Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


31. Chapter Thirty-One

Chapter 31 

I walked into the kitchen after walking home from the gym. I was feeling quite stressed after discovering Harry had a fight. I dropped my bag, feeling terribly flustered, heading towards the kitchen to get a cold drink. I was surprised to find mum sitting at the dining room table with some random guy I had never seen before. "Hi honey" mum warmly smiled at me, as if this was a completely normal situation. I didn't return it though, I was confused as to the reason mum was sitting here drinking tea with dome guy who was glaring angrily at me and I'd never laid eyes on in my life, while she had her job she was meant to be at. "Who are you" I gave the man a harsh glare back, he looked about mid-forties, his black hair was streaked with grey and he had nasty brown eyes that seemed to glower at me. I didn't like the look of him at all. "I'm John, your mother’s boyfriend" he looked at me as if I was stupid. I felt my blood start to boil hearing those words from that man’s mouth. What the fuck! She never told me she was seeing a guy! And why is she even dating, after dad died she said she never would! Anger seared through my veins, mum couldn't see other guys, it was like replacing my dad, how could she do that to me. To dad. 

She looked slightly panicked as my tearful eyes harshly glared at her. "John I told you not to" mum snapped at her new boyfriend. The fact that she wasn't even going to tell me made everything worse, it was like she had grabbed a knife from the kitchen and was stabbing repeatedly through my heart. The fact that she was with this man now made me wonder if she even went to work during the day. "You don't even go to work until late do you? You see him!" I spat. Mums blue eyes held my angry gaze, her lips twitching into a guilty frown. I clenched my fists angrily, forcing my tears back, I refused to let her or John see me cry. "Well fuck you" I yelled, swiftly turning on my heel and marching out the door. "Natalie, come back!" Mum called after me, but I ignored her, slamming the front door behind me. 

My feet hammered heavily along the footpath, my knees jarring at my heavy stomps across the ground and lack of running shoes. I was so mad right now, mum had been sneaking around with a guy right under my very nose, she lied to me, and she fucking lied. The tears fell freely now, knowing I was out of mums view, she's never seen another man after dad, she told me she loved him too much, but that's a load of bullshit. Now she's off with some old asshole who obviously already hates me, is she trying to replace dad? She's a selfish bitch. She never thinks about anyone else's feelings, she never has. It's always been all about her.  

I kept running towards the only place I knew I'd be safe and well taken care for. My fingers wiped under my eyes as I slowed into a walk at the end of his street. I don't want to have black mascara stained tear streaks down my face. A couple of deep breaths were sucked through my lips in an attempt to calm myself as my feet shuffled slowly up the driveway towards the front door. My hands were still clenched in tight fists, raising my right one upwards, I brought it down on the hard wood, knocking three times.  

A few minutes passed before the soft padding of Harry's large feet against the wooden floor could be heard. The door handle jiggled slightly, before it was tugged back, revealing an eye popping Harry in a pair of low hung grey joggers. Droplets of water dripped down his toned abdomen from his damp hair, I figured he must have been in the shower. "You can't stay away from me can you" he spoke playfully, unaware of my unhappiness because of the dark hair that hung around my face, hiding my emotions from him. When I didn't reply, he realised something was up, two long fingers tilted my chin up towards him, brushing away the strands of hair covering my face so he could get a good view of my watery eyes.  

"Baby, what's wrong" he asked worriedly, the smile he had worn only moments ago disappearing, changing into a frown. I opened my mouth to reply, but nothing but a ghastly son racked through my body, tears glittering my cheeks again. 

"No, no, don't cry, please don't" he begged, unable to watch the fat tears roll down my cheeks, dripping of my chin. The soft touch of his thumb against my skin as he brushed the tears gently away was a comforting action. I stepped forward, in need of more body contact from him, I wanted him to hold me. His large arm caught hold of my waist, wrapping it tightly around me whilst the other knocked my legs out from beneath me, cuddling me to his chest. "I'm going to take care of you" he sweetly whispered in my ear. I sobbed lightly, wrapping my arms around his neck, nodding my head in agreement.  

The door was kicked shut, snib pushed in before Harry carried me up the stairs to his bedroom. My back came in contact with the soft mattress as I was carefully laid down on the bed, my legs dangling slightly off the end. "Let’s get these shoes off" he quietly whispered, knees falling to the floor in front of me. I gasped slightly upon contact of his warm lips against my knee. His fingers fumbled with the shoelaces as he sporadical kisses were dotted up and down my leg in a soothing manor. My heavy Dr. Martins were slipped from my feet, one at a time, each leg receiving the same treatment from Harry's warm lips as the hefty shoes were tugged off.  

The white socks were peeled from my feet and crumpled into a ball as they were stuffed into my shoes. Harry's hand cupped the heel of my left foot, wrapping his lips around one of my toes, I found the sucking action ticklish and let out a small giggle. My toe was removed from Harry's mouth, foot flopping back down on the foot of the bed as it was released. "Come on beautiful, I want to hear you laugh" he spoke softly, crawling onto the end of the bed beside me.  

His strong arms encircled my body, drawing me into his bare chest. I nuzzled my face into the crook of his neck, breathing in his delicious scent as the proximity between us increased until there was no space left between our bodies. My shirt was nudged upwards "Harry" I giggled quietly upon the contact of his gentle fingers against the bare skin of my hips. His fingertips lightly dug into my sides, tickling me at my weakest point. I squirmed in his arms, letting out a laugh at the sensation. My laughter rang out around the bedroom, Harry smiling at the sound he was causing.  

"Oh fuck" Harry gasped, the tickles I had been receiving abruptly stopped, his hands darting to his crotch. During my squirming in his arms, I must have accidentally kneed him in the balls. "H-Harry, I'm sorry" I apologised, the last time when I deliberately hit him where it hurt still fresh in my memory. "It's okay, baby" he groaned, stretching his body back out, wincing slightly at the pain. I wrapped my arms around his neck, snuggling him into my chest. "My fault anyway" he mumbled, pulling me back into his warm embrace again. 

My fingers gently stroked through the curls at the scruff of his neck, all thoughts of my mother forgotten as I lay wrapped in Harry's arms. The only sound that could be heard was our steady breathing. "What happened, baby? Why are you upset?" Harry's husky voice broke the silence, the pad of his thumb gently caressing my cheek as I tugged his hair tighter. "M-my mum has a boyfriend I never knew about" I sobbed, letting him pull me closer to his body if that was even possible, we were already cuddled closely. "She lied to me, she told me she had to work during the night because she was behind her schedule" another sob racked through my body, Harry softly hushing me. "She was actually just seeing this asshole guy, instead of spending time with me. It's like she's replacing my dad with some jerk". Harry's fists clenched my shirt between his fingers "That's not fucking right" Harry spat, my legs becoming woven with his. My lips quavered, several tears trickled down my cheeks, but were wiped away before they could dribble down my chin. "Shh, you don't have to go back, you can stay with me" he softly whispered in my ear. I had been hoping he'd say that, I just wanted to stay here with him.  


"Harry" I giggled, kissing his nose before darting behind the sofa, putting some distance between. A frustrated grunt came from Harry's mouth as he watched me escape him again "You are such tease". I was over being upset with mum now, I couldn't care less while I was messing around with my curly haired boyfriend. Harry came round the side, trying to grab me around the waist as I leapt over the back of the sofa, landing on the cushions out of his reach. "Can't catch me, Styles" I blew him a cheeky kiss from the other side of the room. I watched as he quickly leapt over the couch, running towards me with outstretched arms. I let out a shriek of surprise, I hadn't expected him to move that fast.  

I bolted through the doorframe, Harry chasing after me as I jumped two steps at a time up to his bedroom. "Go away!" I shrieked, jumping up on the bed, turning around just in time to see Harry dive at me. His arms wrapped around my legs, knocking them out from beneath me as the two of us fell backward onto the bed. My back hit the mattress, Harry landing on top of me. "I think I can, Carter" he smirked down at me. I pouted my bottom lip out, unhappy that I'd been pinned down on the bed, beneath him. A light peck was pressed to my lips, the pout I wore immediately disappearing and changing into a happy smile. My eyes fluttered close at the feeling of his nose grazing across my cheek, lips brushing against my ear. His voice lowered "Your little show has gotten me a bit excited".  

My eyes snapped open in surprise, meeting with the lustful gaze of Harry's beautiful eyes. My fingers ran up his bare back as I bit my lip, trying to muster some courage hidden deep within me. "H-harry"I spoke in barely a whisper "I want to try again". I watched nervously as Harry absorbed my words, understanding what I had just said perfectly, I was worried he'd reject me.  

Harry smiled down at me "I was hoping you might say that". 

I let out a sigh of relief that I hadn't really noticed I'd been holding in as Harry leant down, a heavy kiss placed over my mouth before he stood up. Propping myself up on my elbows, I scanned his body, loving the sight of his muscled chest and beautiful face. My eyes trailed down from his chest, I bit my lip upon seeing the hard bulge showing through the grey material of Harrys joggers, making it very clear to me that he was extremely turned on. "Are you going to just look at me or are you going to come here" he teased, making my cheeks turn a bright shade of red, eyes quickly darting back to his face. 

I pushed myself off the bed, walking straight into his open arms, letting him envelope me in his warmth. "I'm all yours, baby" he whispered in my ear. Our foreheads pressed together as I reached towards his waist, Harry inhaling my trembling breath. I made it very obvious that I had never undressed anyone in my life let alone someone as perfect as Harry, my shaky fingers fumbled with the drawstring, trying to untie it but failing depressingly. Harry noticed my difficulty, his large hands brushing mine gently aside as he easily tugged the drawstring undone, hands returning to my back, leaving me to struggle with the rest of the task. I clumsily shoved them down his long longs, letting them fall to the carpet before he stepped out of them. My hands felt down the hard muscles in Harry's stomach, whilst listening to him hum softly in my ear, His thumb gently tracing over my bottom lip. I desperately searched for his beautiful green eyes, holding his calming gaze. "It's okay, slow down" he spoke reassuringly. 

A heavy exhale of air came from my mouth as my eyes fluttered closed at the feeling of Harry nudging his face into the crook of neck. He lightly kissed at my collarbone, trailing his lips upwards leaving a path of wet kisses behind them. Large hands were placed on top of my shaking ones, guiding my slim fingers to the band of his boxers. He helped me in slipping the silky material down his hips. My eyes remained locked on Harry's as his underwear was dropped round his ankles.  

Having no experience with the male anatomy before, I didn't have much of a clue in what to do, but I forced myself to make the first move. Pushing my nerves and uncertainty to the back of my mind, I reached down, blindly cupping my hand underneath his already throbbing erection. The thick length was hard and heavy resting in the palm of my hand. I was surprised by the soft silky feeling of his skin, a vast contrast to the rigid shaft. He moaned lightly at my delicate touch, placing a big hand under mine, encouraging me to wrap my fingers around him. "Pump" he instructed slightly breathlessly. 

I slowly moved my hand up and down the thick shaft, my ears open to the soft moans Harry was emitting as I did what he had told me to. His curls tickled at my forehead as hot breath puffed out over my face. Our hands briefly grazed mine a couple of times as my touch neared the tip of his erection. I found myself curious to why his hand was brushing mine. His lips pressed a warm kiss against mine before my gaze averted downwards. A harsh gasp of breath was sucked through my lips, eyes widening at his intimidating size. Harry's thumb was gently rubbing circles into the swollen head. "I can do it" I whispered, before brushing Harry's hand away. I carefully touched my thumb over the tip, the sound of Harry letting out a moan was somewhat of a reassurance to me as I began to replicate his actions. A string of moans vibrated from his throat into the crook of my neck, I knew I was doing it right. Several minutes past passed and I noticed the dramatic pick up of Harry's breathing. The rise and fall of his chest was considerably quicker as I continued to caress the tip of his penis. I gasped as he suddenly grabbed my hands, pinning them behind my back. Shit, what have I done wrong?!  

A smile spread across his lips as he stared down at me "I don't want to come just yet" he grinned. My mouth nearly fell open, I couldn't believe I had brought him close to orgasm in such a short space of time. I bit my lip as I nervously began to sink to the floor, only to be caught under the shoulders and hoisted back up. I jumped slightly at the feeling of Harry's erection brushing up the length of my body as my legs were wrapped around his waist. "Kiss me first, beautiful" he whispered. I eagerly brought my lips down against his, kissing was one thing I knew how to do with Harry. His warm tongue slipped between my lips, invading my mouth. Fingers slid into the dark curls at the back of his neck, tugging at his hair lightly. Wet kisses were left up my neck as I pressed my fingertips to the nape, a fistful of curls gripped between my fingers.  

I was too lost in Harry to notice he'd been carrying me over to the bed, where I was gently placed back down on my feet while he sat down. Gentle fingers brought my hand to his lip, soft kisses scattered all over the skin. "Are you sure" He questioned between kisses. I nodded my head, behind tugged forward slightly as Harry sweetly kissed my cheek. 

I lowered myself down to the floor in front of him, breathing picking up as I was once again intimidated by his size. The thick length stood away from his body. My hands rested on his knees, jumping slightly in surprise as Harry put his hands on my shoulders. "We really don't ha-" he began, only to be cut off by me. "Shh, I want to" my hands rubbed up his thighs gently, in a calming action. 

He smiled as his touch was removed from my shoulders, eyes fluttering close at my delicate touch continued to run up and down his thighs whilst I repositioned myself slightly closer. One hand remained on his leg, the other bravely taking hold of Harry's erection. A throaty moan was emitted from his mouth as I placed small kisses up the hard shaft, my tongue leaving a bold stripe on the underside. 

My tongue soon enveloped the swollen head and the warmth of my lips. Harry's hips shifted on the mattress in response, a groan falling from his mouth, but I noticed his effort to keep still, not wanting to push me any further. My nerves were beginning to get the better of me as I stared up at the boy with sparkling green eyes, I wanted to please him, but I was so scared I'd just completely mess it up.  

A large hand was placed over the one resting in his leg in an act of reassurance. "It's alright, baby" he spoke softly, leaning down to press a soft kiss to my forehead. He flashed his dimples at me as he drew back, his actions settling me down again. I whimpered, holding his base as I took in a little more of which could fit in my mouth, rolling my tongue around the thick shaft. Harry was cautiously observing me as a string of strained moans tumbled from his parted lips. I was lightly nudged back as I struggled to take him any deeper "Don't force yourself" he worriedly spoke. 

I gave him a slight nod of my head, deciding to use my hand to pump his length, whilst my mouth took in what was comfortable. A smile spread across his face at my new actions, the muscles in his tensed thighs seemingly relaxing. Small droplets of swear beaded on his forehead dark curls sticking to the glittering perspiration. The room had become considerably hotter, desperately in need of some cool night air to blow through a window. 

My movements became faster, Harry’s hands desperately fisting the bedspread as I pumped him up and down quickly. Harry's eyes squeezed shut as I dug my fingertips into his thighs, lips parting slightly. When he focused back on me, his breathing was heavy, chest rising and falling rather quickly. His hand gently took hold of my chin, thumb caressing my cheek gently. "Slow, slow it down, baby" he pleaded. 

My pace changed to accommodate Harry's request. My lips drew back, his length slipping from my mouth as I licked the small slit, the substance was salty. My hand was pried from Harry’s thigh as I continued to take him past my lips, fingers guided to his balls, which hung down at the base. "S-squeeze" he stuttered, already starting to fall to bits right before my very eyes.  

My fingertips teased gently at the new area before Harry emitted a deep moan. "T-there, Nat, Do that again" he gushed. I carefully dug my tips into the back of his balls. Harry's head rolled back in response, gasping for air. When our eyes met again, his were no longer a sparkling green colour, they were darker, more lustful. Long fingers softly swept my hair back from my face, tucking it behind my ear. My tongue glided over his tip, taking in the droplet that had leaked from the slit. "Take your too off for me" he breathlessly instructed. 

Drawing back, I was aided in removing my shirt, the material dropping to join Harry's pants crumpled on the floor. I quickly returned to my actions, recognising the look held by Harry's beautiful features, I knew he was close. My movements continued until his hand gripped my shoulder. "Natalie" he strained, gently pushing me away. His length slipping from the warmth of my mouth. Harry reached down to touch himself, but I batted his hands away. My small fingers wrapped around him instead, as I pumped. My name left his lips in breathy gasps and moments later a sticky white liquid shot out from the head. I flinched slightly as it squirted onto chest, dripping down the bare skin as another wave of pleasure rolled through him. Harry groaned, his breathing erratic as he flopped back on the bed. 

"Oh My God" he mumbled. 

His length gradually softened in my hands as I gently traced my fingertips along the warm skin and protruding veins. He emitted a hiss when my thumb gently rolled over the sensitive swollen head. I pressed a trail of kisses up the inside of his thigh, before I stood for the floor, lying down next to him on the bed. He looked exhausted, chest rising and falling at an alarming rate.  

"Did I do okay" I whispered, my thumb softly caressing his cheek as he continued to gasp for oxygen. He rolled his head to the side, grinning widely as he nodded. I think he may have lost his voice.  

Silence cloaked the room as the two of us lay together, breathing heavily. I stared at Harry, the green of his eyes hidden from me by his eyelids and long eyelashes. My right hand travelled up, brushing damp ringlets strewn on his sweaty forehead to the side. His eyes blinked open, long fingers reaching out, taking some of the white substance from my chest. He curiously peered up at me, offering the tips of his fingers to my mouth. 


I nodded, complying as I took his fingers past my lips. The substance was salty. My mouth savoured his taste before I took hold of his wrist, tugging his hand away from my chest. I guided him back to my chest, he smiled, swiping some more onto the tips, waiting for me to part my lips again. I hummed quietly as I sucked on his middle and index fingers, taking in more of his taste. "Did you enjoy that?" He asked grinning as I popped his fingers from my lips. I nodded my head shyly, cheeks blushing bright red. "That was amazing" he agreed, chuckling at my flushed cheeks as I looked away embarrassedly. We were both fully aware that my first attempt wasn't perfect and I needed a little practice. 

"Awe, baby. I thought it was cute" he refers to my clumsy first experience. He propped himself up on one elbow, words giving me slight relief as he nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck. I smiled, fingers brushing through his curls lightly.  

"Now, let’s go get you cleaned up" Harry stood from the bed, his eyes gleaming with playfulness. A shriek escaped my lips as I was swept up into his arms. 



"Babe, can I please join you" Harry asked from the other side of the curtain for what felt like the one hundredth time. "No, I shower alone" I replied, feeling the hot water run down my back. "Oh come on" he whined. I found myself laughing at his cute pleading, but I still refused to let him join me under the steamy liquid "Not happening Styles". A loud humph of frustration came from the other side of the thin blue barrier between us, his annoyance made obvious. I shook my head slightly, giggling to myself at Harry's reaction to my firm no. He was honestly really something special.  

We talked through the shower curtain a while longer, Harry no longer pleading with me to let him join me under the steamy water. "Harry, how many fights have you had?" I asked, curious to the number of people he had fought in the boxing ring. "Not that many" he let out a sigh "I get into more fights out of the ring then I do in it". I already knew that, Harry had been in a few over the past few weeks, this random one springing from nowhere, but I don't know if it could be counted as a proper boxing match considering it was actually illegal. "Are you going to come to my fight" he questioned, his voice holding a tinge of worry. My lips emitted a heavy sigh "Of course I am, but I just really don't want you to fight". Harry was quiet, not really sure of how to reply to my answer. "I'll be fine" he spoke simply, words not at all of any reassurance to me. "Harry, I worry about you" I sighed, the boy is completely irrational. "You don't need to" he spoke softly "I've looked after myself for a long time". He's been alone to long, he's had no one to worry about him so of course he thinks anything he does is nothing for me to worry about. I remained silent though, just ending the conversation. 

We remained silent for some time, I dropped my head down, staring at the water at my feet, eyes catching a glimpse of red swirling into the plug hole down the drain. "Shit" I exclaimed aloud. "Natalie? Are you okay?" Harry spoke immediately at the sound of my exclamation. 

My cheeks flared red, this was not a good time for my damn period to come! "Uhh...umm...err..." My awkwardness was made apparent by the lack of words leaving my mouth. "Natalie?" Harry chuckled, his worry disappearing because of my embarrassment of the words I was about to utter. "I kind of just got my..." I trailed off, hoping he'd possibly pick up on it without giving me too much hassle. "Period?" I heard him laugh, my cheeks burning an even brighter colour. "Yes" my voice was quiet, embarrassment made very clear. I can't believe it came right now, I fucking hate being a girl sometimes.  

"Do you want me to get you some stuff" Harry spoke, desperately trying to hold back the laugh dying to come out of his mouth. "Please" I mumbled, glad that the shower curtain provided me as a Barrier so he couldn't see my bright red face. "Okay, I'll be back in twenty" he called, already in the bedroom, probably getting his shoes on. Great. Great fucking day. 

The water was starting to run cold when Harry finally returned, I was relieved when I heard the door sliding open. I turned the water off, gripping the thin shower curtain as I cautiously peered round the side. "The checkout lady gave me the weirdest look when I bought these" Harry wiggled a pack of pads teasingly at me. My cheeks flared red yet again, he's deliberately trying to embarrass me. "Please just leave me alone for a bit, Harry" I begged, his teasing becoming slightly annoying when all I wanted to do was get out of the shower. "You get moody fast" he spoke flatly, dropping the pads to the floor and closing the door behind him as he departed the bathroom.  

I released a heavy sigh after I had sorted myself out, Harry's baggy T-shirt covering my body, a pair of his boxers pulled up over my underwear. When I stepped into the bedroom, Harry was nowhere in sight. My feet shuffled over the carpet as I headed down the hall, padding lightly down the stairs as I headed towards the kitchen. Harry stood over the counter, making two cups of tea, his neck was craned downwards slightly as he mixed a spoonful of honey into each of them. He still had his white converse and black sweatshirt on, he hadn't undressed yet from his little trip down the street for me. I stepped up behind him, wrapping my arms round his waist, pressing my chest up against his back. "Thank you Harry" I whispered into his ear. His lips twitched upwards forming a smile "I made you a cup of tea". I pursed my lips, pressing a kiss onto his smooth cheek as my hands travelled up his chest, tugging the zip of his sweatshirt down. I took a step back before sliding the black material down his arms, tossing it over the back of a kitchen stool. "Hmm, I like it when you take my clothes off" he turned around, elbows leaning back on the counter as he playfully winked. "Shut up" I muttered, stealing a cup of tea off the marble before disappearing off into the lounge. 

"Hey that was my one" Harry calls after me as I curled up in the centre of the sofa. "I don't care if you drank out of it, it's mine now" I giggle as he walks in, carrying his new cup of tea. "Honestly woman, you are difficult" he grins, lowering himself down on the sofa next to me. I deliberately shuffled away from him slightly, being careful not to spill the contents of my mug. Harry wriggled over so we were close together again. I giggled before shuffling away further, only having Harry follow me. This process repeated several times until I ended up sandwiched between Harry and the sofa.  

"Ever heard of a personal space bubble" I asked jokingly, taking a sip of the warm tea. "Never" he shook his head, eyes glimmering with playfulness. "You're so funny" I spoke sarcastically rolling my eyes at him before commencing with drinking my tea. He just chuckled, sipping away at his tea. 

We sat in a comfortable silence as the two of us drank the hot liquid, letting it warm out insides. I placed my empty mug down on the coffee table, curling my legs up beneath me as I snuggled into Harry's side. His mug was put down moments later, a large arm wrapping round my body, his own leaning into me. "You're so beautiful" his warm breath fanned out over my ear, bringing a warm smile to my lips and a pink tinge to my cheeks. I clasped a cushion between my fingers, smacking him in the face with it, pulling out of his arms. "Why do I get hit whenever I tell you you're beautiful" he mutters, his hand grabbing his own cushion, tossing it lazily towards me. The soft material hit me in the chest, making me giggle as I watched him stand from the couch, collecting the two mugs from the coffee table and taking them into the kitchen. 

I went upstairs, lying back down on the bed, I was starting to get cramps, and they really hurt. My legs came up to my chest as I curled into a ball, I always found this position more comfortable. A short while later, I heard Harry coming up the stairs "Natalie" he asked worriedly as he entered the room. I bit my lip "I just have cramps" I answered, feeling the bed dip as he sat down on the end. "Can I get you anything?" His fingers gently combed through my damp hair, his actions relaxing me slightly. "No, I just feel like shit" I sighed, trying to relax my tensed stomach, it's meant to help relieve pain. "No, really I can get you anything to make you feel better" He argued, staring down at me exquisitely. "No" I shook my head "Just you". A smile spread across his face, dimples popping out "You can have me". I was gently scooped up in his arms, my fingers travelling up around his neck, snuggling in closer as the covers were pulled back. Harry gently put me down between the warm blankets, my grip falling from his neck as he turned his back to me, leaning down to undo his shoes.  

The lights were switched off before Harry got into bed with me, tugging the covers over both of us. My knees were gently pried away from my chest, legs becoming tangled between his as he slotted in behind me. Large hands were placed over my aching stomach, gently rubbing circles into the skin, relaxing the tight muscles. "Does that feel better?" He asked, continuing to massage my stomach. "Yes" I nodded, feeling Harry's lips press softly against my neck, a trail of wet kisses dotting up my skin. My eyes slowly fluttered close, Harry's affectionate actions making me feel drowsy. I soon found myself drifting into unconsciousness 



Why did I just write that? I can't even speak French.

Well I hope you enjoyed this chapter :)




Stay beautiful


I love you




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