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1. getting bullied

 Stacys P.O.V


'' Leave me alone!" I yelled as i ran through the hallways towards the exit.

if your wondering whats going on well im getting bullied again. i dont get why people bully me. I mean i havent done anything wrong... i havent bullied anyone... i mean why is this all happening to me? i just hate it! sometimes i just wish i was dead. i mean life is nothing but misery to me... i mean really? whats the point of being alive? well asi was running towards the exit  somebody grabbed me by my shirt and pulled towards them. " Are you ok?" the voice asks. " No! Im never ok! im always being pushed around and bullied by no matter what!" i say while crying with a lot of anger. " Come with me." the voice says. This kind of creeped me out since i didnt know who i was taking to. We went into a dark room and suddenly the lights turn on. Theres 4 other people there besides me and that person. Am i Being Kiddnapped? Why would I think of something stupid like that? I ran out of that room and hid in the restrooms. Well bad choice for me. Once I thought I was safe I was completly wrong, Turns out the most popular girls in school were in the restrooms doing theyre make up. " Eww! Whats that slut doing here!" she said. Another popular one came in and said " omg! She must live in the sewer because she reeks!" I teared up and broke down. They didnt understand how I lived. how would they know? They didnt even take the chance to know me. I didnt smell and I don't even live in a sewer. By now I was outside the school. I didn't even want to be seen by anyone. "Hey! Where were you at?!" A voice says. It sounded familiar and a lot like the one earlier.  I turn around to see who it was. You wont beleive it! It was Niall Horan and the boys!

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