Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


20. Chapter Twenty

"Harry! HARRY! STOP IT!" I shrieked, smacking his fingers away from my sides. "Your so ticklish" He chuckled at my pleas for him to stop. "Yeah, that's why you'd should STOP!" I shrieked wriggling around under his body. He grinned at me cheekily, dimples popping out on either cheek "But I find it so entertaining to watch you squirm beneath me" he brought his head down by my face, teeth nibbling on my right ear. My hands pressed up against his hard chest, attempting to push him off. "HARRY" I exclaimed, my eyes flicking to the alarm clock on his bedside table, the formal starts in about an hour or so and I'm not even dressed! "I love it when you scream my name" he spoke cheekily, his weight was removed and I was free to sit up from the bed.

"Thank you" my hand playfully connected with his arm as I stood from the bed. "Your welcome, babe" his eyelid dropped in a wink. I rolled my eyes as I walked across the room, picking up my country road bag off the floor. Harry's eyes followed me as I entered the bathroom, locking the door behind me.

My bag fell to the floor with a soft thud, I began to undress, pulling my shirt and shorts off my body and dropping them down onto the bathroom floor next to my bag. I had showered about an hour earlier, so I didn't need another one right now, instead I crouched down and pulled the zip open on my bag, carefully unfolding the pretty dress I had so carefully placed in my bag. Fingers delicately held the pretty material as I stepped one foot in and then the other, gently sliding it up my body and easing my arm through it, up over my shoulder.

A small amount of make up was applied to my face, giving me a natural look. I slid a few bangles onto my wrist and a silver heart pendant around my neck. Internally groaning, It came the time to face my worst enemy. The birds nest sitting on my head that most people call hair. I figured, I would straighten it today, just because. I reached down and plucked my hair straightener out of my bag, unwrapping the cord I hand put around it.

I spent fifteen minutes on my hair, brushing through it a final time, satisfied with the way I looked. I gathered up my stuff and chucked it all back in my bag, to lazy to fold it. Shyly, I nudged the bathroom door open a crack, peering out to see Harry sprawled out on his bed, fingers taping away on his phone, wait, no my phone. "HEY!" I exclaimed, forgetting my shyness "What are you doing with my phone?!?". I jumped on top of him, trying to snatch my green case covered iPhone from his long fingers. "Just playing temple run" he chuckled, flashing me the screen before dropping my phone down on the bed.

"You look beautiful" Harry whispered, fingers brushing along my jawline. My cheeks flared red, He gently pushed me up, so I was sitting cross legged in front of him. We stared into each others eyes for a couple of minutes, before Harry's lips parted and he began to speak. "Close your eyes". Obeying his orders, my eye lids fluttered closed.

Harry's warm touch trailed up my arm, leaving little goosebumps in every place our skin came into contact. His fingers brushed over the chain I was wearing round my neck, gently he lifted it over my head, removing it from my body. Confused by his actions, I opened my eyes, Harry coming into my view. I watched as he reached around his own neck, pulling the silver chain of his own from around his neck. I'd seen him wear this many times before hidden under his shirt, i figured it had some significant importance to him. However I didn't know that at the bottom of the chain hung a little silver paper plane.

My lips fell open slightly as his big hands put it around my neck, the cool metal falling just over my breasts. Harry's eyes studied my face intently waiting to see what my reaction would be. My fingers wrapped around the new addition of jewellery hanging around my neck. "Harry, I-I" my lips parted as to speak, but I was unable to form words though.

"I want you to have it" Harry whispered softly, leaning in towards me, strong arms wrapping round my body as he pulled me forwards so I was straddling his lap. Harry made my heart flutter, I was completely lost for words by his small gift.

"So everyone knows your mine"

"Is that all I am to you? A possession? just something for you to show off?" I snapped, my hands pressing against his chest as I roughly pushed myself off his lap, increasing the distance between us. My feet dropped to the floor, as I marched over to the other side of his room, pulling the black wedges I had brought with me onto my feet. "You know what, don't even bother coming with me, I'll just go alone" I hissed, standing to a greater height provided by the wedges.

I was shocked when I attempted to exit his room, only to have him slam the door shut in front of me, stopping my escape. Harry grabbed me by the shoulders, pushing me up against the wall. We were roughly the same height now, Harry still slightly taller though, but It made me feel more intimidating being about his height, I felt braver.

"Natalie, you know bloody well that's not why " he spoke huskily, a tinge of annoyance in his voice.

"Tell me then" I replied.

We stood face to face for a moment, our gazes locked. Harry's eyes seemed to fill aggravation at my request, the green in his eyes turning a shade darker as he became annoyed. Unable to provide me with an answer, my arms were released, but I wasn't free to go, his figure blocked the door as he ruffled his hair slightly, hanging his head.

"I didn't think so" I frowned, stepping back and taking a seat on the edge of the bed. My arms folded across my chest, pissed off, because he didn't have an answer and that I couldn't leave. Harry slowly walked towards me.

"Because I want you with me" Harry spoke quietly.

My arms unfolded as his hands gently pushed my shoulders back down onto the bed. My straightened hair flayed out around me on the white duvet. His body hovered over me, head dipping down, nudging mine slightly to the side. My eyes blinked close the warmth of his breath fanning over my ear as his plump lips softly brushed my lobe.

"Your gorgeous, smart" his soft lips kissed just below my ear sending shivers down my spine. "Cute". My cheeks tingled with heat as Harry laughed at my reaction. "Funny, sweet, gentle, kind" my arms wrapped round his neck, holding him closer to me. "So innocent" his voice became lower a. Deeper than it was before. A small gasp fell from my lips as a large, warm hand slid up the inside of my thigh. "Feisty" his lips kissed down my chest, licking a playful strip between my breasts. I tugged on his hair slightly, feeling his feet nibble at my skin, before taking the silver pendant between his teeth, playfully tugging at it. He releases it moments later watching it fall back down onto my chest.

"I want you to have it" he spoke softly, pausing. "T-To show how much I care about you".

Harry peered down at me nervous about the way I would react this time. It made my heart flutter, hearing those sweet words come from his lips. A smile appeared on my face as I felt my cheeks blush. A look of relief washed over his features, relieved I hadn't pushed him away again. My hands pulled his head back down towards my face. My lips ghosting over his "I care about you too" I whispered, lips pressing together in a gentle kiss.




We arrived outside the gym, this was where the formal would be taking place. Harry's arm was wrapped tightly round my waist in a protective manor as we entered the transformed gym. I had come in here plenty of times for Pe, the dull walls were now transformed Into brightly illuminated colours emitted by fairylights strung round the gym. "Well this looks different" Harry commented, only this afternoon, he was chasing me around in here, while we were meant to be doing a theory lesson, finding it difficult to write in such a bland room.

"Yeah" I agreed, cuddling further into his side as we weaved our way through the crowd of dancing people. I was well aware of the males ogling my body, Harry giving them all glares along with the female that the male had lost attention in after I walked in. It was the oddest feeling, I've never been the centre of attention before, always the one who hid from the limelight, it makes me uncomfortable.

"I don't like how their looking at you" Harry spoke through gritted teeth. "Can we go somewhere else, I don't like it either" I gripped his shirt tightly, scared that if I let him go, I'd be mobbed by males. "It's because your so beautiful and you look fucking sexy in that dress" he whispered, squeezing my hip lightly. I was glad it was reasonably dark so Harry couldn't see the blush that I held on my cheeks.

"LOOK LILY IT'S HARRY! AND A WHO'S THAT PRETTY GIRL WITH HIM" The loud voice of Louis yelled teasingly. "Oh god, not him again" Harry's grip tightened on my waist. "Relax, he's only messing around and besides, he's just a friend" I pecked him on the cheek as we walked towards the couple casually doing the Macarena in the middle if the dance floor, a group of people surrounding them, all laughing. "Hey pretty lady" Louis winked, making Harry tense up beside me. "Hey lou, Hey Lily" I greeted them. "Hi Harry" Louis spoke, Harry mumbling a quick hello in reply. "I wouldn't leave her alone, she'll be stolen by some pervert if your not careful" Louis joked, but Im not really sure if it was one. To my surprise Harry seemed to relax, maybe he thought it was a joke too.

"Are the others here" I questioned, looking around the room. "Yeah, their all somewhere round here, they left when we started doing the Macarena" Lily laughs. "We're gonna go find them, see you later" I spoke, tugging Harry back through the crowd. "You get jealous so easily" I groaned bumping my hip into his. "I am not jealous" he growled, stopping where he was. "Hmm, we'll see about that" I smirked, grabbing his hand and pulling him through the crowd.

I had just spotted a flash of blonde hair that belonged to Amy, my fingers were linked with Harry's as the two of us squeezed out way through the crowd. "HEY" I yelled loudly at the group of people huddled together in a circle. Heads turned to face us, eyes widening slightly, great them too. "Wow" Niall spoke, opening his arms for a hug. I dropped Harry'a hand, smirking a little as I stepped into Niall's arms giving him a big hug.

I could almost feel the jealousy Harry was emitting as I hugged Niall, moving on to Liam, Zayn, Connor and then the girls. "You look really nice Lara grinned as I felt Harry's fingers on my waist, tugging me back into his chest. "Thanks" I smiled warmly, pleased with the reaction I got from Harry. "Not jealous are we?" I asked, turning to face Harry, his jaw clenched and shoulders tensed up. "No" he muttered, obviously jealous. "It's okay, I only want you" I put a hand on his chest, the other around the back of his neck. A smile curled up at his lips, the muscles in his body relaxing as I pressed my mouth against his. Our lips moved in sync, the taste of mint lingered on his lips from the gum he had been chewing earlier.

"ARGH! GUYS" Amy shrieked, covering Niall's eyes, Harry and I breaking apart. "Get a room" Connor joked, earning himself a slap from Jodie who was frowning at disapprovingly. Why is she so rude to him.





I couldn't help but envy Harry, ever since I laid eyes on Natalie, I've had a huge crush on her, she's such a loveable person. She seemed to like me when we first met at that party, but Harry had already claimed her and everyone knows, you'll get hurt if you touch something he wants, I've seen it happen before. Natalie discovered that Harry isn't actually everything he may seem, I knew that, before he pushed me away, I never discovered what made him start this 'Badboy' reputation, Harry was gone for a couple of weeks, then back at school with a whole new attitude.

For the first time in years, he actually seems Happy, it's Natalie. I don't remember ever seeing a happy smile on his face, but here he is right now, grinning foolishly after having a bit of a snog with Nat. "Get a room" Connor teased. Liam patted me on the back, oddly enough, he has a crunch on her too and you can also add Louis to that list, Zayn, he's whipped on Lara. If Harry ever found out, we'd be dead meat, so it's best for us to keep our mouths shut, we can't even tell the girls. They'd tell Natalie, who would tell Harry, then it would be awkward and there would be three dead bodies.

I watched as Harry whispered something in Natalie's ear, a blush crept up her face as she gave him a little nod and a peck on the cheek. "See you guys a bit later" Natalie gave us all a wave before she and Harry disappeared through the crowd.





"Dance with me" Harry whispered quietly in my ear, I nodded my head, pecking him on the cheek even though I'm pretty sure I didn't have an option in this situation. "See you guys a bit later" I gave the large group a wave as Harry spun us around, leading us back into the crowd. We pushed through closely connected bodies until we found ourselves a little opening in the sea of bodies surrounding us.

"Come here" Harry ordered, pressing our chests together. A sudden thought occurred to me, I can't dance for shit. "Harry, I can't dance" I blushed, stepping away from him embarrassedly. He let out a little chuckle, grabbing me by the wrist "It's not hard". I shook my head "I can't" I tugged my wrist back trying to get out of his grip, but he was much stronger than I was.

His arms enclosed around my waist, pulling me in closely to his chest again. I was lifted up off the ground slightly, my feet placed on top of his converse. "Does this hurt" I asked, worried my wedges were breaking his feet. "Nope" he shook his head. Not completely convinced, but with no other option, I wrapped my arms round Harry's neck, resting my child on his shoulder, as he stood I a warm embrace. We began to slowly sway to the music. "I don't even know why I bothered coming to this when I can't dance" I blushed, feeling Harry'a soft lips press to my neck, leaving wet kisses over my skin. "You just came to look beautiful" he whispered against my neck. I tilted my head a little further to the side, giving him further access to my smooth skin.

"I'm not beautiful" I sighed, tugging at the curls at the nape of his neck. "Yes you are" he argued, sucking down on a spot, making me gasp a little. I shook my head "Not remotely close, I'm just average" I mumbled, pulling harder at his hair, loosening my grip as he reduced the sucking on my neck. "If your not beautiful then why is it that the whole bloody school seems to be looking at you" he spoke in annoyance. I figured it was best to just end this conversation now.

Harry's lips trailed along my jaw, his soft kisses making me feel weak at the knees. Good thing he's holding me up, or I'd be on the floor, being trampled by other students. "Harry, would you be jealous if I danced with someone else" I asked, a small smirk on my lips. "I'm not jealous" he lied, planting a kiss on the corner of my mouth. "So you wouldn't mind then" I grinned, pushing out of his strong arms and stepping backwards, watching his face for the immediate reaction. "No, come back" he grabbed my hip, pressing our bodies back together. I couldn't help but let out a small giggle, It's cute when he gets all jealous. I pressed a gentle kiss to his lips, before nuzzling my face into the crook of his neck, inhaling his scent. "Mmm" I mumbled, giving his neck a little kiss, before nuzzling my face into his tanned skin.

"SHIT" I exclaimed, suddenly realising I was wearing make up, and the fact that make up smudges. "Nat? What's wrong" Harry asked, worry filling his voice. "I just wrecked my make up on your neck" I mumbled "I need to go to the bathrooms and fix this" I motioned to my face, looking down so he couldn't see though. "Lets go to the bathrooms then" Harry laughed, guiding me through the crowd while I kept my face hidden from everyone.

"Hey, no boys in here" I pushed Harry back out when he tried to follow me into the bathroom. A sigh of frustration fell from his lips "Fine, I'll wait outside". Fortunately the bathroom was empty, making it easier for me to fix up my face. Mascara was smudged around my eyes making me look like I had a black eye. I pulled a handy towel from the dispenser, wetting it slightly as I dabbed it around my eye, removing the excess black smudge from around my eyes.

I pulled my mascara out of my bra, along with my lipgloss, it was the only place I could put it. I applied a new coat of Mascara, being careful not to stuff up, I have a habit of doing that and get splotches of black on my eyelids and the bridge of my nose.

I was doing my second eye when the bathroom door flew open, in fright my hand slipped, a streak of mascara crossed my eyelid now. Angrily I dabbed that off, before turning to the stupid slut who stood behind me. Melody. She was wearing a tiny strapless dress that barely covered her boobs or her bum, her face was caked in layer upon layer of thick orange foundation that didn't match the skin on her chest. Her eyes seemed to bore into me and she wore a nasty smirk on her face.

"What do you want" I asked rudely, glaring at her. "Oh you know, just a little chat" she sniggered, taking a couple of wobbly steps in the one thousand inch heels she was wearing. "What about" I hissed, watching as she jumped up on the sink next to me. "You and Harry" she glowered, brushing a strand of blonde hair from her eyes "I'm surprised your even with him, he's not your type and your not his". Is this bitch seriously doing this. "How do you know my 'type'" I air quoted the word type, just to help her understand. "Honey, your like a little innocent child and he's a sexy badboy" she gave me a 'duh, are you stupid or something look, making me roll my eyes. "He's dangerous ya know" she smirked "You shouldn't get mixed up with a guy like him". I instantly knew she thought I was too innocent for him. I have a feeling Melody believes she's better suited. Oh please, I already know this shit, but I don't care, he's not like that with me. "He's not dangerous" I snapped, trying to do my makeup for the third time. Melody scoffed, "You obviously haven't seen him in a fight" she laughed mockingly at me. "Actually I have" I replied "Three times".

The memories of the forceful punches thrown and taken by Harry remained clear in my mind, the after results also crystal clear. Melody had a look of surprise on her face, eyebrows raised slightly and a frown etched into her forehead. "And your still with him after all that, I'm surprised he hasn't scared you away, he is quite frightening like that" she fiddled with her hair, twirling a piece round her finger "Despite his anger issues, he was the best sex I ever had".

My wrist slipped again, smearing mascara on my eyelid again. I picked up the paper towel again, rubbing the mascara off my eyelid again. A high pitched giggle came from her lips, apparently she had no shame in talking about her past sex life. My reactions were the ones she wanted. Utter shock. It only encouraged the slut to continue.

"Oh god the things he could so with his tongue" she practically moaned "And those plump lips". She gave me a malicious smirk "You have no idea the potential that his mouth had". Little did she know I had already experienced the wonders his intimate touch. She obviously only saw him on a sexual level, it wasn't at all surprising. But I see him as more, more then her small brain could ever understand. She knew nothing of his past, putting his violent behaviour down as an alluring bad boy image. Harry trusted me, I was the only one that he had ever told about his family.

Melody gave me a sympathetic look, thinking I envied her, I'd rather be a hobo living in a cardboard box then her. "It's okay to be jealous" she patted my arm. I couldn't help but laugh, me jealous of her, nah uh. Her face turned into a scowl "What's so funny". "The fact that you think I want to be a slut like you, who uses her face as a colouring book, wears basically nothing, will end up as a prostitute and will probably get aids" I replied, her face was hysterical, complete shock, payback. "Your a little bitch" she spat benefited storming out of the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

Smiling, I applied a bit more lipgloss, my mascara finally fixed after a billion attempts. I put the two tubes back in my bra, before exiting the bathroom. My eyes scanned from left to right, looking for a head of chocolatey curls. I rolled my eyes when I saw melody talking to him, can she leave. I made my way over to them, he looked like he was pained just having to speak to her. When he spotted me, he mouthed a help over her shoulder and I shook my head, bloody slut, when will she give up.

"Hey cutie" I wrapped my arms round Harry's waist from the side, pressing a kiss to his cheek. I wanted to show Melody that Harry wasn't just hot or sexy, he was also so many other things. Harry gave me a big smile, wrapping his arms round my waist, his head resting on my shoulder, putting me between he an Melody.

She gave me a look of disgust, without Harry seeing, I gave her a smirk. "Sorry Melody, Natalie and I are meeting some friends now so bye" Harry faked, pulling me away from a flabbergasted Melody. "What took you so long" Harry asked, pulling me through the crowd of people. "Melody came in and gave me some shit, then I kept smudging my mascara and finally I pissed her off and she left" I answered, wrapping my arms round his torso in a big hug. He hugged me back, lifting me off the ground slightly. "Melody came out and said you were a bitch and I should just get rid of you" Harry kissed me on the nose "She's so annoying". I nodded my head in agreement "I think you need a drink, your voice keeps croaking" I playfully pinched his bum. "Oooh, touchy today" he wiggled his eyebrows at me cheekily. "Shut up" my fingers found their way into his warm hand, pulling him over towards the drinks table.

On the way I noticed an upset looking Niall sitting alone. "Harry, I'm going to go talk to Niall for a second, go get your drink, I'll meet you there" I kissed him on the cheek when he nodded his head in agreement, splitting away from me.

"Hey buddy" I sat down next to Niall, putting a friendly arm over his shoulder "You okay". A loud sigh was released from his lips as he turned his head towards me "Lonely". "Go dance with the others" I suggested, hoping he'd go join back up with the group instead of sitting alone. "Their all coupled up, half of them eating eachothers faces off" he rolled his eyes. I let out a little giggle "Go ask a pretty girl to dance" I suggested, unsure on how anyone could refuse Niall, he's just too cute "Who could say no to a leprechaun". A little smile tweaked at his lips before disappearing "I already asked three girls, I got rejected thrice" he sighed, his head resting on my shoulder. "Aww, I wouldn't be able to say no to you" I pinched his cheek. He chuckled lightly "Go back and have fun with Harry" he patted me on the back. I stood up, grabbing Niall by the wrist "Come on Irishman your coming too". Niall shook his head "No, no, no, no, no". Harry and Niall need to be friends again, it's just awkward with them right now "You and Harry need to be friends again". I was practically dragging him through the crowd, my feet taking steps back as I pulled him.

My eyes skimmed the length of the table, No Harry there. "Uhhh" I said confused, how do I lose a practically six foot male with curly hair when he's mean to be at a drinks table. "You lost Harry" Niall laughed, poking me in the ribs amused by my confusion. His laughter suddenly ceased, eyes wide as he stared at a spot to my left. I spun around, following Niall's gaze, my heart was in my mouth as I spotted Melody. He lips pressed tightly to Harry's about ten metres away. Her back faces towards me as they stood hidden in a corner. I had to blink a couple of times to make sure I wasn't just imagining it.

My hands clenched into fists, Melody wanted me to see. I watched as her hand fisted the fabric of the shirt he was wearing under his blazer. Hand wound tightly in his curls, holding him in place. I couldn't stop the moisture forming in my eyes, blurring my vision. I felt sick to the stomach, I can't believe I was so naïve to trust him, I really am just another toy in his game.

My fingers reached round my neck, pulling the necklace from around my neck. I pressed the cold metal in Niall's hand. "T-tell him to go fuck himself " I sobbed, before turning on my heel and slipping back into the crowd.



Hey hey hey

Drama OMG! how are you all, do you like this story? I really hope so, I've been working so hard on it and I'm absolutely loving to write! I like hearing from you, opinions, questions anything really so drop me a comment and I'll reply to ya as soon as I possibly can :)









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