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3. x-factor

Stacy's P.O.V



Today was the day of the X-factor. I got up from bed and made my way into the kitchen. I started cooking eggs and some ham.* 5 minutes later* There we go! All done now. as i started to eat i turned on the telly. The news was on. 


" Teenage girl seen with X-factor Contestant Niall James Horan!" the news reporter said. " Sh*t! Is that me?!?! Fuck!" i yelled. I told Niall to move away from me but no! He just had to do what he wanted to do. Now what am I going to do? * phone rings * 



"Hey! What are you doing?"

 " On my Way to your house What are you doing ?"

" Watching the news and apparently I'm on it along with you"

" I'm on my way I'll be there in a few Oke?''

" fine"

"Bye love"

"Bye Bye"

* hangs Up phone*

Oh my gosh! i had the courage to look out the window and all i see is streets roaming with signs and some of classmates from all my classes and other kids from my High School. I open the window a little bit to hear what there saying. " Eww! That skank don't deserve Niall!" " Niall Horan ! How Dare you!" " I bet you he lost his virginity because of her!" 

Omg! I closed the window and watched a car park. And sure enough it was Niall. I ran into my room and did my hair which took me at least a minute and a half. I was trying so hard not to break down. Now Niall is in this mess. * Door Bell rings* " Hey come in"  i say as i make a hand gesture. '' I was planing on picking you up at 4 but i guess my plans were ruined" he says to me. " I'll hop in the shower if you want me to right now" i sat. i wonder what ruined his "plans''. " Sure love I'll wait for you until your ready" he says giving me wink. What a flirt! Well i ran upstairs and hopped into the shower. * 10 minutes later* I was out of the shower already but all i needed to do was change. My door room was left open but i just hope Niall didn't look through anything Personal of mine. " Oh your out thats great!" he says scaring me to death. " Oh My Fucking God Niall!!!!!! You scared the Crap OUT OF ME!!!!!" i say. "Sorry love but i thought i would pick out some cloths for you" he says with a smile. He had picked out a Britain flag shirt with some ripped jeaned shorts. " I'll wait for you downstairs love" he said. Well i put on my cloths and i gotta admit... i looked gorgeous for once! Well i jogged downstairs and was ready to leave. " You look gorgeous Love!" he said coming closer to me. I gave him a hug unexpectadly . " Thanks" i said giving him a wink. We drove off to the X-Factor. We got there in about half an hour. * The end of the show* "WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" i yelled. i went backstage to congragulate the boys. " Congradulations! You Guys are now officially One Direction!" i yelled to them.  Well now all they have to do is finish school. They are now one direction and im the first to congradulate them. Well it was late anfd Niall stayed over at my house . " Can I ask you a question?" he asked me. " Sure anything" say. " Would you go out with me?" he asked me. OMG!!!! I cant beleive someone is actually asking me out. " Yes!!!!" i say With all my excitment. * 11 p.m * "goodnight babe" he says kissing my forhead. " night" i say.


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