Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


28. Chapter Twenty-Eight

Chapter 28

My hair blew around out behind me tied by a black band, the early evening wind blowing in my face. 'Troublemaker' by Olly Murs blasted through my headphones as I jogged along the path in time with the beat of the song. It had been a while since I went for a proper run. Probably about three months ago back in Doncaster before mum told me we were moving out. I don't think Harry would approve of me going for a run at this time, his protectiveness over me does have it's pros and cons. I've always run in the evening though, when the temperature is perfect, not too hot and not too cold. Plenty of people are still out at this time, a couple of minutes ago I ran past a mum with a young baby in a pushchair, I think I'm safe.

The sun was starting to go down now, the street lights beginning to come on. I should probably head home now, before it gets too dark and I get lost in this place I'm still not completely familiar with. My arms and legs pumped at a fifty percent pace as I jogged round a corner, taking a shortcut through a car park. I weaved through the cars parked neatly in rows. I had to do a double take when I noticed a familiar looking black SUV parked a bit off from all the other cars.

My pace slowed down into a walk, my eyes scanning over the number plate. That's his number plate, I'm sure of it. I spun around, looking for the tall curly haired male that made my heart flutter. My disappointment surprised me a little, eyes flicking over to the building the car park belonged to. It looked like a gym. My curiosity taking over my senses, I jogged towards the building. My hands pushed against the glass door, pulling my headphones from my ears as I stepped inside. I shoved the cords into my pocked along with my iPod, not caring that they would be in a mess when I took them out again.

The reception area was huge, a number of doors leading off to different areas of the gym. The white walls were littered with fitness posters. A woman sitting at the front desk smiled at me, a gesture in which I returned as I approached her.

"How can I help you" she asked as I tapped my Nails on the wood of the desk. "Uhmm, I was wondering if Harry was here" I asked, watching as her face spread into a wide grin. "Are you Natalie" she asked, with big questioning brown eyes. "Umm, yes" I answered unsure of how she knew my name. She seemed to realise my confusion, opening her mouth to speak again "Harry talks about you a lot". "Yeah, it's hard to shut him up" a masculine voice came from behind me.

Turning my head, I came face to face with a male of about Harry'a hight. He was strongly built, with dark black hair and blue eyes, I would have been intimidated by the muscular male if he didn't have a friendly smile written on his face. "Really" I asked my cheeks blushing, Harry didn't really strike me as someone who would go on and on and on about a girl. He shook his head giving me a wink "He told us your name and that you were very pretty that's about all" he laughed. I didn't think Harry would want to publicly share our relationship, that was all part of his protective demeanour. The male reached his hand out to me "I'm Nathan, one of Harry's friends" he introduced himself. I took his hand, shaking it "Natalie" I replied even though he already knew my name. "I can take you to him if you like" Nathan offered, I nodded my head a little excitedly. "Come on" he grinned leading me through a door.

I followed Nathan into a massive training room. The smell of testosterone filled my nose. I looked around the room, numerous people were scattered around the space, all working out, lifting weights, doing press ups, take heavy swings at punching bags and so on. My eyes were drawn to a large boxing ring in the middle in the centre of the large room. Worn out ropes surrounded the raised platform.

"Harry's just over there" Nathan pointed over to a pair of guys to the left of the room. I thanked him, expecting Nathan to walk away, but he did the opposite. Intrigued by the situation, he followed me over to where the two guys stood barefoot on on blue mats. I immediately recognised Harry, his curls flopping every where, a few ringlets stuck to the nape of his sweaty neck. He was wearing a plain grey shirt and dark blue shorts, which showed his legs off, he had really nice legs. Harry and the other male stood facing eachother, Harry'a back was towards me, as the other man sprung up and down on his feet slightly, boxing gloves raised, ready to take a swing at Harry.

"Again" Harry ordered. I watched with great interest as the guy opposite my boyfriend took a swing at the strike pads Harry held out. The impact of the punch was easily absorbed through the pads.

I didn't interrupt, instead I sat down on the floor with my legs crossed, intently watching the two boys. Harry's muscles flexed as he continued to take hits to the strike pads covering his large hands. The guy that I didn't know the name of curiously peered round Harry, in my direction.

I giggled a bit as Harry hit the guy upside the head with one one of the pads. "Keep your eyes on your opponent, or your gonna lose" Harry told the guy. "What if it's to look at her" a gloved hand was motioned towards the girl casually sitting in the middle of the floor. Me.

Harry swiftly turned around to see what the other guy was on about. A look of confusion crossed his sweaty features, a smile soon appearing when his gaze focused on my. The two indents on either cheek popped out as I blew him a little kiss.

"Lets take a break" Harry told the guy he was training with, strike pads were chucked down onto the blue mats as I stood up, waiting for Harry to come over to me.

"Hello beautiful" he wrapped his arms around me in a sweaty hug. "Eww, your all sweaty" I complained, shoving his damp chest away from. He chuckled deeply at my reaction, an arm wrapping round my waist as he led me over to a table at the back of the gym.

"What are you doing here?" He inquired, picking up a drink bottle and taking a swig of the clear water. I hopped up on the table, dangling my legs over the side. "I saw your car" I answered, as a deep blush crept up my cheeks. He looked down at me with those beautiful sparkly green eyes, giving me butterflies in my stomach. "Why were you out this late" he asked quizzically a frown etching Into his features. I knew he wouldn't approve of me running in the evening. "I went for a run" I replied, motioning to my hot pink adidas running singlet and the black skins covering my thighs. Harry picked my hand up gently, his fingers intwining with my own. "Ask me to come with you if your going to run at night" he pressed a kiss to the back of my hand. I let out a sigh "I always went for a run in the evening in doncaster, I've been doing it for years".

Harry shook his head, curls bouncing slightly at the motion "That was when you didn't have any creeps out to get you". A smirk pulled at my lips as I fluttered my eyelashes up at him "Are you referring to yourself" I questioned innocently, he was doing exactly that when we first me. "Shut up or I'll tip this water over your head" he threatened, a playful look in his eyes. I shut my mouth, not wanting to have a bottle of cold water tipped over my head.

"Why didn't you tell me you were a personal trainer" I changed the subject, my eyes watching that bottle of water as Harry took another swig, screwing the cap back on.

"I'm not" he spoke, putting the water down on the table next to me "I'm actually a boxer, but i train up some of the newbies like Max over there" he nodded in the direction of the blonde boy who Harry was training earlier. "He's got a fight tomorrow night". I swiped Harry's bottle up in my hands, I was a bit thirsty after my long run. "Well, why didn't you tell me your a 'boxer'/trainer?" I emphasised the word boxer as I unscrewed the cap, bringing the bottle to my lips, taking a mouthful of the cool liquid.

Harry shrugged his shoulders "You never asked". I watched as Harry gripped the hem of his top, bringing the material up to his forehead. My eyes couldn't help but wander of his stomach as he gave me a nice view of his toned muscles. I have a feeling this action was carried out more for my benefit than his. This was confirmed when a cheeky smile appeared on his plump lips as he brought the clothing back down, covering his torso again.

"How long have you been doing this" I asked. Harry's expression was thoughtful as he counted back the years "Well I started boxing straight after mum died" he spoke quietly "Two years after that training other people". I kissed his shoulder, knowing memories of his mum were probably embedded in his brain. "Why did you Choose boxing" I questioned, interested to see what his answer would be. The smile on his face fell, a loud sigh falling from his lips as he nudged my body over slightly so he could squeeze in next to me. "Uhh, pretty good pay" he replied "And I wanted to do it so id get stronger" by the sounds of his voice, I knew this wasn't the complete answer, I felt like there was something more. I bumped my shoulder into his lightly giving him the signal that I knew there was something else.

His eyes darted around, making sure there was no one in earshot, his voice lowering slightly as he replied "Because it helps me manage my anger issues". His eyebrows furrowed slightly "Well at least it's meant to, most of the sometimes I feel like I'm making them worse". I giggled a little, placing a kiss on his temple, damp curls brushing my cheek. People round the room were giving us confused glances as Harry and I continued to talk. I don't think they have ever seen Harry act this way around a girl before.

"When do you fight?" I question, leaning up against him, nibbling lightly on his ear in a playful manor. "Whenever I'm challenged, a lot of my components chicken out because of my reputation" he mutters, making it obvious to me that he hated that everyone was to scared to fight him. I wasn't really sure what to say to that, so I remained silent. "If I do get a fight its usually against guys like Adam who have a bone to pick" he chuckles a little. I wondered how many guys wanted to get back at him, and what he'd done to make them want to do that. Harry noticed my slightly worried expression "Don't worry, I beat them every time". This didn't reassure me at all.

"Do you want to have a go" Harry asked, a big smile on his face.

"Uhh, um, no" I shook my head shyly, I took a boxing class once, it didn't go so well. I tripped over the ropes surrounding the ring, face planting on the mat, making my nose bleed before we'd even started the lesson.

"Come on, your already in sports gear" Harry tugged at top, trying to get me to move. But I shook my head, not wanting to embarrass myself in front of him and the surrounding onlookers.

"To bad" I shrieked loudly as Harry grabbed me round the waist, putting me over his shoulder. Laughter rang out around the room as people watched Harry and I mess around. "Put me down!" I cried out, pounding my fists on his back. Harry chuckled loudly as I was placed down on the platform of the boxing ring, he lifts me like I weigh as much as a bag of feathers. Harry pulled my sweatshirt down my arms, ridding me of the clothing, before he leant down to untie my sneakers. The bottom of my feet were tickled playfully as he removed my socks. "Doooon't" I complained through the giggles, kicking at his hands.

Harry climbed up next to me onto the raised platform, tugging me up after him. The ropes surrounding the ring were held open for me, cautiously I ducked through, raising my back foot high enough over the rope so I wouldn't trip. I was silently having a party in my head, I hadn't tripped over and embarrassed myself.

My feet padded around the surface, wondering how many boxing matches had taken place here. My vision quickly darted back to Harry who was grinning as he intently observed me. His body leaning against the ropes. I wonder if Harry's ever had a fight here.

I wandered back over to him, I found myself drawn to to his arms, curiosity getting the better of me. I reached out, my fingers wrapping part way round his bicep. I could almost feel the strength Harry possessed. The power behind every punch he had given. I couldn't help but feel slightly intimidated by him. Harry's frame was built much larger than mine, his hight towering only slightly over me, glad for once in my life that I was five foot ten. If Harry ever turned on me, I wouldn't stand a chance, a shudder racked my body. It was almost as though Harry read my mind, his head dipped down plump lips brushing my ear. My forehead rested on Harry's shoulder, finger tips pressing lightly into his skin as he softly spoke.

"I would never hurt you, Nat"

My eyelashes fluttered closed, his words giving me a sense of protection and safety. The sound of someone clearing their throat interrupted us. My head shot up to see Nathan standing there with a smug grin on his face. Harry proceeded in rudely telling him to go away. Nathan laughed before strolling off.



"Have you ever done anything like this before" Harry questioned as he helped me put the gloves on over my hands. "I went to a boxing class a couple of years back" I answered as Harry strapped the last glove onto my hand, hoping he would say anything. "What stuff did you do there" Harry asked looking down at me. "How to fall over the ropes around the ring and almost break your nose" I replied giggling a bit. A deep laugh came from Harry's mouth, eyes slightly glazed over a he imagined me doing that.

"Well I know you can certainly punch pretty hard when you want to" Harry grinned, "And your pretty good at hitting a guy twice your size right where it hurts".

"Shut up" I protest, playfully punching him in the shoulder with my right boxing glove. "Oww" he pretended that it hurt, rubbing over the area with his hand. A small giggle escaped my lips as I nudged his foot, telling him to stop. Harry grinned as he moved to stand directly in front of me.

"This is a basic move of defence" I watched as Harry moved his arms, bringing them up to protect himself. "Its called a block. You bring your forearms up like this to deflect a punch" he explained.

I copied what he did, raising my arms up in front of me "Like this". Harry nodded "Try not to bring your arms up to high though or you risk exposing your middle". A long finger playfully poke me in the stomach to prove his point.

I laughed as Harry moved behind me, my back lightly touched his chest as he brought his strong pair of arms to my elbows, repositioning them a bit lower. I was vaguely aware of multiple eyes trained on Harry and I, interested in the way He was acting around me. My attention stayed with Harry though.

"There we go"





I stood leant against a wall, as I watched Harry continue to teach his girlfriend how to block. I wasn't the only one watching the couple in the boxing ring though, the entire gym was. None of us had ever seen Harry like this before, it was the strangest thing. He was being careful and gentle with her, maybe a little overly cautious though. Her dark ponytail swished as she spun around, hair smacking Harry in the face with in deliberately. I chuckled to myself, watching as he laughed as well.

"Nate? Is that her?" Max asked from beside me. I nodded my head "That's Natalie Carter".

When we asked if Harry was seeing someone, he always laughed and shook his head. He's never been in a relationship as far as I know. One night stands are what he's most commonly known for or fuck'n'runs. But when asked a few days ago, his reaction was different, face serious as he became a little defensive. It was obvious that he had a particular girl on his mind. When pressed for answers, he would only tell us her name and that she was very pretty! But he was reluctant to even let that information go.

Max and I stood and watched. They were playful with eachother. Large smiles spread over their faces, I had never seen Harry so happy. His eyes were constantly locked on her as she swung a left hook at his head.

Harry's dark demeanour has always drawn the ladies to him. The bad boy image he emitted proved to be an alluring attribute when attracting the opposite sex. His violent behaviour a turn on for many females he came across. Natalie certainly wasn't Harrys usual type, in fact she was quite the opposite. It made me wonder how they met. Harry being a couple of years younger then us and Natalie looking no older than eighteen, I figured they must have met at school, which Harry tends to skip.

How can two people be so different, yet be completely captivated by eachother. They shouldn't be compatible. They showed a vast contrast of Darkness and Light.

I watched as Harry grabbed Natalie by the shoulders, pressing her back into the ropes. His eyes closed as he leant in towards her lips. I watched with entertainment as the slightly shorter female jabbed a punch at his stomach, ducking out of his grip. The look on Harry'a face was priceless as he spun around in surprise. I don't think Harry normally gets punched in the gut while leaning in for a kiss.

He managed to dart his arms out at the very last second as Natalie ran from one side of the ring, jumping up to him. His hands cupped her thighs, her actions catching him slightly off guard as they went tumbling backwards onto the mat. Max and I laughed loudly, earning ourselves a glare from Harry.





Harry stumbled backwards, large hands gripping my thighs as we fell, me on top. I giggled as Harry let out a grunt as I began apologising. His eyes squeezed shut, my body wriggled above him as I tried to make an escape only to have my wrists caught by his hands. "Hold still" he ordered as long fingers fumbled to remove my gloves. Once off, I grabbed his wrists, pinning them above his head on the ring floor. "One point to Carter, none to Styles" I smirked. His green eyes twinkled up at me.

"I surrender" he joked, straining his head up, trying to get the kiss that I teasingly denied him before. "Did I win" I asked, only giving him a kiss if I win. He seemed to figure my plan out, nodding his head "You win". I grinned proudly, that's the first time I've won something against Harry. I leant down pecking him lightly on the lips.

We were soon broken out of our own little world. My cheeks flared red as I looked to the side. I was still on top of Harry a knee on either side of his waist. I was to concentrated on him to realise we were in the middle of the gym. The ring in the middle of the floor attracting nervous pairs of eyes as I pinned Harry to the floor.

"WHOOO!" The guy Harry had been training with cheered loudly "GET IN STYLES".

"That's it" Harry spoke abruptly.


Hey hey hey,

The idea of Harry being a boxer came to me this morning, I'd just like to share my very uninteresting story with you...

So today and yesterday I've been home sick, and I felt like shit, so I thought hey why don't I go do some exercise, I always feel better after that. So I dragged myself outta bed, practically fell down the stairs, and walked into our games room. I couldn't go out, so I went on our x-box 360, on my mums fitness game thing. And I did this boxing thing IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME! After burning like 500 calories, I went back to bed, with the idea for this chapter, I am so dead now I wrote 2 chapters today.

Well, thanks for reading my life story, I hope you like this chapter, lets see how long it will take me to write the next one.


Thanks for reading




I love you



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