Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


38. Chapter Thirty-Seven

The next day I was I high spirits, life was looking pretty damn good right now and things seemed to have changed for the better. However, I wish I could say the same about the whether. The storm had calmed now there was no more thunder and lightning but the rain was still falling lightly and it was looking pretty dreary outside. But nothing could stop me from going on an early morning run in the rain, best conditions to run in if you ask me.

Mum was still in bed fast asleep when I left the house. I had woken at about six for some unknown reason and was dressed and breakfasted by six thirty. I had left mum a note on the bench to tell her where I'd gone, but she probably would have figured I was running because my sneakers were missing and it was my perfect whether conditions, but it felt better to leave her a note. 

Plugging my headphones into my ears, I stepped out of the house. It was still a little dark and the cloudy sky didn't help things but the street lights provided me with plenty of light. As I began my jog I noticed a few lights on in houses, probably young kids getting up early to watch T.V. I remember waking early when I was younger to watch T.V I quickly grew out of the habit though.

I passed the occasional jogger as my run progressed they smiled and gave me nod as we passed and I returned the gesture, a few people had the same liking for this whether as I did. Throughout my journey I remained a nice temperature, the light rain drops keeping me cool. 

I had been running for well over an hour now and the horrific realisation that I was lost suddenly sunk in. "Shit" I muttered to myself as I came to a holt. I had become to distracted my my music to remember where I was going and now I was lost. I fumbled in my pockets for my phone silently cursing myself when I realised I had left it on my bed. What idiot leaves there phone behind when they don't know where they live well enough, I barely even know my address. 

I tried to retrace my steps, but I only seemed to be getting more and more lost. Nothing looked even remotely familiar and I found myself turning in circles trying to figure out which way I had momentarily come. I even tried to find a passwordless wifi I could hack into to Facebook someone that I was lost but I couldn't find any.

My once good day was suddenly all going down hill and to make matters even worse the rain started coming down hard and heavy. I began to jog again as the cold bit at my skin, sending shivers down my spine. Hopefully mum will start looking for me now that it's pouring. 

Following my nose, I decided it would be best if I ran straight down one street and if I was going in the right direction I would eventually get to a familiar street, but that was a big 'If'. I silently prayed that someone would be walking down the street, but I doubted anyone would be out except for an idiotic girl who left her phone at home in these whether conditions.

I had only been running for another few minutes when my prayer was answered, but not in the way I had hoped. At first I silently thanked god when I saw a figure moving towards me, but it wasn't until I caught a flash of a black dragon tattooed on the approaching males arm. How could my day get any worse.

My skin prickled with fear, images of Adam and Luke flashed in my mind. I was quick to take the first corner that came into sight, abandoning my first plan. Unfortunately I didn't have a plan b or any plan if I ran into a member of the gang that Adam and Luke belonged to. The only thought the flashed in my mind was 'Run'.

It's just one guy, probably just going on a morning walk. I tried to convince myself but it really wasn't working. Who am I kidding! He's probably been out smoking pot or some shit and is on his way home when Harry's pathetic lost girlfriend happens to run past, he's probably thinking this is my lucky day.

I couldn't stop my self from glancing back and I immediately wished I hadn't. Not only was the guy following me, but he had a buddy too. Picking up the pace a little bit, I weaved my way in and out of streets, hoping to throw them off my tail, but every time I looked back they were still there.

I was becoming weary now and my legs were stiff from the cold. The two guys were practically on top of me now. I made one last burst of speed round a corner and just when I thought my luck couldn't get any worse, it did. 

Rounding the corner at a sprint, I ran straight into a third guy. I bounced off his chest like a spring and stumbled to the ground. My elbows scraped along the concrete and the friction caused my skin to tear grazing all up my arms from my elbows. I cried out in pain lying weakly on the ground. Not only did the concrete hurt but running into that guys chest was like running into a brick wall. I lay gasping on the ground, winded, cold and in terrible pain.

"Well, Well look what we have here" the man I had run into smirked down at me. My bottom lip trembled and my stomach dropped I scuttled back, desperate to get away from the terrifying man that harry had defeated in the boxing ring. 

Luke loomed maliciously over me. He laughed at my actions, watching me wince in pain was seemingly amusing to him. His face was still pretty busted up from the fight on Friday and the wounds he sustained only made me feel more intimidated by him. 

I let out a scream as a large hand grabbed my ponytail and roughly used it to pull me to my feet. I didn't stand a chance against these men, i was as good as dead.

I wrinkled my nose as I inhaled the putrid sent of the man who had hoisted me up. He smelt of weed and alcohol neither of which I found at all pleasant.

"Miss me, Nat?" Luke laughed as I writhed in the disgusting smelling mans grip. 

"Fuck off" I hissed, putting on my brave face. 

The three men deeply laughed at my feeble threat. I almost wanted to join them in their laughter I cant believe just how pathetic I am, not to mention I was in no position to be threatening three large men that could probably snap me into by barely lifting a pinky.

"There's that feisty spark" Luke teased, glancing down at my chest. 

I gave him a look of disgust as his brown eyes wandered over the bare skin exposed by my low cut jogging singlet. I was surprised when his fingers reached out for the silver chain hanging around my neck.

"This his" Luke asked. 

I slapped his hands away before he could pull the pendant out from where it was safely concealed down my top.

"Hands off"

This caused the men to erupt into more evil laughter.

"Maybe we could give it back to Harry, something for him to remember you by. What do you reckon boys?" Luke asked. His face was twisted in a sick, twisted smirk and I imagined the other two men wore much the same. 

My heart stopped in my chest and I tried to take a step back, only to walk further into the man gripping me by the neck of my shirt. Terror coursed through my body . My pulse raced and my brain worked in overdrive as I put two and two together. Luke was going to kill me. 

My eyes darted left and right, looking for some escape but there was nothing, my only option if I could break free was to run. I was trapped.

Luke's smile was sickening as he watched me in amusement realise I couldn't escape the on coming violence. He was feeding off the fear he evoked within me, taking it and using it for his own sick pleasure.

My elbow jutted back into my captors ribs and the sound of a pained gasp filled my ears as the grip he had on me was released. I ducked under Luke's arms, but I wasn't quite quick enough. My long hair was caught between his large fingers, harshly yanking it back to force a strangled cry from my mouth. The action was excruciating and I had to bite my lip to hold my tears back.

"Scream for me, baby." He darkly spoke, his words much the same as the ones Adam had said to me the first time we met. "I want Harry to know you screamed for him... You wanted him to save you". 

Wet tears streaked down my rain covered cheeks, I couldn't stop them falling. My small hand gripped his wrist desperately trying to get him to release me as he pulled me back into his chest. My hair was used as leverage, tilting my head to the side as his dipped down.

"Be a good girl, I want to hear you scream out for him" Luke evilly whispered.

I had no intention in obliging to his commands, no matter how much he hurt me I wasn't going to scream. The power Luke craved was granted to him through fear and intimidation. I was not going to be his victim. Instead, I gritted my teeth and stomped my foot down on top of his as hard as I could. 

His grip loosened as I had hoped and I was able to break free, silently praising myself for tying it in a ponytail making it easy to pull free. Just when I thought I could make a break for it, my wrist was caught in his hand and I was yanked back around to face him.

The cruel laughter of his onlooking friends sounded as Luke's fist connected with my cheek. The blow sent me back and I found myself lying on the hard cold ground. A metallic taste filled my mouth and the side of my face throbbed painfully. 

"You little bitch" he aggressively spat "I'll kill your little boyfriend too if you do something like that again". Large black boots stalked towards me, I hastily removed myself from the vulnerable position, avoiding the kick that was intended for my stomach. Despite the pain I felt throughout my body, I didn't waste time in scrambling to my feet. 

Dirty nails dug into the soft flesh on the inside of my forearm and the sting of skin ripping forced tears from my eyes. I cried out as I made a final attempt to escape, my fist coming up in a right hook, colliding with his temple. 

I was shocked when he stumbled back, crashing to the ground unconscious. He hadn't expected me to throw a punch, I had caught him off guard. The two remaining men and I looked at each other in shock for a moment. Then I came to my senses, quickly turning on my heel, I ran.

Tears stung in my eyes as I escaped, trying to get as far away as possible. I didn't care where I was going now, as long as it was away from them. My body ached, but I pushed on, refusing to stop, afraid they'd catch me. 

Luke's threat was still fresh in my mind when a car pulled up beside me and began rolling along next to me. I had almost expected it to be more gang members, but a wave of relief washed over me when the window was wound down and a familiar brunette boys face appeared. 

"Natalie! What the fuck happened" Louis yelled as I collapsed down into the passenger seat of his car. Tears streamed freely down my bruised cheeks, I thought I was going to die, if Louis hadn't of showed up I probably would have.

"I-I-I" the words wouldn't form on my lips. I felt delusional, my head was spinning and I couldn't see straight. 

A gentle hand soothingly touched my cheek, brushing away the salty tears falling from my eyes. "Harry" I sobbed in my delusional state. "Harry? You want me to take you to Harry?" Louis asked kindly. 

I shook my head bringing myself back to reality "No! Not Harry! You can't!" I exclaimed in a panic. Harry couldn't know what happened, he would go after Luke and he would get hurt or worse, killed. Luke's threat echoed in my mind over and over again, I had to protect Harry from that.

"Did he do this to you?!" Louis exclaimed in horror. I hadn't realised how bad my panicked decline to his offer to take me to Harry must have sounded to Louis ears. "No, Harry would never hurt me" I sobbed "Please, just take me home". 

Louis stared at me with worry "Okay, but once we get you cleaned up, you have to tell me what happened" he agreed. I have Louis a weak smile, lightly nodding my head.

When Louis and I had arrived back at my place, mums car was gone much to my relief, she would freak if she saw me in the state I was. My body trembled from the cold and the shock of being assaulted so badly that I could barely stand up. Louis ended up carrying me upstairs to the bathroom. 

I was forced to take a shower, which somewhat calmed me and soothed my aching entirety. I had refused to look in the mirror to see the damage done, afraid of what i would see. So i had quickly dried myself off and pulled on the pyjamas I had worn last night. Bandages and disinfectant were carefully applied to my cuts before Louis tucked me into the comfort of my bed. 

"Thank-you, Louis" I quietly sobbed as he sat down on the other side of my bed. His blue eyes gazed at me as was if too silently say your welcome. Since I'd moved here I'd made so many good friends that I had already found out I could rely, I couldn't quite believe how lucky I was. 

"Can you please tell me what happened" He asked gently, not wishing to upset me. I didn't want to tell him what had happened, I didn't want to tell anyone, but after the kindness he'd just showed I owed him that much. 

"I was attacked by Adams brother, Luke" I shuddered at the thought of the terrifying man who had beaten me.

Louis eyes widened in shock "Shit! How'd you end up anywhere near him?". His reaction didn't surprise me, I had been warned earlier by Harry to stay well clear of that man, I had thought he was better than Adam on Friday, but I would have preferred to run into Adam today a billion times more than I did Luke. 

I decided to start the story from the beginning, lurching into full detail.


"Please don't tell anyone" I begged once I'd finished explaining to Louis what had happened. 

"Natalie, you were attacked and threatened, you have to tell Harry!" He exclaimed. 

"No, I can't, he'll do something stupid" I sobbed into my duvet covers. Harry was the last person that I wanted to find out about today's events. His irrational behaviour would cause him to go after Luke and I knew he would get himself hurt. Luke knows that since I got away Harry Might come after him so he'll make sure he's got his Gang to back him up. Harry would jump in without thinking twice swinging his fists at Luke.

"Natalie..." Louis started but I cut him off.

"He can't know! Okay" I exclaimed, desperately fisting the front of Louis shirt "You wouldn't understand". My sobs grew louder as the thought of Harry getting hurt flashed in my mind. 

"Hey, hey, don't cry" Louis hushed, gently pulling me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around his back burying my face in his shirt. Louis gently rocked me back and forth while he quietly hushed me. Louis may not be Harry, the person I want most right now, but his kind actions were enough to calm me and to make me feel a little better.

"Promise you won't tell Harry" I sobbed into his already damp shirt. 

"Fine" he sighed in defeat.

Louis stayed a little longer before he had to go, I was kind of glad he was leaving though as terrible as it may sound, but I really wanted to be alone, I needed to let all my emotions out and it wasn't going to be pretty. 

"If you need anything, call me, Kay" he said as he leaned over to kiss me on the forehead. I nodded in agreement before thanking him several times for everything he'd done, I honestly don't know what would of happened if he didn't show up and I was trying to avoid thinking about it. 

"Take care, Natalie, I'll see you later" he gave me a wave before leaving my room. 

The moment I saw his car pull out onto the road I fell apart. Tears rolled down my cheeks in an endless pool of salt water until I eventually cried myself to sleep.


I jolted upright at the sound of my phone vibrating on my bedside table. I reached out for my iPhone wincing slightly at the pain the most simple movement was causing me. I hit the green answer button raising the phone to my ear. 

"Hello beautiful" the sound of Harry's husky voice came from the speaker.

An involuntarily breath was sucked in my lips as I pressed the phone too hard against my injured cheek, quickly swapping ears.

"Nat? Baby, you okay" His tone of voice held worry and confusion.

I choked back the sob attempting to escape.

"I-I'm fine" I tried to reassure him but was almost certain if done the complete opposite.

Harry paused for a moment, contemplating my answer. I silently hoped he'd believe it.

"I'm looking forward to seeing you" I could hear his smile the ought the phone. The sound of his beautiful voice was working miracles on my nervous state. "Is it okay if I come around now?".

My eyes widened in panic, he couldn't see me like this! He couldn't know anything! Luke's threat echoed crystal clear in my mind, I wouldn't let anyone hurt Harry. I had to protect him, and if that meant withholding certain information from him, then so be it. My mind whirred rapidly as I tried to come up with a plausible excuse to keep a distance between us.

"I don't feel that great, I think I caught a cold from being in the rain last night" I lied, hoping it would be believable enough.

"I an come over and look after you if you'd like." He offered sweetly.

"No, I don't want to get you sick." I spoke sadly. I wanted nothing more in the world for him to come over and look after me, but he couldn't see me like this.

"Oh, okay." The disappointment in his voice broke my heart. He had been so happy earlier and then I turned him down. "I guess I'll just see you later then".

Tears stung my eyes as I choked back another sob. Hold it together, Natalie.

"Bye Harry" I quietly agreed.

"I hope you feel better soon" he whispered before hanging up.

My equanimity slipped through my fingers and the tears began free falling from my eyes. I curled my knees up to my chest, sobbing loudly as I released all my petrified tears.

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