Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


2. Chapter Two

The next day was a Saturday, I didn't wake up until one in the afternoon, yeah I'm quite lazy. My feet padded along the floor as I made my way down the stairs towards the kitchen. My stomach was grumbling like crazy. I had just reached the bottom step when I heard two voices, one was my mums, one was a male voice. Did mum meet someone's I hope not! I pushed the kitchen door open and strolled inside. "Morni-" I stopped mid sentence when I saw who the second voice belonged to. He was wearing a grey shirt and plain blue jeans, his hairs was ruffled and pushed to one side. "Why are you here" I questioned in confusion. "I came to see you, but since you were still asleep, I talked to your mum" Harry replies sending me a smirk that my mum couldn't see. "Why did you let him in" I asked "he's a complete stranger to you". "He said he met you at school yesterday, he came over to say hi" mum replied. "Can I please have a word with you I'm private" I muttered angrily. She got up and followed me into the hall. "I thought you said you didn't meet any boys" she giggles like a school girl "He's adorable". Haha No. Rape is not adorable. "No he's not, what does he even want" I glared at her, why did she have to let him in. "He wants to take you out tonight, isn't that nice" she smiled real big. I've never really had a boyfriend, so mums excited that someone actual wants to take me out. "I'm not going" I replied crossing my arms over my chest. "Don't be rude Natalie, you will go with him and you will have fun" she ordered pushing me back into the kitchen "But..." Mum cut me off "No buts, I'm going out for a bit to leave you two alone". My eyes widened in fear, I didn't like that word, Alone. She closed the kitchen door, I stood a glared at Harry, until I heard the front door slam closed. "What do you want" I growled at him. "I'm taking you out tonight like said yesterday, I just came over to remind you" his lips formed a smirk. "I'm not going" I replied turning on my heel "Show yourself out". I marched back up the stairs to my bedroom. I slammed the door behind, but the band never came. Damn, I've done it again. I spun around to face Harry. He was leaning up against the door frame, with his usual smirk written all over his face"You can't get rid of me that easily". "T-then how do I get rid of you" I stutter. "You have two options. One you come with me and when were done your free. Or two, you kill me" he replies taking a step towards me. I backed away from him, right into my bookshelf. He kept coming closer, what am I supposed to do now. Then I had a thought.

I grabbed a book and hurled it at him, it hit him in the face. "What the fuck" he growled as I threw another at him, he hit it out of the air "Stop it". He pulled the book I was about to throw at him and dropped it to the floor. I let out a shriek and attempted to jump over my bed and escape out the bedroom door. I fell over on the bed though and Harry quickly made his move. He jumped onto the bed and grabbed both my wrists, pinning them above my head. I wanted to scream, cry and yell, but no words came out of my mouth, I couldn't even utter a squeak.

His legs straddled my body one on either side of my waist. His head leant down close to my face "Your going to be a challenge". I closed my eyes as his lips brushed my earlobe "I like challenges". I shuddered at the very sound of his voice. I didn't like this, I wish it was a dream and I could wake up from this terrible nightmare. I felt his lips trail down from my ear, down to the spot he had taken yesterday. His lips smirked against my skin as he began to suck on the already bruised skin. I squirmed underneath him, the intense sucking was painful. Why did this have to happen to me, I'm not even anything special. Harry scared me, he was strong and forceful and he always got his own way. "You will be mine" he whispered by my ear again "I'll see you tonight". And with that he got up and left the house, leaving me to curl up in a ball and cry.

I had to find out more about this crazy guy, so I found my phone and texted Lara.


To: Lara Croft (Tomb raider) ;)

Hey, uh I need your help, can you come over 2 my plc plz


I waited a couple if minutes for her to text back


From: Lara Croft (Tomb raider) ;)

Hey, is it bout Harry Styles?


I quickly tapped a reply


To: Lara Croft (Tomb raider) ;)

Yeah, I'm in shit up 2 my neck I really need some help, I know I dnt knw u well but plz, I'm scared


From: Lara Croft (Tomb raider) ;)

Dnt worry babe, I'll b rite over, text me he address and I'll be I've b4 u can say Lara is amazing :)


I texted her my address and she arrived two minutes later. "Funny how we live on the same street" she chuckled as she walked in "I live two houses down". "Thanks for coming, Harry was just here like half an hour ago, he followed me hope yesterday" I shivered just thinking about the guy. "Shit, he's a creep are you alright" she asked patting me on the back. I shook my head "I'm scared". I led her into the lounge and we sat on the couch "Where does he usually take girls when he first wants them" I questioned her. She was twisting a piece of her long hair around her finger "Usually to a party" she replies "With most of the girls he wants it only takes him one night to get into their pants, most of them let him freely because he's extremely attractive" she explains to me "He'll try and get you drunk, to make it easier for him to persuade you into going to the bedroom". I'd never been drunk before, I hadn't exactly gone to many parties either "Do you know of any parties happening tonight" I questioned. Lara nodded her head "One of Harry's mates, his name is Adam, he has a big house with a lot of bedrooms" my heart practically died right there and then, that's where Harry would be taking me tonight. "I think that's where Harry is going to take me tonight" I told her stressfully running a hand through my hair. "That's bad, very very bad, you can not drink anything he gives you" Lara ordered. I nodded my head "How do you know all this" I asked wondering how she knew so much about him. "One of my best friends became his target, I think she was the only one who escaped him" Lara replied. That gave me a little hope "How". Lara sighed "She moved to a different country". All my hope disappeared "Oh". "Be careful and don't wear a dress, shorts are good".

Lara and I sat in the lounge for the next two hours talking about Harry, but then she had to go home. I took a quick shower, and mum came home a little later. The hours ticked past to fast, and seven o'clock was almost here. I got dressed into a pair of high waisted denim shorts, a black singlet with a white crop top with the Eiffel Tower on it, I put on my black vans, I didn't want to wear any make up. At quarter to seven mum came up. "You look nice" she smiled. "I feel sick" I told her honestly. I've felt like puking all day. "Don't worry, your probably just a little nervous" she gave me a hug. "I don't want to go" I whined throwing a little tantrum and stomping my feet. "Oh come on Nat, Harry's a really nice guy" boy was she wrong, blind and a bloody idiot. "He's a fucking bastard" I yelled angrily. "Language" She shook her head at me "Harry is a lovely boy and you will go out with him tonight weather you like it or not young lady". Hot tears welled up in my eyes, threatening to spill down my cheeks "Dad wouldn't make me go, he'd be able to tell that Harry isn't a nice guy" I yelled. Mum looked a little taken aback at me mentioning dad. Her eyes filled with tears for a second. "You don't understand, and you never will" only my dad understood me, mum was never very good at understanding me, I was always different to other girls, dad understood why though. Just then the doorbell rang. "If I don't come back tonight, I got raped" I hiss before storming down the stairs. I shoved my phone in my pocket and opened the door. In front of me stood Harry, with a big smile on his face, it was obviously just to look good in front of my mum. "Hey Nat" he greeted me as if we were best friends. I didn't reply, I just glared at him, wishing he would just disappear. I slammed the door behind me as I regrettably stepped out of the house. My life sucked, no body left on this god damn earth really cares about me. "Someone's grumpy" Harry smirked as he forged his hand into mine. "Maybe if you weren't born then I might be happy" I hissed snatching my hand away, I was hyped up on anger. I saw a flash of something in Harry's eyes, but it quickly disappeared. "Harsh much" he chuckled grabbing my hand again gripping it tightly so I couldn't pull it out. Unhappily I walked along the foot path with him.

"Where are we going" I asked, we'd been walking of ten minutes, but I didn't know if we were actually going to a party or not. "To a party" Lara was right, he was taking me to a party. "I don't want to" I whined, wow when I'm angry I'm not scared of this guy. "We'll that's just to bad". I let out a yelp as he squeezed my hand tighter, I swear he just broke my whole hand. "Stop! Y-your hurting me" I cried out in pain, my brave streak was long gone now. His grip loosened slightly, man he was strong.

We walked another fifteen minutes in silence, until we came to a large house with flashing lights and loud music playing inside. "Come on" Harry grunted as he led me inside. People were dancing everywhere, girls and guys grinding against each other to the rhythmic the music. It was only seven thirty and people were already drunk and jumping in the pool outside like lunatics.

"Harry" a tall guy with short black hair walked up to us. He had to blonde girls on either side of him hugging his waist. They were wearing the shortest dresses I've ever seen. One hat a low cut black dress that barely covered her bum and the other had a matching hot pink one. They both gave me a disapproving look, obviously not happy that I was with Harry. "Hey Adam" Harry gave the guy a nod. "Who's this pretty thing" Adam motioned to me, he looked like a complete sleaze bag. "This is Natalie" Harry replied smirking. "How bout I swap you Melody here for Natalie" Adams eyes ran up and down my body, suddenly I felt a lot safer with Harry. The blonde in the pink dress gave me a smug look, she obviously wanted to get with Harry. "I don't want her" Harry replied dropping my hand and sliding it round my waist, pulling me into his side. Melody's face was priceless, she looked like a deer caught in head lights, she wasn't expecting Harry to say no. "Come on, Harry, what about Amber" Adam tried to bargain with him. "Not her either" Harry's hand tightened round my waist. Both the girls looked pissed off and I couldn't help but smirk a little, even though the only thing I was feeling was fear. "IT'S MY PARTY" Adam yelled angrily. "My girl" Harry replied, I didn't like the fact that they were arguing over me or the fact that Harry called me his girl, I was no ones girl. "How bout we ask her who she wants to go with" Adam smirked as if he thought that I would choose him. "Fine" Harry agreed, his arm left my waist and he took a couple of steps back, leaving me alone in the middle of the two boys. Immediately I ran back to Harry. I would definitely choose Harry over Adam. Harry protectively wrapped his arm around my waist, it was almost as if a protective bubble was around me. All three people standing in front of us were glaring at me. "Whatever" Adam walked off with his two sluts clinging to him.

I didn't feel entirely safe with Harry, in fact I didn't feel very safe at all. He may have protected me from other people, but he himself scared the shit out of me.

Harry lead me into a big room where people were sweaty body's were grinding against each other. "Dance with me" he growled in my ear. I shook my head, I don't like dancing, I feel unco. My old friends said I didn't look unco, but I always feel self conscious. Harry's eyes were filled with annoyance, he didn't like not getting his own way. "I can't" I whispered embarrassedly. His eyes softened a little "You are so innocent". His hands found my hips and he pressed his front against my back and began grinding his body against mine "Just move in time with me". I did as he said, because I didn't really have a choice.

We were dancing for about half an hour, I was having a little bit of fun, I just pretended it wasn't Harry who was dancing behind me. Suddenly I felt his curls brush against my cheek. What was he doing? His lips one of his hands pulled my loose fitting crop top down off my shoulder on one side, revealing my bare skin. He pressed his lips softly to my shoulder, he left a trail of sloppy kisses on my shoulder and up my neck. It actually felt nice, i closed my eyes enjoying the feeling of his warm lips against my skin. I surprised myself when a small moan of pleasure escaped my mouth. It was nice, until he found 'his' spot on my neck. I let out a whimper as he started sucking on my neck for the second time today. "S-stop" I whimpered elbowing him in the stomach. He pulled back with a surprised gasp. He spun me around and grabbed my wrists tightly, he pushed me down on an empty couch a bit roughly. "Stay here, I'm getting drinks" he huffed turning around and walking off.

Should I try and leave, I wondered to myself. No, I don't know the way home and it's dark. I buried my head in my hands, how much longer would I have to stay her, we'd been her for like an hour and I already felt like shooting myself.

"Hey, are you alright" a males voice came from above me. I looked up to see a cute blonde guy staring at me with a worried look on his face. "Yeah" I lied. I watched as he sat down next to me. "You look familiar, so you go to Holmes Chapel" the boy asked. "Yeah, I only started yesterday though" I replied, he seemed like a nice guy. "Oh, we're you in Mrs Grande's Drama class" he questioned, he had pretty blue eyes. "Yeah, I was at the back of the class" I nodded my head. "Cool, I'm Niall by the way" he held his hand out for me to shake. I took it "Natalie". "Well then Natalie, Would you like to dance" he asked. I smiled, completely forgetting about Harry "Sure". He stood up and helped me to my feet, Niall was a nice guy, unlike Harry he didn't scare me, he was generally sweet.

Kiss me by Ed Sheeran began to play, and Niall put his hands on my waist so I was facing him, wow this guy isn't hormone crazed like Harry was. I placed my hands on his shoulders. Together we swayed in time with the music. I smiled at Niall as we danced together "Can I get your number, love" he asked. I handed him my phone and he gave me his. I tapped in my number and handed him his phone back. He then returned mine.

"So did you come here alone" he asked. I grimaced remembering the curly haired bad-boy. "Actually I came here with Harry Styles" I sighed. "Really? He doesn't seem like your type" Niall sounded generally surprised. "Your right, he's not" I agreed. "We used to be friends until he started skipping school and stuff" Niall told me "He used to be a real good guy, but something happened and he changed. I spotted Harry's tall figure coming this way, Lara said Harry can be very violent. "He's on his way back now, you should probably go" I whispered feeling bad. "Yeah, your right, please text me" he gave me a wave before walking back off into the crowd. Damn you Harry, why do you have to be such a creep.

I sat back down on the couch and a moment later Harry returned. "Here" he held out a drink to me. "Thanks" I took the drink from his hands. I was seriously contemplating weather to drink it or not. I was pissed off at my life right now, so I kind of wanted to drink it. Harry sat on the couch next to me and casually slung his arm over my shoulder. I must have been staring at the liquid inside the glass because Harry spoke "You do know your meant to drink it". That's when I decided to drink it. I took a small sip. The liquid burnt my throat, but it tasted good. I took a larger gulp, what was in this, I already felt light headed. There was a small smirk on Harry's face. Immediately I regretted my decision, how could I have been so stupid.

"Come on babe" I hadn't noticed him move from the couch. He tugged me to my feet, a sly smile plastered all over his gorgeous face. Shit, shit, shit. Securely he wrapped his arms around my body, pressing it against his own. The drink fell from my hands splattering onto the creme carpet. A shudder of fear erupted through my body, as Harry's finger tips massaged the inside of my thighs. "S-stop" I whispered in fear. He wouldn't listen though, I pounded against his chest, but my attempts were weak. I could barely control my body, he must have put some seriously strong stuff in my drink.

Suddenly he grabbed my thighs, hoisting them around his waist. "Please stop" I begged as he pushed my back against a wall. He gave me a cunning smile as he pushed himself harder against me. Harry's face leant in towards mine, he was trying to kiss me. But there was no way I wanted to be kissed by him. I turned my head to the right, and his lips connected with my cheek.

"Leave her alone" a strong feminine voice growled. Harry put me down, his arms still firmly wrapped round my body. He turned around to face the girl who had saved my arse. It was Jodie. "Stop me" Harry replied smugly. "You have three options" she replies "One you let her go and take her home, two you let her go and let me take her home, or three, I cut off your dick so you can't fuck any other girl". I envied Jodie, she was so brave standing up to Harry like that, I wish I could. Harry glared at her with cold eyes and dragged me away and outside. "T-take me home" I whimpered. He looked at me "Fine". He grabbed me by the Hand and tugged me along the street.

When we arrived back on my street, he put on a big smiley face, ready to go suck up to my bitch mum. We walked up the path and I saw the curtain twitch, mum was spying on us. "Your mums watching, we better put on a show" Harry licked his lips. I immediately pulled my hand out of his and ran for the door, diving into the safety of my home, slamming the door behind me.

"That was rude" mum was standing in front of me with her arms crossed over her chest. "Oh and spying isn't" I hissed back, barging past her. My feet stomped angrily up to my room and I slammed my door hard, to show her I was pissed off. I pulled my shoes off and threw them angrily at my bedroom door, they made two loud bangs against the hard wood. Next I pulled my shirt off, tossing it to the far side of the room. I felt dirty, Harry made me feel unclean. Suddenly my phone vibrated in my pocket snapping me out of my mini rage.


From: Harry

Nice bra, where are the matching undies ;) xx


My eyes immediately flew to my window, I hadn't pulled the curtains. I pulled a shirt back on and cautiously peered outside. Harry was leaning against his motorbike, staring up at me. He gave me a wink before he got on his bike and sped off. I crumpled to the floor, in a pool of hot tears. Why does my life have to be so fucked up, none of this would of happened if Dad was still here.




Chapter 2 sorry I took so long to update, hope u like it


-Natiall :) xxx

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