I love you

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2. Niall

Nialls P.O.V



She Turned around in Shock. " Are you Ok ?'' i Asked. " No... How did you find me and what the hell are you doing here!" she said in anger. " Wha-what? Excuse me but i have the right to be here and i just asked people where you were that's all." i said. I was actually kind of sad That she didn't want me here. " I mean if you don't want me here then ill leave." i said in disappointment.   " Its not that I don't want you here its just that you guys are popular and im not so if you guys are ever seen with me they're gonna start ignoring you and they're gonna start bullying me a lot more."  She said. I didn't think that i was popular. I just realized it right now by the way she said it.  And I didn't understand why they bullied her. I mean she was beautiful but she had a lot of scars on her arms and 2 on her cheek.  I've seen her in fights before and shes only lost 2 of them but the rest shes won. " Hey... well what do you need from me that your stalking me?" she said. " Oh umm im sorry i was just here to ask you a question." i said lying to her. I was only following her so i can take her home with me and make her my princess. " well what would be that question?" she said giggling a little. " Umm.... I just wanted to see if you wanted to come and watch me on the X-factor." i said. Ok now that i did NOT make up. I had signed up and were in the finals already.   " sure I'd love to come..." she said with a smile. " k thanks and heres my number" i gave her my number. " See ya there" i said to her giving her a wink. "Well Maybe I'll see ya later" she said looking at the floor. " Maybe we will see each other later on." i said. " K well i gotta go Bye." she said smiling. 

Stacy's P.O.V 


" See ya there" he said to me as gave me wink. I cant believe what just happened. Im not a big fan of them but really! I wasn't expecting this day to ever come.I mean they're popular and im not! Why would he even dare come to me! I mean seriously Who would ever do that! He even invited me to go watch him at the X-factor! Maybe this is a prank though. I mean i can be wrong but then it can be a prank. Well Either way it wouldn't matter to me. Later on today my classes had ended for today but then i had to deal with walking home. i hated walking home that was the worst part of all. i mean That's when everyone crowds around me and start calling me names and throwing stuff at me and spitting on me sometimes. * 8 minutes of walking* "Hey Loser!" One of the peeps said. I call them peeps i don't know why though. " Eww You Ugly as FUCK!" another said . " Leave Her Alone she might spread her disease..." another said laughing causing other people to laugh . Niall Came up to me and dragged me with him. " Eww !!! Niall get away from her your gonna smell like a dead animal like that Cunt!" Another peep said. " WHAT ARE DOING HERE!?!?!?!?! I DON'T WANT YOU TO BE GETTING BULLIED LIE ME!" i said yelling at him. " Want A ride Home?'' he asked me. " Niall are you sure about this?"  i asked him. " yes i am sure." he said to me bringing me close to him. " Ok fine." i said. I hoped inside his car and he drove me home.  * 15 minutes later* " well heres where i live." i said to him sighing. " "would you like to come in though?" I asked him before he drove off. "Sure" he said. * Door Opens*  " Well heres my house... well actually my apartment." i said. " So you don't live with your family?" he asked my like if he never knew. " Yeah I moved out " i said almost tearing up. " Oh... Im sorry for asking im so stupid." he said to me coming closer to give me a hug. " its ok its actually my fault i moved out" i said. " well who lives here with you?" he asked me. " Well its just me" i said to him. " Thats nice because now i can visit you like everyday" he said smiling. " im fine with that but just to inform you i might annoy you" i said. " ok i don't care if you annoy me" he said to me. He had beautiful ocean blue eyes. " ok well i gotta get goin ok" he said. " ok " i said. " well see you tomorrow and ill pick you up at 4:00 ok?" he said to me also asking me a question. " yeah sure" i said. 

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