Kimberly, let’s go get your cast on, k sweetie?”

She nodded the Harry and Liam started to walk with me.

“I’m sorry, only family members only.”

I can see that Liam grinned. He took his newly found sisters hand and we were off.

Liam’s POV

Me and my twin, Kimberly were in the room with the nurse.

“I’m sorry I called your dad…” the nurse said.

“Its ok, the police would get him for what he did.” Kimberly said with a stiff upper lip.

“if you don’t mind me by asking, what did he do?” the nurse said, a hint of regret of asking.

“its fine. Well last night I heard my mom scream, then it was cut off,” Kimberly began.

Oh god, I just found out I have another family and my birth mom is dead? Why? I tuned back in to what Kimberly was saying.

“Then I got out of my window and slipped, the harry found me and saved me..” 

The nurse look horrified. She looked a little hesitant, but since she was down with Kim’s cast she hugged her. And Kim hugged back. Then we got out of the room. Kim was in a wheel chair, I was pushing like a brother should.

“ok so im going to get you some crutches, I will be back soon, Liam please take Kimberly to her room.” The nurse simply said. I nodded.

Kimberly’s POV

Liam was pushing me into my room, I was glad I wasn’t truly alone in this world.

“Liam I’m glad I found out you were my brother. It makes me feel like I wont be alone.’’ I say tears will be a coming.

“kimberly, even if we weren’t’ related you will always have me and the guys.” Liam said .

When we got into my room I noticed Harry was still here.

“You ok?” harry asked, I guess he noticed tears in my eyes.

“Ya, were is everyone else?” I wondered

“Oh Niall, being Niall, wanted good food, not hospital food.” Harry said. I laughed.

Just as I was getting comfy I heard gun shots, both Liam and Harry jumped in front of me. The door busted open.

Where the hell are the cops?

Peter was at the door with his gun. He shot at least four shots, and it is a nine caliber gun. Five more shots. He only needs three.

“I want the girl…” peter simply said as if he did nothing wrong.

“You will have to get through me.” Harry said, his thumb poking at him.

“And me, we won’t let you take her.” Liam said,

“Well that’s too bad. Because I have the gun and you don’t.” peter said wickedly.

“STOP.” I yell. “NO ONE IS WORTH DYING FOR ME!” it was true. I wasn’t worth dying for.

“It’s true, she is just a piece of trash, see she is even a slut, oh honey why would you string along two boys?” peter laughed.

“I only love Harry!!! Liam is just….. Well, he is my twin brother..” I said. I just realized I confessed how I feel about Harry, infront of Harry. Shit.

“Wha-what? Perry? Oh my god, son, kimberly should have been the one to get thrown away not you, perry I -” peter dropped the gun. Harry was fast and grabbed it.

“my name is not perry, it is liam.” Liam spoke.

“GET AWAY FROM HIM!” harry yelled.

Peter back away from me and Liam. And ran. Wimp. I could feel at least 100 pounds lifted up from me, it felt great.

Liam ran up up me and hugged me. I hugged back,  loved him. He was my only family member left. Then I looked into Harry’s eyes.

“Sooooo, do you really love me?” Harry said, teaseingly.

“Yeah, I meant it. I hope it won’t get weird or-” I could feel my face getting red.

Just then harry lifted me up and kissed me. I could feel sparks fly everywhere. Then Liam cleared his throat, just as Liam did the all the other boys wolf whistled.

“Way to go Harry!!!” Niall said, food shoved into his mouth.

What on earth would I do without these boys?

“Well you guys missed an interesting fight.” Harry said

“AWE!!!! Man I love fights.” Louis said.

I just got to think, what the hell am I going to do? I guess it was like twin something, and Liam interrupted my thoughts.

“You kind of have to stay with us, I mean you are my sister.” Liam said just like I would.

I had a family, a true family. Ever since well that day all that happened I lost it.

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