I love you

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4. surprise date

Stacy's P.O.V


Its 10:35 a.m and i wake up noticing Niall isn't by my side. I went down stairs and i find Niall cooking. "Hey!'' i say

" Hey bae" 

" Watcha doin'?"

" Cooking breakfast n You better be hungry cuz i made bacon and eggs"

" Yum! I'll be in the shower need to be fresh! I'll be out in about 15 minutes okke?"

" Sure Love ya'"

" Love ya too *mu-ah!*"

I go upstairs and hop in the shower. 

I get out and i find Niall handing me some clothes. " Here you go bae i picked it out. Were going somewhere in an hour" he says to me giving me a kiss. I went into my room and looked at the clothes Niall had given me. He gave me a Chicago Bulls jersey, some waist high black shorts, black Nike socks and my black and silver Nike's. I picked out my bra and underwear of course. As soon as i finished i dried my hair real good and curled my bangs and the rest of my hair i straighten it. I was wondering if i should dye my hair like Yuleema Imagine. I really admired her a lot and she was just so gorgeous! I thought to myself you know what i will dye my hair like that and i don't care if Niall wont like it. I did my makeup Like Yuleema and when Niall saw me he just stared at me and said " Damn bae you look so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!" I just laughed and said" Better close that mouth of yours before you choke on a fly" 

*3 hours later* 

" Sorry to ask you this but why do You like me?"

" Why does it matter I like you for who you are" 

" Oh Ok its just that everyone seems to hate me and i really dont know why"

" Ive never hated on you and I really dont see the reason why they could be hating on you"

" Well then both of us wonder this question"

"yeah seems like it and close your eyes babe"



Nialls P.O.V


"Close your eyes babe" i say to her as she doesnt realize where im taking her

"Ok" is all she says

"Ok now you can open em" 

" Holy Shit Niall! Oh My God I love you So MUCH!!!!" she yells as she jumping and hugging me.

We came here to the Justin Bieber meet and greet. We both admired him and this was gonna be our surprise date. I was so happy to see her smile.  " Oh my god Justin I love yoou so much!!!!! can i get an autograph!!!!!!"

" Sure where do you want me to sign m-" 

" Right here" she says pointing to her purse.

We took a few pics and it was about 3:30 p.m.

"Wanna grab somethin to eat?"

"sure! oh my god niall i cant believe you did this for me!"

" I love you t babe"

after we grabbed something to eat we headed home. It was 5:00 and we were tired.

We watched some movies and went to go lay down.

" Good night Babe"

" Night" i kiss her on the forehead and right there we fall asleep.


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