Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


23. Chapter Twenty-Three

Chapter 23

My eyes wandered over the words on the page, my head resting back on the end of the bed, Brisinger held between carefully between my fingers as I read. My eyes widened slightly as I got to a good bit, fingers fumbling with the page, trying desperately to flip it and discover what happened next. "We should go on a proper date!" I nearly jumped out of my skin at the sound of Harry's loud voice, the book fell from my hands, my page becoming lost in the other thousand of them. Bloody hell! I turned around to see Harry had finally emerged from under all the blankets, his head of curls stuck out from in his little hide out, lips curled into a cheeky grin. "Haaaaarrrrryyyyy" I whined, it was going to take me forever to find that page again. He's spent this whole time lying under the covers and he had to choose this moment to pop out and scare the fuck out of me.

I collected the fallen book from of the floor, I was so tempted to clobber him over the head with it, I'm not sure if that would end too well though. "I hate you" I mumbled, turning back to him again. His toned torso had inched its way further out of the covers, his smoothe back now exposed . I couldn't help but let my eyes wander over his body, it was breathtaking, Perfectly toned and beautifully tanned. My eyes flicked up to his face, covered in a cheeky smirk. I watched as his lips parted, Already knowing what the next words would be.

"OWW!" Harry exclaimed after I smacked him over the head with my book "What the hell was that for". I stuck my tongue out at him "For being annoying and cheeky" I answered, turning my attention back to finding the right page in my book. "I'm sorry" Harry apologised, placing a sweet kiss on my cheek. "Go away, I don't like you" I complained, shoving his slightly pouted lips away from my heated skin. "Well I was serious about going on a proper date" he sighed, the bed rattled slightly as his body flopped down onto the mattress again. "You mean the other ones were against my will" I giggled, flipping through multiple pages of the chunky book held in my hands.

Suddenly, I felt Harry's touch under my arms, the book fell from my hands a second time as I was hoisted off the ground and laid down on the mattress next to him. "Yeah" he laughed, pulling the blankets over our heads so we were enveloped in the confines of the duvet and eachothers arms. His fingers trailed up my arm, leaving little tingles wherever he touched, waiting for me to speak. "Okay" my arms hooked up around his neck, pulling him closer "I'd like that". Even In the dimmed light, I could see a smile spread across his plump pink lips and green eyes twinkling slightly.

My eyelids fluttered close as Harry's hot breath fanned out over my lips. "You smell nice" I mumbled, inhaling the scent of his cologne. "You smell nice too" Harry replied, his plump lips ghosting over mine, our lips lightly brushing. Does he have to make me want him even more. My fingers tightly wound into his messy curls, tugging his perfect lips down onto mine. Our lips moved together in perfect sync without even having to think about it. My mind still hasn't exactly registered to the fact that Harry was my boyfriend, I'd never actually had one. Mitchell was the closest thing Id had to a boyfriend until Harry. I mean, I'd kissed other guys, but it had never felt right, I never really felt the need to have one or want one, I didn't mind being single. Mine and Harry's noses gently brushed against eachothers as the two of us continued to softly kiss.

I still find Harry unpredictable and at times slightly frightening, but I'm warming up to him, his caring protective side helping me with that. Now that he's told me about his past, I understand him better, I get why he'a the way he is and I have an urge to help the lost boy.

We drew back, mouths disconnecting, I almost moaned watching the way his pink tongue slid over his lips, it was almost teasing. "So where are we going on this 'date', Styles"? I asked, twirling a piece of Harry's curly hair around my finger.

"It's a surprise" he answered, pulling the duvet back off our bodies. I watched as he traipsed across the room, collecting his white shirt and black Jeans up from off the floor where I had put them. "Are you leaving" I questioned a little disappointedly. The black jeans were pulled up his long legs and buttoned back up, his eyes met mine. "Don't worry, I'll be back" he chuckled tugging his shirt up over his head. I pushed myself up off the bed, my feet moulding into the plush carpet as I stepped towards him.

The fingers of my left hand slipped slipped into the belt loops of Harrys jeans, my thumb and forefinger pinching the metal zip and tugging it upwards, closing his fly. Harry chuckled at my actions, wrapping his arms around my waist "I could have done that myself". I was pretty sure he had completely forgotten to do it up, but I'll just let him think he didn't. "If you say so" my face became smushed in his shoulder, his arms holding me tightly. My fingers bace linked behind his back, hugging Harry back. "I'll pick you up at seven, wear something pretty" he spoke, making me smile. Harry's lips lowered down to my ear, his voice dropping down into a low whisper "bring a sexy bikini". With that, I was released from his warm embrace, the feeing of Harry's lips on mine only lasted a second, before he gave me a cheeky wink, disappearing out my bedroom door.

I stood in the exact same spot, my eyes staring at the empty doorframe where Harry had vanished from my sight, clueless to why I would need a bikini. Shrugging to myself, I returned to my bed, flipping through the pages of Brisinger, trying to find the correct page.




I ran my fingers through my brown hair for what felt like the hundredth time, smoothing out any knots. Harry should be here any minute now, it's almost seven o'clock . I stood back from the mirror, giving myself a once over. A colourful floral top hung from my shoulders tucked into my blue high waisted, clad jean shorts. Black vans covered my toes, the necklace Harry had given me hung round my neck, falling just over my breasts. My hair tumbled down my back in its usual waves.

A smile spread across my face when I heard three knocks on the front door. I collected my bag with a towel and a couple of other things inside it from off the bed, slinging it over my shoulder. I flipped all the lights off as I headed out of my bedroom and down the stairs. My vans squeaked across the wooden floor every step I took toward the front door. I gripped the cool metal of the door handle, twisting it to the left. It slowly creaked open, revealing a very handsome curly haired boy leaning against the door frame. His face was extremely close to mine, with one leg crossed over the top of the other.

"Hello beautiful" he grinned, standing up straight to his full height. "H-hey" I stuttered, slightly taken aback by how hot he looked, it gets me every time. "Did you get my text about eating dinner" he questioned, eyes following me as I slipped out the door pushing the snib in as I went. "Yes I did, Harry" I replied, turning around to face the boy with a dimpled grin on his beautiful face. His long fingers slipped in between mine, immediately warming my hand and my heart. "So where are we going" I questioned, following behind Harry as he began to lead me down the path.

"You'll see"

I shrugged to myself, I never really liked surprises, but I'm not going to argue. My eyes scanned down the row of cars parked on the street, searching for Harry's car. I couldn't see any black SUV on the street at all, thankfully I couldn't see a motorbike either. "Are we walking?" I wondered aloud, completely unsure of what Harry'a idea of a date was going to be. "Yeah, it's not to far" he answered "You don't mind do you?". I shook my head "Nope". I gave his hand a reassuring squeeze, when I noticed a worried look crossed his face.

The two of us walked hand in hand down the street in silence. It was a beautiful night, the moon was shining brightly down on us, illuminating the darkened street we were walking along. The evening air was warm, there wasn't even the slightest breeze. We were walking past a forestry area, when Harry suddenly changed direction, pulling me towards the trees. His actions took my by surprise and I stumbled slightly, but Harry was there to catch me. His muscular arms, wrapped round my waist, steadying me on my feet. Our faces were centimetres apart, my heart was beating a little erratically due to the shock of nearly face planting. "Wow" I breathed out, taking a step back. Harry's features held a look of apology "Sorry, I should have told you we were walking that way" he pointed into the forest of trees. I smiled, linking our fingers again "It's okay" I kissed his hand lightly. He gave a little nod before we ventured into the condensed forest.

We had been walking for about ten or so minutes, the gloom that the trees created scared me, The little moonlight shining through the leaves was just enough for us to be able to see. I found myself shuffling closer to Harry as we became more enveloped by the trees. This didn't go unnoticed by Harry, eventually his arm curled round my waist, resting on my hip. I was given that sense of protection and safety again. "We're almost there" he spoke softly in my ear, his voice calming my pounding heart.

In the darkness, I noticed a faint glow about a hundred metres off, the trees were slowly thinning out as we drew nearer to the illumination. The sound of rushing water filled my ears. My head swivelled slightly, to look up at Harry, but his face remained passive. The closer we got the louder the running water became and the brighter the glow. We stepped into an alcove, a loud gasp escaped my lips.

Harry never really struck me as a romantic kind of guy, but I think I may just have been proven wrong. In the middle of the alcove was a small water fall, splashing down into a pool of crystal clear water. pretty candles were scattered all around the area, giving it a romantic glow. It was absolutely breathtaking.

I opened my mouth to speak, but I was completely lost for words. "Uhh, is it okay, I heard girls liked this sort of thing" Harry awkwardly searched the back of his head as he watched me look around. "It's amazing" I spoke in awe, finally realising why I needed a bikini. A smile spread across Harry's lips "I'm not really a romantic guy, but I tried" he mumbled leading me over to a large rock. "What is this place" I questioned, sitting down beside the curly haired boy I had grown to care about. Harry was silent for a while, his eyes slightly glazed over as if he were remembering something. "Harry" I asked, gently touching his cheek.

He shook his head lightly, curls bobbing left and right, as he snapped back into reality. I stared up curiously at him, by the way he reacted to my question, I knew this place had some significant meaning. "When I was younger, I found this place, it was my way to get away from my stepdad and everyone else in my life, somewhere I could just think" Harry answered, staring down at the hard grey rock beneath us, not meeting my eyes. In my mind, I imagined a younger Harry, sitting here on the rocks, his head down, soft curls falling in his face as he just thought his life over. "How did you find it" I asked, stroking his long fingers gently, keeping him calm.

"I was eight when I found this place. I ran out of the house after getting beaten by my stepfather for trying to stop him hurting my mum. I ran into the forest, hoping that a feral cat or a fox would come eat me and put me out of my misery" Harry chuckled slightly, making me crack a small smile. "I just kept running and running until I stumbled upon this place. It became my makeshift home after that, whenever I got so upset that I just had to run I would always come here, hide myself from the world, still hoping I'd be eaten by an animal of some sort". I looked around the alcove, wondering why Harry would bring me to his secret sanctuary. "Why did you bring me here" I asked, cuddling into his side, seeking his warmth that he always seemed to emit, even though his life seemed to be so cold. "Because I wanted to show you it, your the only person who I've ever shown this place" he replied, kissing my cheek "I want you to know about me".

My heart hurt, seeing him share all the secrets of his past, while I cant tell him anything about my own because I hate remembering, but he must hate it more, yet he tells me. I want him to know about my past, but I'm to scared to tell him, to scared of how much it will hurt. "How often do you come here" I asked, leaning my body into his. I watched as his eyebrows furrowed, the cute little crinkle appearing between them. "This is the first time since my grandmother died two years ago" he answered quietly. I hugged him tightly around the torso "Why did you stop" I'm a little scared I'm pushing him for answers and that he's just going to snap at me at any Moment, but I've always been curious, wanting to know more. "After she died, I didn't have anything left, I lay in bed day after day staring at the ceiling, not sleeping, not eating and not speaking. I barely moved, then I just completely shut down my emotions, I no longer felt anything but hate. Hate of the world, my life and god. I never needed to think about my life anymore, because there was nothing left of it, everyone had left me and I was alone" he looked down at me with a sincere look on his face "When I first saw you, somehow you turned my emotions back on". I searched his emerald eyes, my heart pounding against my ribcage, there was no doubt about it, that he was speaking the truth.

I gave him a small smile, My heart ached knowing Harry had felt nothing but hatred, he had been all alone, he must have felt like everyone in his life abandoned him. "I won't leave you, Harry" I spoke softly "I won't abandon you". My slim fingers slid between his long slender digits, tightly clamping down onto his hand, letting him know I wasn't going anywhere. Harry's bottom became caught between his pearly white teeth, nervously gnawing at the soft pink flesh. His eyes locked onto mine, teeth retracting back into his mouth as he opened his mouth to speak.

"I lose everyone I come to care about"


His mum


His Sister


His Grandmother




It was true, he had lost everyone he cared about, but I'm not going to leave him, I'm not going to give up on this misunderstood boy. "I'm right here, Harry" I spoke softly to him, my thumb gently ran over the back of his hand in a soothing manor "I'm not going anywhere". The tense muscles in his shoulders relaxed slightly, a heavy sigh falling from his lips. "Enough with this depressing shit, lets go for a dip" he cheekily winked, releasing my hand as he pushed himself to his feet.

Harry was quick to rid himself of his clothing, droplets of water flicked up, splattering onto my exposed skin as he dived into the clear water. I watched the muscles on Harry's back contract and retract as he aimlessly swum through the clear water. He was beautiful to watch, I honestly don't understand how someone as dark and mysterious as him can be so beautiful and perfect at the same time. He's almost angelic. My heart fluttered as his head beeches the surface, his hair now practically straight and plastered to his forehead. "This is why I hate swimming" he mumbled to himself, pushing his dark hair back out of his face, beautiful eyes becoming visible to me again. A smile tugged at the corners of his plump lips "What are you waiting for, beautiful?". Harry glided easily through the water, swimming back over to the rock that I still remained perched on.

I lay down on my stomach, my head an shoulders slightly jutted out over the edge of the large rock. "Hello there" I giggled, coming face to face with a cute curly haired boy, treading water slightly beneath me. "Hello" he chuckled "I don't really like swimming alone, do you want to join me". I nodded my head lightly, if there was anything I wanted to do so desperately right now was joining him. I pushed myself up from the rock, stumbling slightly as I regained a steady balance on my feet. my toes wriggled slightly a they escaped the toasty confunes of my shoes, closely followed by the ankle high white socks I was wearing with them.

I was well aware if the lustful gaze Harry had trained on me, it made me feel slightly uncomfortable. Blood rushed to my cheeks as I popped the button on my denim shorts, dropping them down round my ankles. The black, green and pink floral pattern of my bikini bottoms now in Harry's view. "Nice choice" he grinned, the indents on either side of his cheek predominantly showing up. I ignored his comment, focussing more on getting my shirt off now, I'm not used to having a very attractive male watching me strip down right in front of him. My hands tugged the white material of my shirt upwards, slipping it over my head. My cheeks were burning as I watched the pretty material flutter down on top of Harry's jeans. My attention turned back to Harry, I nervously played with a strand of my hair as his eyes ran up and down my body, a slight look of awe glimmering in his eyes.

"You're so beautiful".

My bare feet delicately padded over to the edge of the rock, my knees bent down, my palm pressing flat against the grey hardness as I lowered myself down onto the slight jutted edge hanging over the water. I smiled down at Harry, my legs dangling over the side, feet swirling in the water.

"You're very handsome" I returned his compliment, making him let out a deep chuckle.

"I'm nothing compared to you". No one had ever said anything like that to me before, That was the moment that a figured out what Harry was...


A fallen angel


I must look like a bright red tomato right now, he makes me blush too much. "Shut up" I mumbled, kicking my foot up, splashing him in the face with water. Droplets of water trickle down his face, a playful grin was etched onto his perfect lips, I'm in for it now.

Harry's hands darted out quickly, clamping down on my ankles, I'd failed to retract my legs quick enough. "Harry don't" I pleaded, I knew what he was planning, but I didn't want to be pulled into the water. "The waters warm, Nat" Harry pushed his body between my legs, pushing them under his arms. I relaxed, knowing he wasn't going to pull me in anymore. Harry's arms rose from the water, reaching up to me. My fingers moved off the rock, sliding up the palms of his hands, in between his long fingers. I leant forward, putting my weight on Harry's hands, gradually curving my legs round Harry's waist as I lowered myself down into the clear water.

Harry was right, the water was surprisingly warm. I dropped Harrys hands, wrapping them around His neck instead. The feeling of his skin against mine as we stood in the water was a nice tingly sensation that seemed to heat my body further. I gasped, wriggling around in Harry's grip slightly when I felt Harry's hands cup my backside, giving it a light squeeze. "So innocent" he hummed, trailing his fingers upwards, resting them on the small of my back. Our chests pressed firmly together as he held me closely to his body. I couldn't help but giggle at Harry's not so curly hair, it looked a bit odd, practically straight and falling all over his face, hiding his eyes from me. "Don't laugh at my hair" Harry groaned, obviously he doesn't like his hair being so straight. I leaned back in Harrys arms, so I could get a good look at the little skin on his face I could see through the soaked hair. My fingers released the grip I had on the back of Harry's neck, brushing a strand I hair that fell in my own eyes behind my ear. I bit my lip, I always do that when I'm trying to concentrate. My fingers ran through his sodden hair, brushing it half to the side, the other half was pushed back. I smile spread across my face once I had completed my task, Harry's grin matched my own. "Much better" I kissed his dimpled cheek, nuzzling my face down into the crook of Harry's neck.

Harry and I stayed like that for what felt like hours, just floating in the warm water while we held eachother. Stolen kisses littered my cheeks, neck but mostly from my lips, Harry seemed to love my company, even though we remained silent, I guess It just made this date more romantic.

I was surprised when Harry's touch retracted from my back, he ducked out of my arms, eyes locking on mine immediately. His gaze frightened me,I didn't understand why he just suddenly let me go. "Harry?" I asked cautiously, backing away from him slightly. Harry paddled forward, his head bobbing up and down a he did so. "I want to show you something" he whispered, the empty gaps between my fingers were filled with his big hand. I nodded my head, closing my fingers around his palm, he must have just been contemplating whether or not to show me what ever he wants to show me.

Gently Harry pulled me in towards him, a smile appearing on his features when I moved closer. I was half tugged and half swimming after Harry towards the rushing water of the waterfall. I loved waterfalls, their so pretty, standing under light falling ones is so much fun. I was snapped out of my thoughts, taken slightly by surprise when Harry dived under the rushing water, dragging me down with him. I managed to take a quick breath of air before I was submerged by water. Dammit, I was trying to keep my hair dry, I've already been told I look like the grudge when my hairs wet and it'll look worse because it'll completely be in my face.

I took a large gulp of air as I resurfaced, my fingers still tightly wrapped around Harry's. Using my free hand, I brushed the dripping wet hair hanging in my face out if my eyes. I blinked a couple of times, letting my eyes adjust to the darkness. I couldn't see much, but we appeared to be in a small cavern. I'd never actually found a waterfall like this before, there'd never been a cave behind one I'd been to. The light tugging on my hand was a signal to move forward, my arms and legs treaded through the water after Harry. "Stay there a second" He ordered, dropping my hand, leaving me alone in the water. The looming darkness that surrounded me was quite frightening, being surrounded by water and unable to see making it ten times worse. Ever since i was a child when I went swimming at the indoor pool in the dark back in Doncaster I'v always had this image in my head of a huge shark coming up from beneath me and biting my legs off. Charming right. I shuddered slightly at the thought bringing my knees up a little higher to my chest.

Suddenly fairylights flicked on, emitting a fairly bright light in the dark cave. I looked around the cave in surprise, rather than a cave, it was more like a makeshift home. Harry stood on top of a slight ledge of rocky ground just in front of me, droplets of water trickled down his body, he looked so sexy. "Wow" I breathed out, taking Harry'a outstretched arms, letting him easily pull me out of the water. My eyes explored the cave further, immediately landing on a sleeping bag laid out on top if a sleeping roll in the furthest corner of the area. I stepped away from Harry, approaching the spot I had just seen. A pile of clothes lay neatly folded next to the bedding along with a torch and a packet of batteries.

"I ran away a lot, sometimes for up to a week, I hid here, no one found me" Harry's slightly hurt voice echoed off the walls "I don't even think they looked". I swivelled around, Harry was still standing where I left him "Harry, your Sister and mum would have looked for you, I'm sure" I spoke honestly "They love you". He just shook his head lightly, turning his back to me, his body slumping down onto the ground. I rolled my eyes, Harry was quite stubborn, I figured I'd just leave him to his thoughts, not wanting to argue with him enough so he lost his temper. I sat down beside the sleeping bag, not wanting to get it wet. I continued to look at the collection of things beside the mattress, a radio, a pad of paper and a few pencils. curiously I picked up the pad, flipping through the random doodles Harry had scrawled on the white pages. I put the drawings down and picked up what looked like a photo frame, put face down on the ground. I was right in it being a photo frame, the picture wad off three people, a woman, a girl and a young boy. The two females stood on either side of the boy, his arms round there shoulders, huge grins on the females faces. They were both very beautiful. The boy however was also smiling widely, but there was a solemn darkness edged into his emerald eyes, pain and sadness mixed into them as well. Unmistakably, the boy was Harry, his curls were as curly as ever, but he was quite a bit shorter, skinnier and not very muscular, I figured he must have been eithe thirteen or fourteen, the picture wouldn't have been taken too long before his mothers death. I gently put the picture down, standing it upright though.

I wondered how Harry got all this stuff in here, the only way to get in was underwater, wouldn't have it all gotten wet, the lights would have broken. Shrugging to myself, I prodded a lump between the warm material on either side of it. I was slightly worried it was a rat or animal of some sort, but when it didn't move, I became intrigued with the protruding bump. What the hell is it? Cautiously I slid my hand between the two sides of the sleeping bag. Warmth surrounded my hand as it slid down towards whatever was causing the bump.


My touch quickly withdrew when I felt something soft and slightly fluffy. Biting my lip nervously, I wrapped my hand around the fluffy thing, pulling it out of the bag, revealing a slightly tattered, small, brown teddy bear. It's big light brown, marble eyes stared up at me, the bear was freaking adorable, what made it cuter was that it was Harry's. I pinched the curled up label on the bears leg, rolling it outwards to reveal black, scribbly writing covering the washing instructions.

H. Styles

I turned my head to the side, glancing at the hunched over boy with his head resting in his hands sitting down by the water. I looked back down at the little brown bear cradled in my hands, imagining Harry sleeping with it when he was younger. He probably felt like it was his only friend when he was little. I pushed myself to my feet, carrying the little bear with me as I quietly made my way over to Harry lowering myself down next to him.

He didn't look up, his head remained in his hands, hair flopping down everywhere again. Keeping the bear in my lap, I placed my hand on his back, feeling the heat of his skin radiating onto mine. I began moving it over his back in a circle motion, smoothing out all the tense muscles in his back, while he continued to ignore me. I nudged his shoulder slightly, hoping to gain some sort of affectionate reaction from him, but I got nothing. "Harry" I spoke softly, pressing my lips to his bare shoulder, but Harry just wouldn't respond, he was being a complete snob. "Your an ass" I muttered, resisting the urge to punch him in the face multiple times. If Harry's just going to ignore me, there's no point in me being here. I stood up, dropping the bear from my hands "I'm leaving". My eyes flicked down to Harry, seeing if this hot any reaction and to my surprise, It did.

Harry peered up at me through his fingers "No, please don't go" he practically begged. I was still tempted to leave, but I thought better of it, my legs folded back down under me, my bum landing on the hard cold ground. "I don't like it when you ignore me, Harry" I spoke "I just want to talk to you". My fingers aimlessly fiddled with the teddy bears ears, I use to have a bear, but mum threw it out when I was fifteen, she said I was to old for teddy's. I cried for weeks on end after that, it was one of the only things I had left of my father, he gave it to me when I was first born, my mum was such a bitch and I still haven't forgiven her, I never will. "I'm sorry" Harry whispered "I'm not used to people caring about me". I smiled, nudging his arm with the bear "Get used to it". His hands were removed from his face, his fingers curling around the tattered bear, a smile appearing on his face. "He's cute" I giggled "Just like you". Harry's cheeks turned slightly pink, blush creeping up his cheeks, I'd never seen him blush before, I treasured the rare moment it happened, taking in ever detail of his face.

"He was my only comfort" Harry spoke in barley a whisper. "Did you name it" I asked curiously. His chest vibrated as he let out a deep chuckle. "My five year old self named it Boo, because he always ended up at the end of my bed at night instead of by my head when I woke up in the morning". Well that was where I found him, at the end of his sleeping bag. "That's where I found him" I smiled, watching as Harry stared down at his teddy bear lovingly. Harry's body leant into mine, fingers tangling in mine. Harry pressed a soft kiss against my lips. I tenderly kissed him back, the palm of my hand resting on his cheek, gently caressing it with the pad of my thumb. Harry's arms encircled my body pulling me closer, boo's fit brushed against my back as Harry and I kissed passionately. Harry's tongue pushed past my lips uninvited, but I wasn't complaining, I let him roam my mouth, our tongues grazed against eachother, adding to the intimacy between us.

I pulled back when Harry's hands slid up my back, trying to untie my bikini. "No" I shook my head, pulling his hands away from my back. Harry pouted slightly "But-". "No" I cut him off, slapping his hand. "Why not" he questions, unknowingly treading light water. "Because I said no" I reply, leaving him confused. "I'm sorry" he apologises, wrapping his arms round my body again. "It's okay" I say hugging him back.



I'm keeping my secrets for a little while longer...





I overcame my writers block and came up with this little slightly romantic chapter. Harry has a little teddy bear, Awwwwwwww.

So how was this chapter?

did you guys like it?

What do you think Natalie's secret could be?

Hmmmmm, that's for me to know and you to find out ;)

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter, I spent a whole week trying to think of it, finally done #soproud


Thanks for reading!!!


Stay beautiful!!!


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