Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


29. Chapter Twenty-Nine

Chapter 29

I laughed as I watched Harry chase after Max, everyone in the gym had their eyes on him. Not one of them had ever seen Harry this way, by the look on Max's face as he ran away, he wasn't sure if his pursuer was messing around or dead serious. Harry had a smile on his face, that of which Max couldn't see though, if he was serious I would have stopped him by now. "I've never seen Harry like this" Nathan's voice spoke from beside me on the raised platform, Id almost forgotten he was there, "He's always been quite serious and sullen". I smiled as I watched Harry managed to catch Max, getting him in a headlock. "Are you guys close" I asked, turning to face Nathan. "Sort of, we hang out and stuff, but he doesn't let anyone inside his head" he frowned a little, I completely understood what he meant. Harry has never shared his life with anyone but me, everyone else is locked out, he was very to himself, self conserved. "He's certainly not like any other guy I've met" I stared at Harry, taking in every single little detail of his body, he was beautiful. Nathan nodded his head in agreement, we both stopped talking when the curly haired guy himself sat down next to me, Max collapsing on the floor, stretching his neck. "Harry I think you broke my neck" Max groaned, rolling his head around his shoulders in an attempt to relieve it of the ache. "Toughen up" Harry chuckled, sliding his arm around my waist. Nathan just laughed at the two guys, their bickering somewhat of an entertainment to him.

"Want to come for a drink" Nathan asked us all, changing the subject. I wanted to say yes, but unfortunately I had no clothing with me. "I'm in" Max grinned, standing up, "just gonna take a shower". Nathan looked at Harry and I exquisitely, as Max hurried off to wash in the changing rooms somewhere. "I have nothing to change into" I mumbled, more to Harry then Nathan. "We can go back to your place and shower" Harry winked giving my hip a light squeeze. I elbowed him in the ribs, turning my attention back to Nathan who was still patiently waiting for an answer.

"We'd love to" I smiled warmly at him, he returned the gesture, exposing his white teeth in a large grin. "Okay, usual place Harry, we'll see you there" He spoke to Harry who gave him a nod of agreement. "Come on, Love" Harry helped me two my feet, his arm still securely around my waist. "Bye Nathan" I waved, following Harry over to the table where all his stuff lay.

I put everything back in his bag for him, while he tied his shoelaces up, taking the duffel bag from me once I handed it to him. "Thanks beautiful" I was rewarded with a sweet peck on the lips as Harry slung it over his shoulder, reaching his fingers out for me entangle mine with. As we walked out of the gym, my eyes became fixed on his body, I just couldn't look away from him, how did I end up with this guy? "Harry, you know you're really attractive" I complimented him as we stepped out into the cool night air. His head turned to face me "Well your rather attractive yourself" he smirked, lightly squeezing my hand as I looked away, my cheeks tingling pink with heat. I still wasn't used to being given compliments, I doubt I ever will, I always blush like a freaking tomato. My back was pushed against the car, my eyes darting back to Harry's face. He pressed himself against my chest, trapping me between his body and the car. "I love making you blush" he quietly whispered in my ear.

I closed my eyes at the feeling of his hot breath fanning out over my neck as he wrapped his plump lips around my earlobe, lightly sucking on the cartilage. My nails dug into the back of his large hand as his teeth became involved, lightly nipping at my lobe. "H-Harry" I whimpered, feeling his lips curl into a grin, I'd given him the satisfaction he wanted. "I also love your innocence" he hummed in my ear before he lightly pulled me away from the black car, tugging the door open for me. I smiled great fully at him as I slipped into my seat. Moments later, Harry joined me, locking the car doors as usual, his possessiveness still very clear to me. I don't get why he locks me in, it's not like I'm going to jump out of a moving car. I'm not even trying to escape him anymore, I just don't get it.

My eyes focused on Harry's face as he kept his eyes dead on the road, I've always found his driving expression sexy, the way he frowns slightly, furrowing his eyebrows as he bites down on his lip is extremely alluring. My eyes wandered his body, his toned muscles were tense as he gripped the staring wheel, sometimes I think he could do with a really good massage, he always seems to be so tense. My gaze landed on his crotch, a slight bulge showed through the material of his shorts, making me even more aware of the fact that he hadn't been getting much attention recently.

My bottom lip became caught between my teeth as I gnawed at it nervously. I had been doing a lot of thinking recently, Harry's been pleasuring m

Over the past week I've been thinking a lot, Harry's been pleasuring me in several different ways over the past weeks I've known him. Not once had he asked me to perform anything orally on him. Maybe he doesn't want to pressure me, due to my obvious lack of experience, and nervousness in anything sex related, but surely he wants me to reciprocate.

I have the urge to pleasure him, it seems simple enough, but the thought of actually carrying out the act made me nervous. Harry has always been the dominating one and he always initiates anything sexual between us. I don't even know how to approach the subject. My mind wandered back to his drunken words that one time I made him release in his boxers.

"If you ever want to feel me up, you just have to ask"

I'm not sure if he meant that seriously, I mean he was drunk for goodness sake, but he's not afraid to talk about it like I am. I don't want to ask, I'll die of embarrassment and probably start crying. It's happened before.

"So handsome, how was your day" I asked, trying to take my mind off the thoughts currently burning through my brain. "Alright, I'm a bit sore, I did a whole day at the gym today" he answered, giving me a sideways glance. No wonder his muscles are so tense. "Did you have to go burn off all the ice cream you eat" I teased playfully, his ice cream consumption is terrible. A deep chuckle vibrated through his chest "Mmm, baby, I gotta keep these abs up for you". I giggled at his comment "It's okay, you don't have to, i can just look at my own". I rose my shirt slightly, exposing my stomach to him as we stopped at a red light. He licked his lips, before copying my actions and raising his own "Mine are better".

The loud honk of a car horn came from behind us, making me jump slightly. The light had turned green an we were still sitting in neutral. "Oops" Harry laughed, pressing his foot down on the accelerator, making the car zip forward. "You need to retake your driving test" I spoke playfully, I was getting my full licence soon. "Can you drive?" He asked, we'd never discussed this really and I don't think he remembered me driving him home when he was drunk. "Yeah, I'm still only seventeen though so I don't have my full license yet" I replied "I drove you home when you were drunk". Harry frowned thoughtfully, trying to remember back to that time. "I don't remember much of that night I was completely wasted" he looked a little disappointed. "I like driving your car" I smiled, I loved driving any car actually, but I liked Harry's the best. "Do you want to drive after we get changed" he asked grinning. I was surprised by the fact that he offered so openly, his car was his prize possession. "Yes!" I exclaimed, jumping up and down on my seat a little bit. My reaction was quite funny to Harry, due to his loud laughter. "Calm down" one hand was placed on my thigh, lightly rubbing over the exposed skin. His fingers were removed though as we pulled into the driveway and the car doors were unlocked. I hopped out, heading up to the front door to unlock it, while Harry collected his bag from the back seat.

Leaving the door open for him I went inside, kicking my sneakers off before jogging up the stairs into my room. I dropped my stuff down onto the bed, hearing the door slam shut and hearing heavy feet walk up the staircase. "Will you shower with me" he asked hopefully as he dumped his bag on the floor. I bit down on my lip, I wasn't completely comfortable about being naked in front of him, but I imagined running my hands over his smooth skin and through his hair as I washed him. "I'm wearing a bikini" I announced, Harry's eyes lit up slightly, amazed that I was even saying yes. "Can I be naked" he questioned, eyes following me as I rifled through my draws, fingers tugging out a black bikini. I faintly nodded my head, slipping into the bathroom, blushing furiously. "Are you actually serious" he asked unsurely. I quickly put my bikini on, tossing my sweaty clothes in the wash basket.

I pulled the door open, grabbing a fistful of his shirt, pulling him inside the bathroom, locking the door behind us. "Oh god" he breathed out, taking in my barely covered body. I blushed shyly as I took a step forward, wrapping my arms tightly round his neck, nuzzling my face into the crook. His arms encircled me as we embraced eachother tightly. "I'll be back in two seconds" Harry whispered, pulling out of my arms and scrambling out the door. Confused, I peeked round the bathroom door, to see Harry collecting his swim shorts which he had left in my bag from the date we went on off my computer chair. I understood what he was doing, he knew I wasn't comfortable, so he was compromising. I stepped back, averting my eyes as he began to remove his clothing.

A minute later he appeared back in the bathroom, closing the door. I felt a little relieved at the sight of his lower half being covered. "I know you're not comfortable" he kissed my forehead, before turning the water on. His long fingers wriggled under the falling stream, waiting for it to become hot. "Things are going to get steamy in here" Harry winked, stepping backwards into the glass cubical, his eyebrows wiggling at me suggestively.

I watched in awe as the water ran down his toned body, dripping from his hair as it became damp. "Come here" he growled, beckoning me into the hot water with him. I stepped up the slight raise in where the shower and floor met, pulling the glass door closed behind me. Harry in the shower is honestly the sexiest thing I have ever laid eyes on, the way the water ran down his body was just...




I reached out, fingers touching over his beautiful chest, feeling all the toned muscles of his abdomen. The skin was so smooth, but the muscle beneath my fingers was hard to touch. He had spent hours on end at the gym to get his body to look so perfect, that must have taken a lot of perseverance.

My index finger ran through each and every one of the crevasses on his stomach. He groaned slightly at my careful touch, taking a step forward so his hands rested on my hips. My gaze flicked up from his chest, meeting with his gorgeous eyes, they seemed to sparkle with a certain playfulness as His lips dipped down to my my ear, his voice lowered slightly as he huskily whispered "Wash me".

My eyes didn't leave his face as I reached out, searching for the body wash. My fingers felt around for the squirty bottle, eyes still holding the intense gaze as I squirted the gel into the palm of my hand. Harry pressed his mouth against mine as I rubbed my palms together, lathering the gel up. His soft lips heatedly moved against mine, sucking my lower lip into his mouth, his teeth lightly nibbled on my pink flesh before releasing it again.

My hands ran over his muscular shoulders, beginning to wash his breathtaking body. Harry's deep moan vibrated against my mouth as I pressed my fingertips lightly into his muscular back, massaging the lathered gel into his tan skin. Slowly my hands moved down to his lower back, before gliding up the sides of his body towards his armpits. I squirted more of the body wash onto my hands, our mouths disconnecting as I did so.

The water continued to fall as I walked my fingers up into his armpits, feeling the slight hair under his arms as I playfully wriggled my fingers, in hopes of him being ticklish. I smiled upon hearing him chuckle, armpits squeezing around my hands trying to get me to stop. "Where else are you ticklish" I asked, it could come in handy knowing where he was sensitives, I could use the knowledge against him when he tickled me till I couldn't breath. "I'm not telling you that" he grinned, dipping his head down to my ear "You'll be able to use it against me". I knew Harry was going to say that, he didn't want want me to know where I could touch him to get him begging me for mercy.

I shrugged, touching over his chest with more of the foamy gel. The feeling of his moist lips against the wet skin of my neck as he lightly sucked down on my sweet spot, caused me to let out a soft whimper, my fingertips digging into his shoulders for a second, before his lips moved down to a different spot. My motions became slower as he kissed down my neck, his affection mixed with the heat created by the falling hot water causing my mind to jumble slightly, unable to send proper signals to my muscles.

"H-Harry" I whimpered, grabbing a fistful of his wet hair, making a throaty groan fall from his mouth as I tugged his head away from my neck, increasing the distance between us slightly. "I want to wash your hair" my cheeks blushed shyly. He smiled at the words that had just been spoken from my lips. The thought of me washing his dark ringlets, tugging and playing with them was a complete turn on for the beautiful male, the bulge in his pants growing slightly just at his imagination.

I gasped at the feeling of Harry'a large hands sliding down over the curve of my backside, cupping it had he lifted my legs up around his waist. My back was firmly pushed against the only piece of tile covered wall in the shower. I took Harry's reaction as a go ahead, my fingers fumbled with the bottle as I squeezed the shampoo into my hand, the clear liquid oozed of the sides, dripping into his hair as the bottle fell from my fingers, Landing with a dull thud on the wet floor.

My hands ran through his hair, spreading the shampoo throughout his wet curls. I combed my fingers through his dark locks, pushing all his hair back from his face, where I discovered he actually had ears. Usually his curly hair hid everything but his earlobes from me, it was a rare sight to see his whole ears. I watched as his eyes fluttered closed, droplets of water running off his long eyelashes, a string of soft moans falling from his pink lips as my fingernails scratched at the back of his scalp. My nose nuzzled against his as I continued to scratch at his scalp, my actions causing him pleasure. I loved watching Harry as I tugged at his curls, he looked so adorable. He let out a moan, his head lolling forward against my chest, the silver chain that hung around my neck was taken between his teeth and tugged at lightly as I continued my actions.

I had semi consciously noticed that Harry was washing my body, his long fingers caressed my skin softly as I kept my focus on his hair. My movements had changed slightly, my nails no longer raking against his scalp, instead I softly pressed my fingertips into it, massaging the shampoo throughout his hair.

My legs became unwrapped from around his waist, my feet touching back down onto the wet floor. Harry looked down at me unhappily, obviously displeased with the disappearance of my fingers in his dark hair. The palms of my hands pressed flat against his chest as I pushed him back under the running water, raising my hands back into his hair as the shampoo was rinsed out of his hair. He hummed quietly as I continued to play with his curls as the last remnants of the shampoo washed down the drain.

The two of us remained encircled in eachothers arms for a few more minutes, the hot water trickling down our proximate bodies. When the water began to run cold, I knew we'd been in the shower for well over an hour the hot water finally running out. Harry turned the shower off without releasing me from his grip. "Did you enjoy that" he quietly asked, dotting several kisses over my blushing cheeks. I nodded my head, watching as a grin formed on his face "So did I" he dropped me a wink as he carefully pushed the condensation covered glass door open. "I like how you wash my hair" he lowly whispered In my ear a he grabbed a large fluffy white towel from cupboard, wrapping it around his back, opening his arms enticing me into the warmth.

My body stepped into the warm confines of the towel that Harry wrapped around both of us, the soft material absorbing the droplets of water on our wet bodies. "We should probably hurry up" I suggested, Nathan and Max were probably waiting for us. Harry shook his head as he rubbed his hands over the top of my towel covered arms "Nah, they'll be there for hours yet". I nodded my head, but pulled out if the cuddly warmth surround us, grabbing myself a matching towel from the cupboard.

"Don't look" I ordered, beginning to undo my bikini. "Nat, I've seen you naked before" he complained, giving me a slight pout of his plump pink lips. "No, turn around" I argued, watching as he chuckled to himself before turning around, his toned back facing towards me thankfully. I was about to pull my bikini top off, when I noticed Harry was cheekily watching me in the reflection of the mirror. "You're a pervert" I grabbed him round the waist, leading him over to the bathroom door which I proceeded to shove him out. He turned around, smirking at me playfully "I'm your pervert" he laughed as I closed the door in his face, blocking him from view.

Not having to worry about the cheeky male peeking at me any longer, I quickly chucked my bikini into the wash basket, firmly wrapping my towel around my body, tying a black hair tie around the fluffy material, just to be sure it wouldn't slip down.

The first thing I noticed when I pulled the door open, was Harry's wet swim trunks lying on the floor. Oh god! I quickly tossed them into the wash basket along with mine before they made the carpet too wet. I re entered the room, immediately noticing my boyfriend lying on the bed. "Harry!" I exclaimed, face palming myself. He gave me a cheeky look as he lay on his stomach atop of the duvet, completely naked, with the towel resting under his chin, the curve of his bum in my complete view. "Oh hey babe" he smirked, knowing I was going to react like this. "Put some clothes on" I whined, cautiously approaching him, I knew he wasn't going to do what I said.

I reached out, trying to take the towel from under his chin, I was slightly worried he would try and tug my towel off and pull me on top of him. His fingers kept the towel under his chin, refusing to let it go. I stomped my foot in frustration, Harry chuckling at me, finding my aggravation entertaining.

Marching back into the bathroom, I grabbed another towel, my intention to cover his backside with it. "You have got to be kidding me" I exclaimed, returning to find him with the towel wrapped around his waist, lowly hung on his hips "Your so irritating" I playfully smacked him in the face with the extra towel. "I know you love my bum" he teased, pulling me down onto his lap, a leg either side of his as I straddled him. The towel rode up my hips slightly and I struggled to pull it back down. "I really hate you" I murmured, draping the towel over the top of his head so he couldn't see anything. "I know you don't" he chuckled, tugging it back off, giving me the chance to jump off his lap, but not before he managed to pinch my slightly exposed bum. I yelped, tugging the towel down to cover my backside, while he deeply laughed.

"Can I dress you" he questioned as I glared at him from the other side of the room. I was about to shake my head and say a firm no, but he looked so bloody adorable sitting on the bed, concerned I whether he was pushing his luck. "Fine, but Im not letting you put me underwear on" I answered, watching as he got up, jumping towards my closet. "You can't dress me like a slut or a clown either" I added as I stood to my feet, shuffling over to my underwear drawer. I tugged out a matching pair of pink and black lacy underwear, dissipating into the bathroom momentarily, before slipping back into the room with the towel wrapped around my underwear covered body.

Harry was still rifling through my wardrobe, trying to pick something he wanted me to wear, but met my standards. "Will you wear this for me" he asked, holding up a coat hanger with a long sleeved black dress dangling from it. I nodded my head rather pleased with Harry dress choice. A grin spread across his plump limps as he carefully removed the material from the coat hanger, unzipping it at the back. Harry stepped towards me, tugging the towel off my body, I immediately crossed my arms over my chest as usual, still shy about my body.

Harry's lustful gaze scanned down my body, taking in every inch of my exposed skin. I could feel my heart beat increase as he stepped towards me, his pink tongue gliding over his plump lips. I shivered slightly as a large hand skimmed up over my chest, resting over my rapidly thudding heart. The fast rate of my heart beat caused a smirk to curl at the corner of his lips, he knows that's what he does to me and he loves it.

"Who made your heart beat so fast, baby?" he teased, knowing perfectly well that it was him, he just wanted to see my cheeks burn red. I looked away, unable to hold his lustful gaze. Two gentle fingers lifted my chin, turning it back towards his face, satisfaction written all over his features. "You" I barely whispered, but he heard, his smug expression increasing as he heard my confession. "You going to look fucking sexy in this dress" he playfully growled, nipping at the skin on my neck as i stepped into the dress.

The dress was wriggled over my hips, it was quite tight. Harry moved back slightly, putting my arm through one sleeve, before repeating the same action with the other. I was spun around, gasping as my exposed back pressed against his bare chest, I could feel his heart beating just as fast as mine, it just made me smirk. His knuckles grazed the skin on my back as he pulled the zip up ant agonisingly slowly.

I found my eyes fluttering closed as Harry dipped his head in, his mouth nipping at my skin again. I offered him more access, tilting my head slightly to the side. He took advantage of this opportunity, teeth lightly nibbling, before swiping a stripe up my neck using his tongue. I giggled, that tickled. "Hmm, your cute" he hummed quietly in my ear, holding me tightly around the waist.

"Come on mr, you need to get dressed now" I giggled, pushing out of his arms. A grunt of annoyance left his mouth, disappointed that I had already left his cuddly embrace. I lowered my body down on the floor, where I sat cross legged in front of his duffel bag. My fingers fumbled with the zip, the two sides breaking away from eachother as Harry's clothes came into view.

I pulled a navy shirt and a grey blazer from the confines of the bag, along with a pair of black jeans and boxers. "Put these on" I chucked the boxers in his direction, without turning around. I heard the soft thud of his towel dropping to the floor, he was officially naked. I counted to fifty, before turning around slowly. I breathed out a sigh of relief when I saw him sitting on the end of my bed patiently waiting for me. I gathered his clothes in my arms, carrying them over to the bed, where I dumped them down beside him. "Don't move" I pecked him on the nose as I skipped over to the corner of the room where I had dumped the unneeded towel earlier.

I lowered myself down on his lap, fluffy white towel in hand as he held the small of my back. "What are you doing" he chuckled as I put the towel completely over his head. "Drying your hair" I giggled, glad I had kept mine tied up so it didn't get wet. My hands roughly ruffled the towel, Hoping his hair was drying, going back to its usually curly ringlets. "What are you doing to me woman!?" Harry laughed from beneath the towel. I giggled, removing the towel from his head, revealing a rather dishevelled looking Harry. His hair was sticking out everywhere, curls reforming. "Hello" I kissed him lightly on the mouth, watching him lick his lips as he savoured my taste before returning to his curls.

My fingers combed gently through his hair, brushing his fringe to the right the way it usually sat. Once satisfied with my job, I grabbed the navy T-shirt from the bedspread, tugging it over his head and down his chest. "Put your own pants on" I ordered, hopping off his lap and getting to my feet, watching as he huffed, pulling the black material up his legs, zipping the fly up and doing up the button. The grey blazer was clutched between my fingers, I slid one sleeve up his arm, taking a couple of steps to the other side of his body, doing the same with the other. He shrugged it up onto his broad shoulders before the two of us split to grab our shoes.

I was bubbling with ecstasy as we walked down the path holding hands. Mum barely ever let me drive, that might have something to do with the fact that it's Ferrari, she's so fucking rich. Harry dug around in his pockets, pulling out his car keys, hesitating slightly as he held them out to me. "Crash my car, I kill you" I spoke. I kew he wouldn't actually kill me, but I was a little hesitant now, he'd be really mad. I nodded my head, taking the keys from his fingers as I slipped into the drivers seat, buckling myself in. This might be the only time I'll ever be in his car without being locked inside it. Harry dropped into his own seat, watching me intently as I pushed the key into the ignition.

The engine roared into life at the twist of my fingers around the keys. My hands were placed firmly on the wheel as I looked at Harry for directions, I don't even know where I'm going. "The pub where you found me drunk" he mumbles, I nodded my head as I focused my eyes on the road. I don't think I've ever been so nervous in my life, I pressed my foot down lightly on the accelerator and we began to roll forward.

The trip to the pub consisted of Harry trying to start up a conversation, only to be shushed by me so I could focus. "You know wen if you did crash my car I wouldn't actually kill you" Harry chuckled as a we got out of the car. I threw the keys at him "Oh shut up". This only made him laugh at me further, His arm slid around my waist, pulling me into his side as we entered the bar. I didn't object to his actions, knowing he was only teasing me.

The club was swarming with mostly intoxicated males, I snuggled further into Harry'a side upon seeing several men body slamming into eachother. "It's okay, I won't let anyone touch you" he whispered reassuringly in my ear. My heart fluttered at his words, I knew he meant it, Harry would go to all extremes to keep me safe, that's how his protectiveness over me worked. Harry seemed to be headed in a certain direction, towards the bar, where I could see Nathan and Max sitting.

"Haz, you made it" Nathan grinned, giving the pair of us a warm smile. "What took you so long" Max asked suspiciously. "I let Natalie drive and she got lost" Harry chuckled, that was actually true, I took a few wrong turns, still unfamiliar with this new environment, letting him give me directions was the only time I allowed him to speak. "I only moved here a while ago" I defended, standing between his open legs as he sat on a bar stool, not wanting his protective touch to evade me. "I know baby" he pressed his hands down on my hips, lowering me onto his crotch so I was partially sitting and partially standing.

"Max how many drinks have you had" Harry asked the blonde boy who was sipping on a beer. "Just one" he answered, shrugging his shoulders. Nathan sniggered "Don't drink too many or you'll pass out before your opponent can even throw a punch". Max glared at Nathan, I'm guessing that's happened to him before "That was one time". Harry's chest vibrated against my back as he deeply chuckled "Yeah, the other time your opponent punched you twice". I couldn't help but giggle myself as Max's cheeks flared red, embarrassed that he'd been laughed at twice. At least he made it into the boxing ring. "Just shut up" he muttered, turning his attention to a busty blonde bartender.

"He likes his alcohol" Harry stated the obvious. Max reminded me a lot of Mitchell, he seemed to be a pretty chill guy who loved life and went with the annoying word YOLO, just like my best friend. "He's a flirt like you" I teased, putting a hand on one Harry's thighs. "You're the only one I like flirting with" he mumbled into my hair. "I can tell, you're doing it right now" I giggled, squeezing the strong leg beneath my fingers. "Now your just being a tease" he laughed, placing a large hand over mine, sliding his fingers between mine before moving both our ands back to my stomach. I opened my mouth to say something else, but was cut off by a brunette bartender asking Harry if he wanted a drink, rudely ignoring the fact that I existed. "Beer thanks" Harry answered, not even turning to look at the female who had spoken to him, his face remained nuzzled in my neck. I gave her a smug look as she slammed down a glass filled with beer beside Harry and I.

I stole it before Harry could wrap his fingers around the handle. "Hey! That's mine" he complained, watching as I took several gulps of the cool mixture before handing it back to the laughing male who's arms I was in "Cheeky". Nathan was watching us with an entertained look on his face. "Only girl I have ever seen move faster then Harry to get alcohol" He shook his head. "She's a quick one" Harry laughed, gulping down the remaining beer in one hit. "How well can you hold your drink Natalie?" Harry questioned, ordering a round of shots. "I don't know, but I'm not having a drinking contest with you" I reply shaking my head. "Im interested to see who will win this" Nathan laughed even though I said no to Harry . Fuck. "Are you gonna play or are you to chicken" Harry coos in my ear, his teasing clearly had the intention provoking me, bringing out my competitive side. "Your on, styles". What have I gotten myself into?

I shifted my weight around on Harry's lap, sitting on his thigh so I could see him better. "We stop at five, I don't want you getting too drunk" he set a boundary which I was relieved about, god knows what I'll do if I'm drunk, I'm bad enough on sugar.

Harry and I both picked up a shot. I had never done this before in my life, I'm so going to lose. "Your going down" Harry smirked, dropping me a wink. "Three, two, one!" Nathan and max counted us down. On one I quickly brought the glass to my lips, tilting my head back letting the liquid drain into my mouth. The liquid burnt as I swallowed, slamming the shot glass back down on the counter at the exact same moment as Harry. Our eyes locked momentarily, as a second round was ordered. The results were the same.

A third and fourth round were ordered and before I knew it I had downed the final shot, the synchronised clink of our glasses signalling that it was a draw. "To be continued" Harry chuckled, shaking his head at the bartender who offered us a sixth shot. "Feeling okay" He asked, checking that I was still basically normal. "A little tipsy" I answered honestly, I'd never had spirits before, but I was feeling pretty good. "Me too" he chuckled, nibbling on my earlobe. "I think you might have met your match, Haz" Max spoke, shooting me a thumbs up. I smiled proudly, quite impressed with equality in our little competition. "We'll have to finish this to see one day" Harry whispered in my ear. I'm going to kick his arse on that day.


Hey hey hey

Can't believe I've written so much! Like OMG. I'm so loving writing this story, I've written like 140 pages! It's going to get exciting soon, so look forward to that :O

Thanks for all the comments, it means a lot and im really glad you all like my story :)

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