Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


26. Chapter Twenty-Six

Chapter 26

"Louis, Louis, Louis" I shrieked, calling for him to pass me the football over to me, before Liam could tackle him. He skilfully kicked me the ball and I began quickly dribbling it up the field, only to have Harry get in the way and grab me around the waist, tossing me over his shoulder like I was as light as a feather. "Quick, Niall get it" I yelled, squirming in Harry'a arms.

Earlier today, Niall had decided it would be fun if we went to the park to play football for a bit, I agreed to the idea, loving the sport along with the boys and Lara. Lily, Jodie, Tori and Amy, not so much. While Niall, Lara, Louis, Ben and I played against Harry, Liam, Connor and Zayn, the four girls were having a little gossip session on one of the park benches.

"Harry! Your such a cheat, put me down" I complained as he carried me over his shoulder. Harry and I were okay now, the other guys were a little nervous around him, only Ben and I weren't afraid of taking the ball off him. "Fine" he chuckled, setting me back down on my feet. I took the opportunity to run off, before he changed his mind about letting me go. I ran towards the ball that was being kicked back and forth between Zayn and Connor, while a frustrated looking Lara ran after it, swapping directions every five seconds. None of our team members were making any move to help her, in fact they were laughing.

Sneakily, I crept up behind Zayn, waiting for Connor to kick him the ball before I made my move. I leapt in front of Zayn booting the ball halfway down the field before sprinting after it. Before anyone had anytime to register to the fact that the ball had magically disappeared, I was at the other end of the field, kicking the ball into the goal. "When did you get down there" Liam asked in confusion "I swear you were on Harry's shoulder like five seconds ago". I grinned widely at Liam "Well It's this little thing called running". Liam laughed, nudging my shoulder with his lightly as we walked back down the field where Louis was calling the other team peasants because they lost. Harry looked quite irritated when Louis and Niall lifted me off the ground and onto their shoulders, cheering wildly in victory.

"Guess who won" Louis asked the four girls smugly. "Your team Louis" Lily rolled her eyes at the obvious answer. Harry wasn't at all pleased by the fact that i was sitting on Louis and Niall's shoulders, I don't think he minded Niall too much, but If looks could kill, Harry's eyes would have sliced Louis into a million pieces by now and we'd all be at his funeral. "Have you guys finished playing yet?" Amy whined, already becoming bored. "Yep" Zayn nodded, carrying an exhausted looking Lara on his back. "Lets go then" I grinned, hopping down from Niall and Louis shoulders.

Everyone began splitting up in their separate ways, I went with Niall and Louis, because I refused to get on Harry's bike, which I now know he regrets bringing today. He kept glancing at the three of us as we walked to Louis car.

"Shotgun!" I yelled, leaping into the front seat, before Niall could get there. "Dammit" he murmured, pulling the back door open and hopping in. I did my seatbelt up while Louis started the car up. "Natalie, why does Harry keep looking at me like he wants to murder me, I feel uncomfortable" he shudders pulling out into the road after Harry's bike whizzed past in a blur of black. I shrugged, pretending I didn't have a clue, when I knew perfectly well why "Just ignore him, he's not in the greatest mood today". Louis nodded his head.

"So how are things with you and Harry now" Niall asked from the backseat, referring to how this morning I was really angry at him. Brushing a few loose strands of hair that had escaped my ponytail out of my face, I replied "Okay now, I think". Niall nodded his head.


There were a few minutes of silence before Niall asked a question from out of the blue. "Does Harry hate me?" He asked, scratching the back of his head. I shook my head, Harry might hate Louis, but he certainly doesn't hate Niall. "You were his best friend Niall, why would he hate you" I questioned, confused to why he might think that. Niall shrugged his shoulders "I don't know, I just that he pushed me out of his life". I nodded my head in understandment, if my best friend pushed me out, I'd think they hated me as well. Louis was sitting there awkwardly, his eyes staring straight at the road while Niall and I discussed Harry, who Louis had no clue about. "I never knew why either, one day all these rumours started, I didn't believe them, but Harry didn't want any friends after whatever happened and I was pushed away" Niall spoke as Louis parked outside my house, where Harry was already waiting for me.

"Hello" I poked his firm stomach, in an odd kind of greeting. "Your cute" he kissed me on the cheek, sliding his fingers into mine. A thought suddenly hit me, I still hadn't told mum about us, actually I'd told no one, everyone just thinks were dating, apart from Ben and Tori, who Harry told. "I haven't told my mum" I mumbled into his ear as we lead the group of people up to my front door. "About what?" He asked, a frown forming on his forehead, unsure of what I was talking about. "That your my boyfriend, I don't want her to know yet" I whispered, twisting the door handle open. "Whatever" The look on Harry's face made it obvious to me about how he felt, he was angry. Shit! We just stopped arguing. His fingers were snatched from mine, hanging loosely by his side as he marched angrily into the kitchen, loudly greeting my mum. "What did you do" Amy giggled, nudging me playfully in the ribs. I shook my head "Don't worry".

I decided to avoid the kitchen, not because of Harry, but because of my mum, she can be so embarrassing. "This is the lounge, make your self at home, but don't jump on the couch, my mum will kill you" I announced, sitting down on the nearest sofa. Louis jumped down next to me seconds later, the rest of the group, filled up the chairs, a couple of people sitting on top of each other, because there wasn't enough room. "You need bigger chairs" Lily giggled, elbowing Liam who was half on her lap and half on the couch, he looked very uncomfortable "I agree". The room erupted into laughter, even though Liam agreeing wasn't that funny, but you know, were teenagers, everything's funny and I think it was to break a bit of awkward tension, being so many people in one room.

It took a couple of minutes, but steady conversation was soon buzzing through our the room, Zayn and I were talking about how I had actually been the one texting him when he asked Lara out, he found it hilarious. "I thought the way she was texting was different" he chuckled glancing at Lara who had decided to sit on the floor and talk with Tori and Ben instead of sit on Zayn's lap. "It was quite funny" I grinned, glancing into the kitchen, where neither mum nor Harry had appeared from, I wondered why she hadn't come in and said hi yet. It was very unlike her. "I'm just going to see where mum is, I'll be back in a second" I spoke to Zayn who nodded in approval.

I wandered into the kitchen, where mum seemed to be teaching Harry how to bake cookies. I could tell by the smell of the batter that it was her usual, amazing chocolate chip cookies. Harry was putting balls of mixture onto a baking tray, pressing them down so they formed flatter circles. Mum was handing him blobs of the sticky mixture, fixing up the occasional cookie he squished to much. His eyes caught mine and his smile turned into a frown "I just have to go to the bathroom" he told Mum, slipping out into the hallway.

"Harry is adorable" Mum cooed, continuing to make the cookies by herself. "Uh yeah" I nodded, biting my lip, Harry was pissed at me right now, he hadn't gone to the bathroom, it was an excuse to get away from me. "Need anything honey" she asked, referring to why I had entered her den.

"Oh, no I was just wondering why you hadn't come said hello yet, usually it's the first thing you do".

Mum looked at me "I thought you hated me saying Hi to your friends so I thought maybe later" she looked a little sad "Im just trying to make you happy". I felt kind of bad, I always called her embarrassing and annoying, but all she was doing was trying to make me Happy. "You can go talk to them now, I need to tell Harry something" I smiled, watching as she washed her slim fingers under the tap, to get rid of the cookie dough. "Okay, I promise I'll be normal" she winked before walking into the lounge.

I jogged out of the kitchen and up the stairs, skipping two at a time, knowing exactly where Harry would be. I skidded into my room, finding the curly haired boy sitting on my bed. "I'm so horrible that you can't even tell your mum that we're together, am I?" Harry's harsh words stabbed at my heart, that wasn't the reason. "Harry! That's not why" I shook my head, approaching the bed cautiously. "Am I not good enough for you?" His eyes searched my face for some sort of sign that his question was true, but he found nothing, because it wasn't. I took a seat next to him, slipping my fingers carefully between his, scared he'd snap at me and pull them away. "It's just that I told my mum we weren't together when she came home yesterday" I played with Harry's long fingers nervously "Because she would have gone and asked me for every detail that happened between us, she questioned me enough as it is, but I don't really want to tell her about some of the things we did, it just made it easier because she thinks nothing's really happened between us". Harry's angry eyes softened, I think he understood "Yeah I don't think your mum would like me if she knew about where I've taken her daughter and what we've done" He chuckled, giving my hand the reassuring squeeze it needed.

I smiled at the boy with dimpled cheeks, pressing a kiss to one of them. "Come on, lets go downstairs" I tugged his hand, getting to my feet. "Okay" be nodded, letting me lead him back downstairs and I to the crowded lounge. To my disappointment, Lara had stolen my seat and now Harry and I were forced to sit on the floor. I wasn't surprised when Harry went straight over to where Ben was sitting with Tori. I smiled at them as Harry sat on the floor, tugging me on his lap, which I hopped off, before mum could see me, which Harry found amusing. "Am I only allowed to hold your Hand in front of your mum" Harry whispered in my ear quietly. "Yes" I replied, deciding that was alright. Harry rolled his eyes "That's stupid, if she asks, you became my girlfriend five minutes ago" he ordered, grabbing me around the waist and forcing his mouth against mine. I was slightly taken aback at his forceful actions, the urge to punch him coursed through my veins, until I began enjoying it. I forgot there were other people in the room for a second and just kissed Harry back, winding my fingers into his curls at the nape of his neck. But then I came to my senses, I pushed my hands against his chest, pulling my head back. My cheeks were blushing furiously, why did he have to go and do that. Harry was smirking, he looked unfazed and unembarrassed. Fortunately mum had left the room before he kissed me and no one else seemed to notice, making me feel a little less uncomfortable. "You're a dick" my elbow jutted into his ribs, I was slightly annoyed with him. He gave me a wink, before he started talking to Ben about something or other Sighing, I got to my feet, I'll go talk to Niall.


"MY PIZZA!!!" Niall yelled, diving onto the floor and snatching the last piece of meat lovers out of the cardboard pizza box, before I could get it. "Dammit" I muttered, slapping Niall on the shoulder playfully. "You gotta be quick" he mumbled through a mouthful of pizza. "Nat, come here" Louis motioned me over with his hand. I hopped off the arm of the chair from beside Niall, going to the other side of the couch and leaning over Louis. "What" I asked, dipping my head down so he could whisper in my ear. "Can we go to a club? I wanna party" he spoke quietly. If we wen I'd have to tell my mum we were going to the park again, I'm like the only seventeen year old it sucks. "I'll just go tell mum were going out" I nodded, jogging into the kitchen. "Mum wasn't in there, so I checked her room, where she was reading a book. "Mum, were going out" I announced, hopping on the bed. She looked up from her book "Okay, Don't be out too late, Harry can stay if he wants" she gave me a warm smile. Wow! What! Easy as that and Harry as a bonus. "Okay" I nodded, running out of the room before she changed her mind.

Everyone except Harry were already outside, getting into cars as if they knew she'd say yes. "I'm going to look amazing in my jeans and white top" I laughed, linking my fingers with Harry's. "You look perfect in anything, baby" he smirked, leading me towards the door. "You'd change your mind if you saw me in bright orange" I cringed, while he chuckled at me. "Mum said you can stay here tonight if you want" I told him before I could forget. He looked down at me, a grin forming on his lips "I think I'll take that opportunity". I blushed at his intense look, dropping his fingers as we had to split our separate ways. "See you soon Harry" I kissed his cheek quickly, before sucking into the backseat of Louis car. "Haha got your seat too" Niall laughed, sticking his tongue out. I stuck my younger back out at him "Shut up Horan".

"Wow you guys are very mature today, neither of you are going to get in the club because you're acting like five year olds" Louis teased, poking Niall in the side with his finger. "I'm not even old enough, but Harry seems to know every club owner in town so I'll be sweet" I sassily shot back at Louis, who had burst out laughing. "Aww, your a little baby" Niall reached back pinching my cheek. "Stop it" I slapped his hand away, feeling the car come to a halt. The two boys were both in hysterics, Louis I think was crying because he was laughing so hard. Boys, no surprises there.

I rolled my eyes, pushing the car door open, leaving them to calm down. I shuddered, feeling the cold wind whip around me, I should have brought a sweatshirt, it's freezing. My hands rubbed up and down my goosebump covered arms in an attempt to warm myself. My eyes spotted the tall curly haired boy, pulling his Helmet off his head, putting it down on the seat of his bike. I began walking towards him, he met me halfway, wrapping his arms round my shoulders though, sharing some of his warmth with me. "It'll be hot inside" he smiled, guiding me into the same club we had come to when Adam and Harry had that fight. I didn't feel afraid though, Harry was here and the other boys, I don't think Adam would approach us if he was here.

We walked in through the door, Harry nodding to the bouncer. "Haz, Nat" Ben waved us over to where he and Tori were dancing amongst the crowd of sweaty bodies. Harry protectively put his arms round my waist as he manoeuvred us through the crowd, his protective side was no bother to me here, I didn't want any perverted males coming anywhere near me, except Harry.

"Hey" Ben gave Harry a nod in which he returned. The rest of our large group were scattered near by, dancing either together or with other randoms, to the fast beat of the music, Niall and Louis however, they were at the bar, drinking beer.

I let out a yelp of surprise at the feeling of Harry grinding his hips into my backside, I hadn't really been expecting that. "You're to innocent to be here" Harry growled, his lips brushed against my ear in a teasing manor. "I'm not meant to be here anyway" I hit him on the thigh. A deep chuckle vibrated through his chest, my age and innocence being somewhat funny to him. "I'm not dancing with you" I tried to push out of his arms, but his grip was to firm. "I'll won't laugh at you anymore" he whispered in my ear. I didn't give a fuck about him laughing, it was just the fact that I can't dance being the reason I don't want to. I'm lanky and extremely ungraceful. "I look like an idiot when I dance" I mumbled, tugging at his hands firmly placed on my hips. "Maybe you should have a couple of drinks, I think you looked pretty sexy that time you danced for me" he growled, teeth lightly nibbling at my earlobe. "I was a bit tipsy" I argue with him, desperately not wanting to dance. "Maybe, but you also danced pretty damn well at that party" his hips began to roll into me, I tried to jump away, but he gripped me tightly pushing against me harder "Go with it".

Harry grounded against me, while I remained motionless, we probably looked pretty stupid. "Please" Harry begged, the warmth of his lips pressed into my neck in a begging manor, every kiss slowly weakening my defensive shield. My hips were suddenly swivelled around, chests pressing up against eachothers. I looked into Harry's eyes, they had darkened slightly, his patience obviously waring thin.

"Dance" he ordered, the tone of his voice frightened me, a timid whimper escaping my lips. The feeling of his crotch rolling into mine sent a burst of pleasure through me, I had to bite my lip to stop myself from moaning. Harry's hands slid down to my bum, pushing me against him as he rolled into me again. I gasped, my hands darting up to his shoulders, digging my fingertips into the material of his shirt. The third time he rolled against me, I found myself naturally doing it back. His hands slid back up from my bum, resting on my back pleasingly, as our crotches grinded together in time with the music. "Tighter" he spoke throatily, trapping the deep moan at the back of his throat. "What" I was confused, what does he mean tighter. "Hold me tighter" the moan escaped his lips as he spoke. My arms curled around his neck, drawing us even closer together, his face nuzzling into my neck, dotting light kisses over my skin. "You can dance" he chuckled into my neck. I wouldn't really consider this dancing, more like dry sex, but you know, whatever he wants to think. "I'm to lanky to dance" I murmured. "Funny how I'm taller than you and I dance" he laughed, nipping at my ear. "Yeah, but you have the easy job, you just put your hands on my waist, while I have to figure out what to do with my arms" I replied, fiddling with his curls. He gave me a soft hum in reply "Mmmm".

A while later, Harry and I went over to the bar, where Niall and Louis were drinking what I think may be their third beer, who's going to be driving me home then? "Oi you to no more drinks" I snatched their half full glasses out of their hands. "I'm going to the loo be back in a second, Love" Harry pecked me on the lips, before turning to the two boys. "If anything happens to Natalie I will hold you personally responsible and kill you both" he hissed, while the two slightly tipsy boys sat their nodding their heads furiously, I suspect taking his threats very seriously. I watched as Harry walked away, glancing back at me, unsure if leaving me alone with them was a good idea or not after what happened here last time. I gave him a reassuring smile, letting him know I was safe with Louis and Niall.

"Come on boys, no more drinks for you" I pushed their glasses down the counter, watching as some of the liquid spilled out. My hands reached out, taking one of each of theirs, tugging them to their feet. "You're boyfriend is very harsh" Louis stated, scratching the back of his head. "Maybe a little" I agree, knowing Harry probably would beat the shit out of the two boys if anything happened to me. "Lets party" Niall yelled, completely out of it as he began jumping up and down, raising Louis and my hands in the air. The two boys looked like absolute idiots, it was nice to know I wasn't the only one who couldn't dance. Harry being in the bathroom where he couldn't see me, gave me no need to worry about impressing anyone, so I just let go, joining the two jumping boys.




My eyes landed on the bar stools that Louis and Niall had originally been seated on before, now they and my girlfriend were nowhere in sight. "Fuck" I muttered to myself, she could be anywhere now, I don't even know if that fucker Louis and Niall are with her. I really don't like Louis, he seems a bit too friendly with Natalie for my liking. The rest of the guys she's friends with are okay, two of them have girlfriends, I trust Niall, Liam seems to get on with her, but he doesn't look at her and talk to her like Louis does, I know he likes her. I should of left her with Ben instead of them, they'd been drinking as well, I'm such an idiot, Louis going to be all over her.

My eyes darted amongst the crowd, searching for a tall brunette girl somewhere between the sweaty bodies of grinding people. I couldn't see Natalie, but I did catch a glimpse of familiar blonde hair to the left side of the crowd. She better be with him, if she's not the god knows where she is, probably getting herself I to trouble.

I began pushing my way through the crowd, desperate to know where Natalie is. My eyes remained locked onto the bobbing blonde hair now only about ten metres away. A little for frantically I started shoving people aside, earning myself a few nasty glares. I reached out, grabbing Niall's shoulder, instantly he spun around, wide blue eyes locking on mine, I felt bad that I scared Niall, who used to be my best friend, but he did well to hide it, his eyes narrowed slIghtly, holding my intense gaze. "Where's Natalie" I growled, shaking his shoulder slightly. He pushed my hand off calmly "She's just over there with Louis" he pointed to the right of me. My eyes followed the direction of his finger, my jaw clenched when I saw them, they were jumping around together quite happily. Both of them had huge grins on their faces, Natalie laughing as the two of them danced. I didn't like their interaction at all. Natalie was mine. It hurt a bit seeing her dancing with him whilst I'd been gone only ten minutes, why wouldn't she dance with me, I spent ages practically pleading her to dance with me and I'm her boyfriend.

"Harry" Louis waved, neither of them making any attempt to move away from eachother, they just stopped dancing, waiting for me to get closer. Louis doesn't know how badly I want to murder him. Natalie smiled at me, but I couldn't return it, I was pissed. "We're leaving" I told her, watching her smile fall, eyebrows furrowing in a frown. "Why? We only got here an hour ago" she looked disappointed, probably because she couldn't be with Louis anymore and had to leave with me. "Because I said so" I spoke sternly. She didn't argue any further, instead she turned to Louis, wrapping her arms round him. My hands balled up into fists as I watched the two of them hug. "See you tomorrow" she spoke, before I roughly grabbed her by the wrist, tugging her away from him. I have her barely enough time to say a quick goodbye to Niall, who was looking a little puzzled to why she was leaving. "Harry!" Natalie exclaimed, tugging against my rough pull.

I pulled her into my side once we stepped into the cool night air, my feet moved quickly across the pavement, towards my bike. Natalie's fair of motorbikes evading me as I focused only on my anger. "Harry what's wrong?" She asked, tugging on my hand again, attempting to get me to stop. She let out a surprised gasp as I grabbed her hips, lifting her up onto the motorbike. "Harry I-" she whimpered, trying to he down from the bike, but I cut her off, pushing my black helmet over her head. "Shut up" I spoke harshly.

She didn't utter another word, her body was rigid as I climbed on in front of her. Soft whimpers could be heard from beneath the black helmet covering her head. "Hold on" my voice was flat as I revved the bike into life, her hands quickly darted out, curling round my waist, fingers interlocking at my stomach.

Everything went past in a blur of black and white, I knew I was going to fast, but I couldn't stop myself from speeding, I was too angry. The heavy pounding of Natalie's chest was an obvious sign that she wasn't getting the wave of adrenalin I was receiving. I didn't take Natalie home, I took her back to my house, where I was more comfortable.

As soon as I turned the engine off, Natalie flew of the bike, throwing my helmet down on the grass. I watched for a minute as she ran her fingers through her messy hair, tugging at it slightly. Her eyes were closed as she tried to focus on calming her heavy breathing.

Her green eyes snapped open, locking on to mine, she mArched towards me, her hand coming up and smacking me hard across the face. "YOUR SUCH A FUCKING JERK" she screamed, her fists pounding against my chest. He actions left me unfazed, I grabbed her wrists, pulling them away from my chest. I moved quickly in knocking her legs out from beneath her.

I kicked the front door shut behind us, carrying her into the kitchen where I sat her up on the kitchen counter. Her legs dangled of the edge of the bench as I pushed myself between her legs. Her eyes were hard an cold, the way her lips quivered slightly showed that she was upset. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice movement in her hand, But I was quicker this time, I snatched her wrist out of the air before it could connect with my cheek a second time.

She squirmed in my grip as I brought the warm skin of her wrist to my mouth, where my lips pressed wet kisses Into the pale underside. Her body seemed to relax with my touch, she was no longer squirming and the clamping of her thighs around my waist ceased. I caught her eyes, noticing an immense difference in the hardness in her eyes, they were now soft.

"Do you like him?" I asked between kisses to her soft skin.

"W-What? Who?" She mumbled.

A smirk formed on my lip, knowing my actions were jumbling her thoughts and making her speech come out all wrong. I moved closer, my free hand resting on her thigh, if I was jumbling her thoughts then, god knows what's going on her head now, as I slowly ran my touch up and down the length of her thigh, squeezing every so often.

"What do you think of Louis"

My lips trailed further up the inside of her forearm. My eyes peering over the top of her arm as I watched her eyelids flutter shut at the intimate attention she was receiving.

"He's lovely and he's amusing" she spoke.

Rage burnt through me. My hand clenched around her thigh keeping her on the kitchen counter. My lips pressed firmly to her skin, sucking harshly at her words. I knew it, I fucking knew it. Her lips parted in shock and discomfort, her breathing dramatically increasing. Natalie whimpered, trying to break free from my tight grip, but I firmly held her arm to my mouth.

"Harry, please" she winced.

I sucked down harder for a couple of seconds, before releasing her arm. Her fingers lightly brushed over the red mark and she grimaced at the sore skin. She looked up at me questioningly, as if she wasn't sure why she deserved such a harsh response. My jaw clenched at her innocent, confused reaction as I leant into her. Delicate hands were placed on my shoulders as she made a failed attempt to keep me away from her, proving them unsuccessful. My lips brushed over her neck before I spoke.

"Do you want him to kiss you?" I whispered "Take to you his bed".

The moment I said those words, Natalie seemed to find some new force of strength. Her hands slammed straight into my chest, shoving me backwards slightly, giving her just enough room to slip between the counter and I. I took a small step back, giving her a bit more room. Natalie's face expressed anger and annoyance, she surprised me when she pushed me back into the wall behind me.

"Is that what all this is about, Harry?" She hissed as her fingers fisted the front of my shirt. Natalie took my silence as confirmation to her question. "Ugh, God. You're so possessive and you overreact" there was a hint of annoyance in her voice. I watched as she let out a huff, stomping away from me. My jaw tightened, feet moving after her into the lounge. Once reached her slim frame, my fingers wrapped round her wrist, tugging her into me. I smirked down at her, holding her body against, a sigh from my lips at the feeling of her back pressed to my chest. She squirmed again as I dipped my head down to her ear.

"He could never make you feel as good as I can" I whispered lowly into her ear. My lips made contact with the skin just below her ear, sucking gently. I loved pleasuring her. Th feeling I received whilst watching her writhe was indescribable. I wanted to hear her gasp or whimper, but she wasn't giving me the reaction that I desired. Even when I nipped at her neck, she remained unmoving, refusing to give into me in. Her resistance towards me made me chuckle. "You want to play this game? Lets see how long you can hold out for" I challenged quietly.

My tongue licked a hot strip up her neck, before my arms knocked her legs out from beneath her. Her eyes widened a little at my sudden actions, locking onto my own. My arms held her to my chest and I winked before carrying her over to the couch, where I lay her down on the soft material. She reluctantly shuffled away at my close proximity, all the way to the end of the couch. making me laugh. My hands darted out, grasping her ankles, pulling her back to me. I gently lifted her head, placing a brown pillow from the couch beneath it. I was surprised by how well she's held out so far. But I hadn't really started yet.

I ran my hands down her smooth legs, before pushing her calfs up so her knees were bent allowing me to rest between them. "Baby, I know you like this". Her face held no emotion whatsoever, it remained passive and somber. I started pressing kisses to her neck, slowly sucking as I trailed my lips down her neck.

"I bet he doesn't know you have a sweet spot, right here" I whispered, before nibbling at the soft skin just below her ear where her neck and jaw met. I drew back slightly, to look at her face, her eyes had quickly snapped back open, making it obvious to me that her eyes had been closed while my lips kissed over her skin. She held her composure well though, making herself seem unamused, bravely holding my eye contact.

I chuckled when she raised an eyebrow at me, uninterested in my actions. "I know you want more" I winked, gently collecting her hand from beside her, bringing it to my mouth, pressing my lips to the back. "Hmmm, can you resist my curls" I smirked, knowing how much she loved running her fingers through my chocolatey coloured curls. I slid her fingers into my hair, watching as her green eyes widened slightly, she knew she was in trouble now. If she made any attempt to play with my hair, she'd lose, I could tell she was dying to fist my curls between her fingers, but Natalie being Natalie, she remained stubborn. I like this game it's fun.

"You don't need that fucker, Louis" I spoke. Natalie's expression suddenly turned pissed off again, her hand in my hair suddenly clamped shut, grasping a fistful of my hair. Her hand came up and she slapped me across the cheek for the second time today. Somehow I don't think I won this game. My head was roughly tugged backwards as she rolled out from beneath me.

I watched as she stood up, standing over me "Don't call him that" she spat. "OH SO NOW YOUR DEFENDING YOUR NEW BOYFRIEND!" I snapped, standing to my full height. Natalie took a bold step towards me, getting right up in my face. "No! I'm defending my friend from my jealous boyfriend who needs to sort out his issues" she bravely glared at me. "IF I HAVE SO MANY ISSUES WHY BOTHER STAYING WITH ME, I BET LOUIS A PERFECT LITTLE ANGEL" I yelled, making her wince slightly at my extremely loud outburst of anger. "Because, Harry, I don't want Louis" she grasped my shirt, tugging me closer to her face "I only want one boy". A little smile spread across her face, her angry features now softening "Even if he does have a few issues". Natalie's other hand slid up around the back of my neck, pushing my head forward slightly so our foreheads were pressed together. "You're the only one I"

A smile formed on my lips, those were words I'd desired to hear my whole life. Despite the number of girls I'd slept with, not one of them had told me I was their only one. Natalie was so different, she was perfect. I leant down a little further, so our lips were brushing continuously, while I entwined our fingers. I squeezed her hand, feeling my heart hammering against my chest when our lips did finally meet.

Natalie was the only girl I'll ever want



I'm meant to be doing an assignment, but i just couldn't stop myself from updating. Mum went out so she cant force me to do it hahahahahahahahahahahah :)))))))))))))))))

I really hope you like it.


Thanks for reading


Stay Beautiful





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