Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


21. Chapter Twenty-One

Chapter 21


I watched as Natalie talked to Niall, my back leaning against the wall as I waited for her return, sipping on the cold water I had in my hand. He looked a little upset, oddly when I watched Natalie and him touching eachother in a friendly way, I didn't get jealous. I think even though Niall and I stopped being friends, I still trust him. Things are just awkward between us now. 

I chuckled to myself a bit as I watched Natalie forcefully grab his hands, pulling him up off his seat. She dragged him through the crowd towards me, him straining against her pulling trying to break free. "Hello Harry" a squeaky high pitch voice tried to speak seductively to me, stepping in front of me, blocking my entertaining view of Natalie and Niall. I looked down to see it was Melody again, does this girl ever quit. 

I shuffled sideways, trying to get away from her, she only found this as a teasing act. "Oooh Harry, playing hard to get are we" she purred. My body froze as she ran a finger down my chest, I don't like being touched by this crazy female. "Melody don't to-" I was cut off her lipstick smothered lips pressed roughly against mine, the cup I was holding splattered to the ground as my body froze completely. She grabbed my shirt, using my shocked moment to her advantage. Melody rammed my back into a corner, her fingers gripping my hair tightly. I stood there in complete shock, frozen to the spot. 

Finally I came back to my senses, my hands darting up from where they were hanging, limply at my sides, roughly shoving her shoulders back, pushing her away. Melody seemed shocked by my forceful actions, My blood bubbled with anger as she smirked seductively at me. Her tongue slipped from her mouth, closing over her disgusting lips, humming in satisfaction. I tightly gripped her wrist, preventing her from touching my chest again. My eyes catching a glimpse of her. 

Standing not far from where I was, Natalie stood next to Niall, her fingers pulling the necklace I had given her from around her neck as tears slipped from her pretty eyes. Her pink lips moved as she said something to Niall, giving him the necklace. She met my gaze for a moment, brushing away stray tears before, i knew what she was going to do. Run.

I watched her slim figure weave through the crowd, before she completely vanished from my sight. I was about to chase after her when sharp Nails dug into my bicep "You don't need her baby". I looked down at melody in disgust, as she looked up expectantly. My hand rose up to my mouth, wiping away the disgusting taste of her lipstick. Her eyes widened in fear as I shoved her into the wall.

"STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM NATALIE AND I YOU STUPID SLUT" I yelled. Melody's eyes filled with fear, but I couldn't care less. I had a feeling she found my violent behaviour a turn on, but neither she or any other girl had been my target. I refuse to ever take my anger out on woman, I will never be like my step father. Melody gave a little nod, trembling slightly in my hold.

"Harry" I turned around to see Niall, I released Melody and she ran off, frightened of me now. "I saw what happened, it wasn't your fault" he held out the necklace to me "She's pretty quick so you better go". I clasped the necklace, saying a quick thank you to Niall before running to the nearest fire exit. 

I yanked the door open, sprinting towards the front gate. The shadowy silhouette of a quick female was about a hundred metres away. Her speed in a pair of heels is astonishing. "Natalie!" I yelled, sprinting after the dark figure. She didn't stop, her speed only increasing at the sound of my voice as she sprinted across the field. I just needed to talk to her. 

My arms and legs pumped rapidly as I broke into a sprint, the gap between us gradually closing. She glanced back at me as she turned to the left once past the front gate. Long hair blew out behind her as she evaded me. I was about twenty metres behind now, "NAT! WAIT" I yelled, not causing if we caused a scene. 

"Fuck off, Harry!" She yelled back, surprising me by picking up even more speed. How the fuck can she run that fast in heels? I was astounded by the fact that once she got going, she was like a bloody rocket. I cursed, continuing to chase the fleeing girl.

The rapid thudding of my heart was the only thing I could hear as I watched her run across the road, ignoring the cars. Beeping horns echoed throughout the street, but Nat took no notice, she just continued down the street. It hurt that she was so desperate to escape me.

"NATALIE STOP!" I shouted, pursuing her. It surprised me that she was still going, she still had me chasing after her even though I was taller, not in heels and not a slim female. My mind flashed back to that time I took her out and we had our first sexual encounter in my bedroom. Her stomach was toned and she had a decent set of abs on her for a girl, I figure that running must be a talent. 

I was gaining though, not too far from her now "JUST GO AWAY" She screamed, darting into a thick clump of trees. I darted into the trees after her, her agile body easily weaved in and out of the trees, darting through small gaps and jumping over logs. I gripped the necklace more tightly, I will get her. The forest put me on edge slightly, the environment had an eerie feel to it, the only light given was that of the moon. 

Leaves were scuffed up as the two of us continued the chase. Perspiration trickled down my forehead, I was starting to tire now, but my the looks of things Natalie was too. We had been sprinting flat out, for a good twenty minutes in a high speed chase. Natalie slowed down into a jog now, unable to go any faster. I on the other hand still had a good kick left In me. I picked up speed again, not that I needed to, about five seconds later, Natalie tripped over a tree root. "SHIT" She screamed as she ceased to the ground. "Nat!" I called, watching as she quickly got back up, but not quick enough. "FUCK O-" I cut her off, grabbing her wrist.




I was very aware of my now tiring muscles, but I refused to stop, I want him to just leave me alone. Salty tears filled my eyes again, the image of Hardy and Melody pressed together making me cry. Through the teary haze, I didn't see a tree root, my toe clipped it and I found myself sailing forward through thin air. "SHIT" I screamed putting my hands out. "Nat!" Harry yelled, his voice close, too close. "FUCK O-" I was cut off by Harry grabbing my wrist, yanking me back.

"Are you fucking crazy? You could have been killed! Never run off like that again!" Harry shouted at me, only making me cry more. I refused to face him, I didn't want to look at him. "L-let me go" I sobbed, my finger nails scraping up the back of his hand. Roughly, Harry spun me around, coming face to face, my eyes quickly averted to the floor. I gritted my teeth angrily, my right hand flew up, connecting with his cheek. The force turned his head to the side "GET THE FUCK OFF ME" I spat.

Harry didn't take any notice of my harsh words, or to the tingling pink colour on his cheek a second thought. My wrist was freed, shoulders forced back into a tree trunk i flinched slightly at the contact. His hand gently tried to turn my cheek towards him, but I wouldn't co operate, I just turned it the other way. "Natalie" he warned, as I smacked his hand away. My defiance was irritating Harry, he was so used to getting his own way. 

"Don't" I spoke, staring down at my feet, unable to meet his gaze. My heart ached and felt heavy in my chest, from what I witnessed a short time before.

"I didn't kiss her" Harry raised his voice. How can he say he didn't when I clearly saw them in a lip lock.

"Bullshit" I cried "I saw you with my own eyes how can you fucking deny it". Harry shook his head in aggravation, his curls falling in front of his eyes.

"She kissed me"

I frowned, closing my eyes, the scene flashing before my eyes. I remembered the pleading look on his face when she was talking to him, and the look of relief when I saved him from her. 

"Nat" Harry asked

Why would he kiss her if he didn't like her?  I shivered in the cold night air, my dress was not at all meant to be worn out on a late night stroll, I hope I haven't damaged it when I fell. 

A soft whimper fell from my lips on feeling Harry's hot breath on my face, warming me up slightly. I turned my head away from him, his nose nuzzled my cheek, desperate for some word of reaction from me. 

"Please, Natalie" he begged "You have to trust me".

My energy was completely drained, I was unable to put up much more of a fight. I felt my defence walls crumbling as his gentle touch travelled to my jaw, sponging soft kisses over my cold skin "Baby". My mind quickly cleared for Harry's intimate affection. My hand slid into his hear. He let out a throaty groan as I fisted his soft curls, tugging them back to increase the distance between us.

"I want to know that this is real, Harry" I whispered.

His eyes turned a darker shade of green, the intensity took my breath away. Harry made me feel weak at the knees, I found my grip loosing in his curls as he took a step closer, our bodies barely touching. My eyelashes fluttered closed as his nose brushed mine.

"I'm yours" he whispered, I felt his warm touch trail down my arm to my hand which he lifted onto his chest, placing it directly over his drumming heart. "This is yours".

His words left me breathless, I was having a difficult time getting a sufficient amount of oxygen. My eyes blinked back open, looking up into his eyes, full of lust. "I'm yours if you'll have me". I watched a small smile play on his lips as I leant up slightly, towards his face. Delicately brushing my lips over his. His eyes closed as I lightly sucked on his plump bottom lip, large hands holding me by the hips, while one hand remained in his curls, the other over the pounding of his heart. I drew back slightly, pressing my forehead against his.

"I want you"

The beating of his heart increased at my words. I took a step back, leaning against the tree trunk as my body was forced together with Harry's. My fingertips dug into his shoulders as he desperately ground his hips into mine. Whimpers fell from my parted lips, joined by a string of throaty groans coming from Harry. Chocolatey curls tickled my skin as head down to my neck. His mouth roughly assaulting my exposed neck, sucking, biting and licking at the soft skin. I was sure I would be left with a reminder of this embrace.

Harry drew back reluctantly, biting his slightly swollen bitten lip. Our heavy breathing the only sound apart from the rustling of the trees. He looked down at me, with big eyes.

"Please. Be my girlfriend" he spoke in a raspy voice by my ear.

A smile grew on his beautiful face as I took one of his large hands, placing it over my own throbbing heart. "For you" I whispered, nodding my head in answer. The paper plane pendant was put back over my neck, falling to where it belonged. I wrapped my arms round him, holding on tightly to who I can now call my boyfriend. He chuckled, his arms engulfed me protectively wrapping around my body. I buried my face into his chest, Harry made me feel safe, like I had no fears.

A kiss was pressed to my temple, as he slid of his blazer, helping me slide it over my shoulders. "Thank you" I snuggled into his side, arms wrapping round his waist as we walked back through the trees, his arm draped over my shoulder protectively. I was astonished by just how far I had run through the trees, in a pair of heels, well they were wedges which are between barefoot and heels. 

"You know, today has been the oddest day" Harry chuckled as we found our way back to the footpath "First a psycho slut kisses me, then a girl in a pair of heels runs about a hundred miles per hour into a forest and then you become my girl" Harry kisses my forehead "No to mention that I find it slightly odd you being my height". I giggle slightly at him, liking the fact that he called me his girl. "Harry, have you ever actually had a girlfriend before" I questioned. Harry shook his head "Your my first". That felt so strange knowing that I was Harry's only ever girlfriend. I turned my head pressing my lips to his cheek.


Harry and I stood on my doorstep, my fingers pressed against his lips as I smiled shyly at the boy with dimpled cheeks. His touch was warm, sending what felt like jolts of electricity through my body. He play'd with my fingers, his gaze never leaving my face as he stepped closer to me. My chin was tilted slightly up, plump lips pressed against my own in. The kiss was passionate, our tongues moving together with an urgent need to feel eachother. 

My fingers ran over my lips, still feeling tingly from where his touched mine. He left me breathless. A smile pulled at the corners of my mouth as I watched his pink tongue slip out, licking over his full pink lips, savouring my taste. I felt an uncontrollable desire to taste more of him, my fingers gripped his shirt, not wanting to let him go.

"Stay with me" I whispered

He nodded his head, pressing another quicker kiss to my lips. Our hands entwined as I led him info the house. Harry closed the door with his foot, locking it behind us. 


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