Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


32. Chapter Thirty-Two

Chapter 32

"Nat" someone spoke softly in my ear, I stirred slightly at the sound of his deep husky voice. "Baby" he spoke again, strong hands slightly shaking my shoulder as he tried to arouse me from my peaceful sleep. My eyes fluttered open revealing the attractive site of a curly haired male looming above me. "Good morning" I smiled, stretching my body out, pleased to find my stomach cramps were gone. "I made you breakfast" he smiled down at me sweetly, his arm reaching out for a bowl on his bedside table. "Harry! I'm on my period, not pregnant" I blushed, not really sure to the reason he thought I deserved to get breakfast in bed. "To bad, I wanted to make you breakfast so I did" he smirked, slipping back in between the covers with me, propping himself up slightly using the pillows. I wriggled myself sideways so I was snuggled into the side of his warm body. "Did you sleep okay" he asks, handing me a bowl of Special K. I smiled, somehow he seemed to know I had an addiction to Special K for breakfast. "Yes" I nodded, Harry's hands had provided me with enough heat to relax my cramped stomach muscles, letting me have a peaceful night sleep. "Do you still have cramps?" He questioned, draping a strong arm over my shoulders. My cheeks flared red, I really am not comfortable discussing my monthly cycle with Harry, I don't even discuss it with my own mother. "No, I'm okay now, thanks for breakfast" I answered, quickly changing the subject. The blankets were pulled up further up our bodies, enveloping our bodies in warmth "You're welcome" he mumbled, lips pressing down onto the bare skin revealed by the collar of Harry's baggy shirt slipping down my shoulder slightly. His lips travelled along my warm skin, leaving a trail of wet kisses up my neck. "Harry" I gasped, his plump lips wrapping around my sweet spot, sucking down on the skin. I'm not really sure why he decides to do this right after he's handed me a bowl of cereal, his a bit stupid. My hand came up to his chest, lightly pushing him away "I'm going to spill this, probably on you if you keep doing that" I announced, trying to keep it balanced on my lap. A cheeky expression crossed beautiful features, a smirk twitching at the corners of his plump lips. The cereal was tugged away from my lap, placed back on the bedside table where it had originally been left. "Breakfast can wait" he grinned, large hands grabbing my hips. "No, no Harry, you can wait" I made a useless attempt to fend his hands off, my battle was a useless one though.

I was easily lifted up and positioned onto his body so I was straddling him. "Harry"I giggled, leaning forward slightly so I was hovering over him. Dimples popped out on either side of his cheeks as he smile up at me, his messy locks sat on his head in a tangle of chocolate coloured curls. I liked the fact that his shirt and dark skinny jeans were still covering his body, it made our relationship feel so much more real. "Hello beautiful" he spoke huskily, I loved his morning voice its just so attractive.

I wriggled down his body slightly further, so I was laid out on top of his chest. I let my fingers wander up his neck, slipping into the curls at the back of his neck. "You know, I really liked it when you washed my hair the other day" he smiled as I continued to run my fingers through his messy hair. The memory of washing Harrys hair played back in my mind, I highly doubt I'd ever forget that day. "I would suggest you become a hairdresser, but I won't, because I only want you touching my hair" he chuckled, I somehow don't think hairdressing would be a good idea for me.. "If I was a hairdresser, I'd probably accidentally shave your lovely curls off" I tugged at the dark ringlets surrounding his face. "That thought did cross my mind" he grinned. I leant down, giving the gorgeous boy beneath me a quick peck on the lips "I would cry if I shaved your curls". Harry just laughed at me, snuggling me closer into the warmth of his chest. The hand keeping me upright was caught between Harry's larger one, causing me to fall, sprawled out on top of him.

My eyes fluttered closed at the feeling of his lips making contact with the smooth skin on the back of my hand. Wet kisses were slowly and continuously pressed over my hand and fingers. Every touch of his lips sent pleasurable tingles through my body.




My eyes blinked open for the second time today, the delicate actions created by Harry earlier had caused me to feel drowsy and I must have dropped off again. Harry no longer lay tangled beneath me in the warm confines of the bed, he along with the bowl of un eaten cereal had disappeared, replaced with the familiar brown bear I had discovered in Harry's hide out. I sat up, emitting a small yawn before pushing the covers back and hopping out of bed.

I walked slowly down the stairs, slightly wobbly on my feet after lying in bed for several hours. I peeked round the doorframe into the kitchen, seeing if Harry was in there, but he wasn't, so I moved on to the lounge. I spotted him immediately, sitting on the sofa, phone in hand. He didn't see me come in, which gave me the perfect opportunity to sneak up on him.

My feet were placed flat on the surface of the carpet, my movement silent every step I took. Once stood just behind him, I stretched my arms out, covering his eyes with my hands. A deep chuckle left Harry's lips at my surprise greeting. "Morning again handsome" I pressed a sweet kiss to the top of his head, before removing my hands from his face. "I thought I was meant to guess who it was" Harry leant his head back, so he could look up at me. "You're laugh just screamed the answer" I kissed him again, on the tip of his nose. "Come here, baby" he patted his lap, welcoming me on to it. I complied to his offer, jumping up over the backrest of the sofa landing on the soft cushions. I sat down on Harry's lap, my arms wrapping round his neck As he put his phone down on the arm rest. "You fell asleep on me, earlier" he smirked "Do I bore you or am I just really comfortable to sleep on". I smiled, letting his protective arms draw me in closer to his body "You're just comfortable, warm and cuddly". Harry hummed softly at my confession, nuzzling his face into my neck. "I'm glad to hear that I'm not boring" he laughed, honestly, theres never a boring moment with Harry.

The two of us remained cuddled up on the sofa together for a while longer, the occasional kiss was stolen from my lips before his face returned to my neck. "Do you want breakfast, I kind of ate yours, I was hungry" Harrys voice was slightly muffled, but I heard him anyway. "Yes, please" I nodded eagerly, surprised he hadn't heard my stomach rumbling earlier. I wriggled out of his grip, using his knees to help me push myself back up to my feet. Harry stood behind me moments later, arms wrapping around my waist, nudging me in the direction of the kitchen.

"Are you going to school tomorrow?" I asked curiously, I had a feeling that he planned on going to the gym all week to train for his fight. "What do you want for breakfast?" He delayed the answer to my question, only confirming the answer to me. His large hands gripped my hips, lifting me up onto the cold marble counter.


He opened the panty cupboard doors, waiting for my answer, but I wanted an answer from him first. "You don't plan on going to school at all this week do you?" I sighed, leaning my head back against the wall behind me. Harry closed the pantry again, taking a couple of steps back over to me.

Large hands fell on my knees, prying them open so he could step between them. "It's the last week of school, they can't give me detentions while we have holidays and I've only got this one fight" my hands were gently taken in his. I looked down out our entwined hands, his were vastly larger than mine, the pad of his thumb softy rubbed circles in the back of my hand, trying to soothe me. "But Harry, you still have to go, even if you have a fight and it's the last week of school" I spoke quietly, looking back up to his face, letting our eyes lock. "We don't even learn shit on the last week of school" he exclaimed "It's not like anyone cares if I fail school". I pulled one of my hands out of his grip, bringing it up to his cheek where I gently caressed his smooth skin "I care". He brushed my hand away from his cheek, I was about to let out an annoyed humph, but he moved my hand to the back of his neck instead "I know, baby". My fingers wound through his curls, playing with them as Harry continued to speak "Just this week though". I knew better than to argue with him, he would only lose his temper and win anyway. "Fine, but you're not going to fail school" I whispered, tugging his head a little closer to mine "I won't let you". Harry's nose grazed against mine a he leant I a little further, hot breath mingling as our lips brushed lightly. His plump lips wrapped around mine, mouthes moving softly against eachothers. I fisted his curls, pressing his mouth down onto mine harder, causing Harry to emit a throaty groan. I drew back at the sound, pecking him lightly on the cheek as I pushed him back a couple of steps, hopping down off the counter. Harry's eyes remained glued on me as I pulled the pantry doors open, deciding upon just having some toast. My eyes skimmed over the assortment of food lined neatly on the shelves, I reached up to the middle shelf, pulling a plastic bag containing a loaf of bread out of the cupboard.

"What would you like with your toast" Harry asked after I put two pieces in the toaster. "Hmm" I tapped my chin thoughtfully. My actions were somewhat of an amusement to the curly haired male, a deep chuckle escaping his pink lips, echoing around the kitchen. "Butter, peanut butter..." My lips formed a smirk as my ocean green eyes locked on his emerald ones "and a Harry on the side" I winked. He looked a little shocked by my boldness, I don't think I've ever winked at him before. "Did you just wink at me" he laughs, opening the fridge door. "I don't know, did I?" My lips curled into a bigger smirk a I watched Harry put the butter down on the bench before retrieving the peanut butter from the pantry. "You're using my moves against me now" he chuckles, wrapping his arms round my waist from behind. I chuckled as he nuzzled his face into my neck "My moves now" I giggled, kissing Harry on the cheek, his laughter joining mine.

I jumped slightly at the sound of the toast popping, however Harry seemed unfazed by the noise, it made me wonder if anything could actually scare him. I don't even know if he has a weakness. Harry's arms released my waist, his muscular body turning to the counter where he pulled the two pieces of toast from the hot machine containing it. I riffled around in Harry'a cutlery draw, searching for a couple of knives. The draw was bumped close again using my hip and I took a couple of steps back over to where Harry had put the toast down on a white plate. I put the silver metal down on the counter, picking up the jar of peanut butter, only to have it pulled from my hands by larger ones. I watched in slight annoyance as Harry unscrewed the lid, collecting a knife from the bench before dipping it inside the jar, collecting some of the sticky spread on the cool metal. "Harry I can put peanut butter on my own toast" I rolled my eyes, I honestly don't get why he won't let me do it myself. He continued to spread the mixture on the toast, completely ignoring my comment as he moved on to buttering the other piece. "Here you go, beautiful" Harry smiled as he passed me the plate with the two pieces of toast laying on it. I took the plate from his hands, my gaze flicking up to meet his "Thank you, Harry, but you don't need to do everything for me, I'm not a baby". A deep chuckle was emitted from his pink lips, I didn't understand what he found so funny. "You're my baby" he winked, before wandering out the kitchen door, off to god knows where. His protective nature does have it's good sides but it can also be terribly annoying like now.

I walked into the lounge, alone, letting my legs collapse down on the comfortable sofa. I sighed to myself before bringing a pice of toast to my lips and taking a bite. The sound of the shower turning on alerted me to where Harry was. I continued eating my toast, finishing the last bite when Harry returned to the room, shirtless wearing a pair of blue shorts. I knew he was going to the gym.

"I'm going to do some more training today, are you going to come?" He asked, pulling a grey singlet he had been holding over his head. I wanted to go to the gym with him, but I needed to go home and talk to mum, I'm not going to let her replace dad. My hair swished side to side as I shook my head "I need to go home and sort things out with my mum". Harry frowned slightly "I'll stay with you if you like". I shook my head again, he didn't need to see mum and I arguing "I'll be fine, Harry". He gave me a slightly disappointed look, but he nodded his head in disappointed agreement.


"Have fun at the gym, Harry" I leant over the gearstick to the drivers seat where Harry was sitting. My palm rested on his thigh, giving me support as I pecked him lightly on the cheek. "I'd have more fun if you came" he winked at me, wrapping his arms round my waist. Harry easily lifted me over the gearstick and onto his lap. "As much as I love watching you train, I need to go home" I spoke, fiddling with the dark ringlets at the back of his neck. "I'll drive you to school tomorrow" He offered, holding me a little closer to his chest. I nodded my head, already anxious to when the next time I would see him again. "I really love these shorts on you" I giggled, tugging on the waistband of his shorts "You have really nice legs". Harry chuckled at my out of the blue comment, pressing his lips lightly to mine. I smiled into the kiss, wrapping my arms tightly around his neck, tugging at the curls at the back of his head. His warm pink tongue slipped out of his mouth, prying my lips open, without asking. I didn't object however, I let his tongue roam the inside of my mouth, swirling around my own as our saliva mixed. I drew back upon hearing Harry let out a low moan, it was time for me to go, before things got to heated. "Bye Harry" I pecked him on the lips quickly before fumbling with the door. It swung open, allowing me to step out with some difficulty from Harry, he was reluctant to let me go. "Bye beautiful" he laughed, releasing me from his grip almost causing me to fall flat on the pavement, but I managed to catch myself. "See you tomorrow" I waved, before closing the car door, watching as he pouted at me through the window, displeased with me closing the door in his face before he could speak.

I walked up the path, I turned around once on the doorstep, puckering my lips and blowing him a kiss. I could see him chuckling to himself inside the car as he reversed out of my drive and back onto the road. I watched his car speed off down the street, my smile falling when he disappeared, leaving me to have to talk things out with my mother.

I twisted the door handle, pushing it open as quietly as possible, I didn't want her to know i was home just yet, I needed to change and take a shower, to help me mull things over before I confronted her. My attempts to be quiet were pointless though, the moment the door closed, her loud voice echoed around the hall, making me almost jump out of my skin.

"Where have you been?!?" Her eyes were red and swollen, a white tissue held between her fingers, dabbing at the black streaks of mascara running down her cheeks. The tone of her voice held a hint of worry, masked by anger, why was she angry, she's not the one who's own mother lied to her. "Away from you" I spoke coldly, staring daggers at her through my squinted eyes. "I've been worried sick" she dabbed away several tears slipping from her eyelashes, a loud sob racking her body. I rolled my eyes, why would she worry about her daughter she's been neglecting, whilst she's off with a nasty man. "Yeah, totally" I spoke flatly "Just another lie your telling me isn't it". I was so tempted to just turn around and walk out the door again, she's pathetic. "Natalie! I didn't want you to react like this, that's why I didn't tell you about John!" She yelled, stepping forward. Her slim, delicate fingers reached out, clamping round my forearm more like claws, yanking me forward. "So you were just going to keep it secret, act like everything was just normal" I hissed, getting right up in her face, my height being an advantage in this situation. She took a step back, releasing my arm from her tight grip, she looked so hurt. "N-no" she sobbed, brushing more blackened tears from her pinky cheeks. "I was going to tell you, but I was waiting for the right time, I was going to tell you on Tuesday, but damn work made me go back early and we couldn't have that little bonding time" she cried harder. It all made sense, she had been trying to tell me, every little nice thing she did was to try and get me in a good mood, so I wouldn't react like I have when she told me about John, but I honestly don't think it oils have made much of a difference.

Fat tears continued to toll down her porcelain cheeks, I'd only ever seen mum like this once before and that was after Dad died. Her usual persona was bright, happy and strong, she barely ever cried, especially not in front of me. As much as I hated it, I felt guilty, she had obviously been worried about me, the way I reacted must have shocked her slightly. The last time I ran out of the house after a fight with her, dad died, maybe she was worried it might be me this time. My anger towards her lessened slightly, but I was still enraged about her dating some other man, instead of staying loyal to my father, even if he was gone.

"I was at Harry's" I snapped, pushing past her, down into the hall. My brain was whirring at the crazy amount of thoughts going through my head, trying to process them, God I was angry. Mums light footfalls echoed throughout the almost silent house, following me into the lounge. I dropped down onto the couch, the cushions providing me with some comfort as I snuggled down in them. "A-are you and H-Harry together now?" She sobbed lightly, delicately placing herself down on the couch opposite me. I narrowed my eyes at her, sending her an angry glare "Why would you care". More tears were brushed away from her blue eyes, staining the soft white material off the tissues black. "Because I'm you're mother and I love you" her lips quavered as she spoke, I knew what I was doing was hurting her, but I guess that made us even. "Yes" I muttered, extremely reluctant to reveal our relationship to her after she lied to me. I can't believe she was pretending to be at work, neglecting me.

A small smile tweaked at the corner of her red lips "You look lovely together". I might have returned the small smile of we weren't in the middle of an extreme argument. In fact I probably would even thanked her and told tell her about him if she hadn't gone behind my back, I don't think I'll ever be able to trust her again. "You looked nice with dad" I hissed, knowing this would be like a dagger through her heart, dad being her weak point even if she was seeing another man.

I watched as her eyes turned from pain to angry. "WHEN WILL YOU BLOODY WELL GROW UP" she yelled, I smirked to myself, knowing I'd hit a nerve. I wasn't intimidate by the blonde woman who I sadly have to call my mother, she wasn't even the slightest bit scary to me. "YOU'RE HAPPY, YOU HAVE A LOVELY BOYFRIEND AND A BUNCH OF NEW FRIENDS, EVER THOUGH T ABOUT HOW I MIGHT FEEL" she screamed, stomping her foot up and down the way a toddler would when they were told no. "How you might feel?!?" I spat, rising to my feet. I have been neglected for almost the whole time we have been here, in Cheshire. I wasn't the one who had to go on a business trip, I'm not the one who told her daughter she was working late because she was behind schedule, I'm not the one who's been seeing a fifty year old man during the day instead of working. "MAYBE I MIGHT FEEL ANGRY BECAUSE YOU'RE SEEING SOME OLD MAN, REPLACING DAD!" My eyes were brimming with tears, but I refused to let myself cry.

My hands balled up into fists, nails digging painfully into the flesh of my palm, but I didn't care, it was the only way I could restrain myself from attacking her. "YOU'RE SO SELFISH" mum screamed, joining me on her feet. My blood boiled with anger, she was getting close to tipping me over the edge. "Ever thought I might want to be happy" she took a few steps forward, glaring harshly up at me with her piercing blue eyes. I knew she could never be happy with just me, It hurt to think it, but me and mum were never going to get along as well as other mothers and daughters do. She was never going to be Happy with the girl that preferred being out in the rain making mud pies instead doing ballet or playing dress up, she was meter going to be happy with me. She had made it clear that some random man meant more to her than her daughter. I wasn't good enough, she wanted an angel and I was far from being one of those things, I was a demon to her, the daughter she never wanted, she had to have a man to keep her Happy, entertain her.

"When will you accept the fact your father is dead and I'm ready to move on" she seethed, grabbing me by the collar with small, smooth petit hands that you wouldn't think could hurt a soul. I was tugged down to her slightly shorter height. "And I don't care what you think" her voice made me sick, it was so sickly sweet that it was terrifying. If you've ever had a teacher that is calm when she's angry then you'll understand what I mean by her sweetness was terrifying.

The moment my shirt fell from her fingers, I ran to my room, slamming the door with so much force that the whole house seemed to shake. She was no longer my mother, she was gone, she was dead to me. She couldn't love dad even though he was gone, she couldn't realise that he was probably looking down on her now, still loving her even though she hadn't kept her promise to never see another man. I would always defend my father, he was who I had loved most, he was who I lost. My father taught me so many valuable life lessons in the short length of time he was alive, I promised myself after his death I was always going to live the way he taught me, I was determined to never end up like mum now.



Hey guys,

I haven't posted in a while, in suffering from a huge writers block, so this is the best I could give you guys, I'm sorry it's just a shitty little filler, but the next chapter will be much better because I got some plans this time. I'm really sorry this chapter took so long, I've been so busy and haven't had enough time to write, holidays start in a couple of days though, so ill have lots more time to write, but i'm going away for a bit so there wont be any wifi but ill update as much as possible. 


Thanks for reading,


Stay beautiful





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